How Brands Are Marketing On Instagram This Holiday Season

Marketing On Instagram With Top Social Media Influencers

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3 Ways Brands Are Marketing On Instagram For The Holidays

As part of our weekly Best Brand Sponsored Instagram Post Series (see last week’s here), we take a look at how the following three brands are marketing on Instagram for the holiday season. 2015 has marked the large scale adoption of brands in every niche looking to capitalize on Instagram’s 400 million active and engaged users. Though Instagram does offer companies a native advertising platform “Instagram Sponsored Ads,” many companies like the ones below and part of our weekly series are hyper-targeting Instagram’s audiences by creatively and strategically collaborating with notable social media influencers.

See how these three brands are effectively marketing on Instagram for the holidays to reach millions of engaged users here:

Samsung’s Pay It Forward Instagram Marketing Campaign With Top Digital Influencers

Marketing On Instagram With Top Instagrammers Samsung Pay It Forward

For their holiday marketing campaign #SamsungPayItForward, Samsung promoted the use of their new mobile payment service, Samsung Pay, with many of the top social media stars across several platforms (YouTubers, Viners, and Snapchatters). Samsung’s Instagram marketing campaign is well-designed for engagement — each social media influencer took part in a “Secret Santa”-style gift exchange with adjoining influencers. Their sponsored Instagram posts not only showcased their shopping finds, but highlighted the use of Samsung’s new payment app at point of checkout.

From an engagement and awareness standpoint, Samsung’s marketing on Instagram is effective at driving awareness and engagement as it cross-promotes the use of their service across many of the top Instagrammer accounts. By tagging each gift receiver, followers and Instagram audiences are able to construct the gift exchange for themselves (a fun and novel way of driving sustained engagement). Furthermore, Samsung is keen to partner with digital influencers who have significant reach across multiple platforms in addition to their substantial Instagram following.

Gillette Marketing On Instagram With Popular YouTubers

Marketing On Instagram With Digital Influencers Gillette

To drive awareness and engagement for its own subscription service “Gillette Shave Club,” Gillette is partnering with several top YouTube influencers in the men’s lifestyle space. Like Gillette, many other razor companies (e.g. Harry’s, Dollar Shave Club) have leveraged the reach of popular social media stars to message audiences of millions oftentimes across multiple social media platforms and networks. For Gillette, marketing on Instagram and with notable social media influencers, is an effective channel for driving both branding and direct-response objectives. Gillette’s sponsored Instagram posts feature popular family vloggers Chris Ballinger and Cullen & Katie, food vlogger BenjiManTV, and photographer, Jeremy Veach.

Although Instagram does provide brands and marketers with native advertising options (see our post here for how Native Advertising stacks up against Sponsored Content and Influencer Marketing), many brands are opting to advertise with digital influencers. To read more about “Instagram Sponsored Ads vs. influencer marketing,” see our post here.

#LetsHolidayy With Spirit Brand Skyy Vodka + Top Social Media Stars

Marketing On Instagram With Top Social Media Stars

For the holiday season, popular spirit brand Skyy Vodka promoted their branded campaign #LetsHolidayy across Instagram with several notable Instagrammers and digital stars for a month-long campaign starting at the tail-end of November. In addition to several fashion and lifestyle bloggers, Skyy partnered with popular YouTuber gamer Toby Turner “Tobuscus,” gaming host Sohinki of YouTube mega-channel Smosh Games, director Alfredo Flores, and popular dancer/choreographer, Brian Puspos.

Skyy’s Instagram marketing campaign features an eye-catching, festive holiday print in their signature blue worn and promoted by all the Instagrammers involved. Whereas their Instagram marketing campaign leverages the reach of top social media stars in markedly different niches (e.g. gaming vs. fashion vs. dance), Skyy’s campaign apparel creates a congruent, yet not overly branded feel.

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