The Top 10 Highest Paid Celebrities On Instagram

Highest Paid Celebrity Endorsement Rates Instagram
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Here Are The Top 10 Highest Celebrity Endorsement Rates On Instagram

No one knows the power of social media like celebrities. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and more are all inextricable parts of being famous in today’s world. Posting is a way of life, and as Grammy winners, actresses, models, and reality television stars, social media’s top stars also command high prices for celebrity endorsement rates in partnership with brands.

For most brands, being featured on the social media channels of any one of these high profile celebrities is huge in terms of exposure. Typically, these celebrities are very selective about which brands they partner with, and any brand fortunate enough to land a coveted spot on a celebrity social channel is going to have to pay up in a big way. But the payoff is often staggering, and there are no shortage of brands willing to write the check.

Find out why a post from one of the top 10 highest paid celebrities on Instagram is worth so much.

1. Beyoncé: $1,000,000 per post

highest paid celebrity instagram beyonce queen bey

She’s one of the most popular artists of all time, but Beyoncé is also arguably the most influential person on social media. With 22 Grammy wins and an Instagram full of exclusive content, Beyoncé is a deeply influential force in pop culture and commands one of the highest celebrity endorsement rates on Instagram. 

2. Selena Gomez: $550,000 per post

selena gomez second highest paid celebrity instagram

Musician, actress, and newly minted executive producer (for Netflix Original Series 13 Reasons Why) Selena Gomez is one of Instagram’s most notable names. In fact, until Beyoncé’s birth announcement via Instagram, Selena Gomez held the honor of most-liked post and one of the highest celebrity endorsement rates partnering with top brands like Adidas.

3. Kendall Jenner: $125,000-$300,000 per post

instagirl kendall jenner model social media instagram influencer

Model and major player in the world of Keeping Up With The Kardashians Kendall Jenner may not be a pop star musician, but she has plenty of pull on Instagram. Kendall has been lauded by Vogue as “the Instagirl” and has revolutionized social media modeling.

4. Cara Delevingne$125,000-$300,000 per post


highest paid social media influencer cara delevigne model

Between modeling and acting in films like Luc Besson’s upcoming Valerian, Cara Delevingne still devotes time to her 39 million Instagram followers. Her channel content features an ecletic mix of her celebrity life ranging from candid shots to her professional pursuits. 

5. Gigi Hadid$125,000-$300,000 per post

gigi hadid social media influencer high paid celebrity instagram

One of the world’s most famous models, Gigi Hadid is a commanding presence on Instagram. She’s been dating former One Direction member Zayn Malik since 2015 and finds a way to turn the frequent public interest in her personal life into serious sway on social media.

6. Kylie Jenner: $100,000-$300,000 per post

kylie jenner lipstick instagram influencer high paid celebrity

Kylie has developed into a powerful force on social media, with an Instagram following that surpasses even that of her sister Kendall. She is best known for her appearances on reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians and her popular lipstick line.

7. Kim Kardashian: $200,000 per post

Kim Kardashian highest paid celebrity on instagram

Though her career began on reality TV, Kim Kardashian is now one of the most influential people on social media. She was described as a “pop culture phenomenon” by Vogue and ranked on Time’s 2015 list of influential people.

8. Karlie Kloss: $25,000-$50,000 per post

highest paid celebrity social media influencer karlie kloss

Karlie Kloss is an American fashion model and former Victoria’s Secret Angel who as appeared in shows and advertisements for the world’s top designers and apparel companies. Her presence on social media places her in the generation of “Instagirls”.

9. Behati Prinsloo: $25,000-$50,000 per post

behati prinsloo levine social media influencer highest paid celebrity

Born and raised in South Africa, Behati is a Victoria’s Secret Angel who walked in 9 consecutive Victoria Secret Fashion Shows. Her successful modeling career has fueled her popularity on social media as well.

10. Miranda Kerr: $25,000-$50,000 per post

instagram most well paid celebrity miranda kerr snapchat

Kerr is an Australian supermodel who consistently ranks on Forbes’ list of top earning models and is best known for her work as a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Her engagement to Snapchat CEO, Evan Spiegel, solidifies her position as the ultimate social media influencer.

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