How BarkBox Subscription Service Is Marketing With Popular YouTubers

BarkBox Subscription Service Marketing With Popular YouTubers

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How Dog Subscription Service, BarkBox, Markets With Popular YouTubers

By combining the popularity of top YouTubers and a well-liked YouTube video format, dog subscription service BarkBox is able to effectively market to untapped audiences. BarkBox, recently profiled in Digiday for their “On The Inside” video series, is one of several popular subscription services (e.g. Blue Apron, NatureBox, Glossybox) engaging in video marketing with popular YouTubers.

As a contributing part of YouTube’s prodigious growth, popular YouTubers are collaborating with brands to feature their products and services in well-liked YouTube video formats including “The Unboxing Video.” To see how else brands are collaborating with popular YouTubers, check out our recent articles on YouTube’s new product channel “Awesome Stuff Week” and YouTube’s new Shopping Ads.

Read more to see how BarkBox sponsored both integrated and dedicated videos with popular YouTubers to drive conversions, brand awareness, and engagement for their subscription service:

Dedicated YouTube Playlists With YouTuber UberHaxorNova

With nearly 3 million YouTube subscribers, popular YouTuber James Richard Wilson (better known by his YouTuber handle, UberHaxorNova) created a dedicated YouTube video playlist to feature his BarkBox brand sponsored videos. UberHaxorNova posts frequently on a variety popular gaming topics and genres including machinima, walkthroughs, and his dog, Ein the Corgi.

UberHaxorNova’s BarkBox playlist features a YouTube unboxing alongside Ein showcasing the latest subscription box service offerings for each box. In addition to the entertaining, branded video series, each video drives targeted awareness, engagement, and traffic towards the brand BarkBox with links and discounts (as seen in each video’s description).

By including a dedicated playlist series, audiences and potential consumers can easily find easy-to-use informative videos about BarkBox’s subscription service.

BarkBox Unboxing Video With Popular YouTuber Gamer, TmarTn

Marketing with popular YouTubers and other social media influencers can have a positive effect on search visibility. By marketing with popular YouTuber gamer, TmarTn, BarkBox is able to leverage TmarTn’s immense reach and engagement (over 1.5 million subscribers) to effectively create a highly-viewed dedicated brand sponsored video. With over 600,000 views, the TmarTn’s video “Cooper Opens His First BarkBox” is a high-performing, evergreen marketing asset for BarkBox.

Top YouTube Star Blair Fowler’s Subscription Unboxing Video

As one of the most popular YouTube beauty and makeup gurus (see our list here of “7 Breakout YouTube Beauty Gurus To Follow Now”), Blair Fowler “Juicystar07” presents BarkBox as part of an integrated YouTube unboxing video. The unboxing video, which features popular subscription box brands Glossybox, Birchbox, and NatureBox in addition to BarkBox, starts with a short explainer on why Fowler enjoys seeing and comparing various unboxing videos (to see the 10 most popular YouTube beauty and makeup video formats, check out our post here).

For integrated sponsored YouTube videos, the YouTuber organically incorporates the brand and messaging amidst their recurring vlog (“video blog”) content. Similar to BarkBox’s YouTube marketing with other popular YouTubers, Fowler captures the entire BarkBox unboxing experience with her dog, Teddybear.

See Fowler’s YouTube brand collaboration with Colgate here.

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