Spotlight On Silicon Beach Brand: The Honest Company

the honest company influencers silicon beach
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Silicon Beach Spotlight: The Honest Company Stands Out With Influencer Marketing

Most people know of the technological prowess of Silicon Valley. The area has long been known as the birthplace of many prominent startup companies, Apple, Google, and Facebook included. Silicon Valley is no longer the only significant California startup hub. Now, an area of LA county coastline has become fondly known as Silicon Beach. From Santa Monica to Culver City, this section of Los Angeles has become a prime location for startups, influencers, and influencer companies alike. Silicon Beach is home to notable companies like Snapchat, Youtube’s Space LA, and Maker Studios. Collectively, Mediakix estimates that Silicon Beach startups are worth over $155 billion in valuation.

Unlike Silicon Valley, Silicon Beach attracts a more diverse range of companies. Among these, the most popular niches are fashion, fitness, entertainment, and media. With businesses of this style and caliber, and an idealistic location like Los Angeles, influencer marketing is a natural pairing. The city and beaches attract both rising and established influencer talent, providing influencer marketing companies and brands with convenient connection to popular social media influencers.

The Honest Company’s Marketing Approach


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An abundance of brands has already elected to begin influencer marketing campaigns. Among these is The Honest Company. Founded in 2011, The Honest Company produces eco-friendly baby, self-care, home, and health products. Influencer marketing through brand ambassadors has served the company well.

The mission of the Honest Company, as told by founder Jessica Alba, is to empower families to lead happy, healthy lives. The focus of their products is to provide organic, environmentally safe solutions for women and their babies. They also wanted to fit the needs of Millennial moms by offering natural products they knew they could trust. To sell that brand image effectively, the Honest Company needed to generate a real connection with their customers. In addition to ultra-responsive social media posts, influencer marketing was one essential tool they used to achieve a strong customer connection.

The Honest Company & Influencers Make A Natural, Honest Fit

The Honest Company Marketing Values: Storytelling, Personalization, And Compelling Content

The Honest Company employs an outreach tactic that targets Millennials with personalized storytelling. Rather than simply selling people a product, they opt to sell a storyline that resonates with Millennial parents. To start, they built a massive social media following — over 100K Twitter followers, 872K Instagram followers, and 2.1M followers on Facebook.

the honest company influencers silicon beach

Followings like that don’t happen overnight. To earn such attention, the brand makes a concentrated effort to execute content marketing. Almost daily, they put out new text, photo, video, and user-generated content to make their brand’s mission known. They also make a point of responding personally to comments and questions on their posts, fostering trust and brand loyalty even before a purchase has been made.

The Honest Company Affiliate + Ambassador Program

the honest company influencers silicon beach

Some of their most powerful marketing content comes from moms themselves. The Honest Company offers an ambassador and affiliate program that gives customers and influencers the opportunity to earn product perks and money for talking about the company on social media. Influencers aren’t thrown into it without help either. Every member of the affiliate program has access to exclusive images, banners, articles, and content to get them started.

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The Honest Company Marketing: Examples Of Instagram Influencer Partnerships

the honest company influencers silicon beach

In the Instagram influencer sponsored posts below, the similarities are apparent — the hashtags and keywords referencing hypoallergenic and organic products are almost universal. Considering the company was valued at over a billion dollars for a period of time, this Instagram influencer marketing strategy has proven highly effective. The Honest Company marketing strategy continues to flourish with these on-brand influencer activations.

Knowingtracy – This California mom has 38K followers and shares adorable photos featuring The Honest Company products. Her posts include her baby, Kai, wearing the brand’s diapers. The advertising was transparent with hashtags #honestcompany, #honestambassador, and #ad. One post racked up 80 comments, with most of her ads gaining over 1,000 likes.

piecesofemerald – Sacramento ambassador Jennifer Vattzhongxay has two kids and 10K followers. Her posts include photos and videos with her young daughter using Honest products, like its organic body oil. Hashtags include #honestcompany, #honestlife, and #honestambassador. One sponsored post generated nearly 600 views and 38 comments.

almostmakesperfect – LA resident Molly Madfis has 53.7K followers and shares photos of her son Arlo in action, modeling his Honest Company diapers. She tagged #ad, #honestcompany, and #honestambassador, and the post gained 1,056 likes.

missalissa – Actress, blogger, and mother of a little girl, Alissa shared a candid image of her helping her daughter walk around in her limited edition Honest diapers. Using tags #honestcompany and #honestambassador, the post earned 605 likes and almost 30 comments.

amandajanejones – Honest ambassador Amanda Jones is a graphic designer and mom from Chicago, Illinois with nearly 140K followers. Her post showcased her son Miles playfully wearing cow print Honest diapers. She tagged #HonestCompany, #HonestAmbassador, and #ad, and 1,422 people liked the post.

cellajaneblog – Becky Hillyard, a mom blogger from Kansas, used the same hashtags in a post capturing a cute shot of her baby and accumulated 1,649 likes on her diaper ad for Honest.

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