Case Study: Gymshark Influencers Dive Into TikTok Frenzy

gymshark influencers

Influencer Marketing Case Study: Gymshark Influencers Take A Bite Out Of TikTok

In September 2018, TikTok was the most downloaded social media app in the U.S. On a worldwide scale, the app achieved the same feat in Q4 2018. With more than 500 million global monthly active users, the rising short-form video network is now being included in conversations alongside more established platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube.

gymshark influencers

Businesses are also taking notice of TikTok’s potential as a marketing channel. On average, TikTok users are younger than other popular platforms while the community has a strong foundation in music (formerly For fitness clothing brand, Gymshark, TikTok offers a means to reach and engage a distinct audience and demographics.

Founded in 2012, UK-based Gymshark came alive in the age of mobile social media. Utilizing influencer marketing to reach its customers, Gymshark has become an exciting global clothing competitor. The company reached 52.8 million in sales during the summer of 2018 and forecasts potential nine-digit revenue in the coming year. While companies capable of producing such numbers make many smart moves along their ascent, one of Gymshark’s go-to tools has been well-designed influencer marketing campaigns.

Gymshark Influencers Swim With The Melodic Current Of TikTok

With top fitness influencers attracting followers in the multiple-millions, fitness is an exceedingly popular category on social media. Gymshark has been collaborating with Instagram influencers since the company’s inception, working to create a unique visual language to separate it from the competition. Partnering with social media influencers on content that speaks directly to its base, Gymshark’s strategies have paid off, allowing the brand to accrue 2.9 million followers on its Instagram account.

In the same visionary spirit, Gymshark has ported its influencer marketing expertise over to TikTok. Partnering with fitness and lifestyle influencers on the platform, the brand has furthered its reach and messaging.

On January 1st, 2019, Gymshark announced their “66 Days | Change Your Life” challenge. Fans were asked to choose a personal goal and upload an initial photo. Sixty-six days later on March 8th, the user uploads the initial image with an updated photo for a chance to win a year’s supply of Gymshark goods.


  • Increase brand and product awareness.
  • Promote the “66 Day | Change Your Life” challenge.
  • Create an active and meaningful connection with fans by inviting them to participate in the brand’s challenge.


  • Channel – TikTok
  • Influencers – Six influencer accounts in categories spanning health, fitness, lifestyle, and dance.

Preview Of Influencers

Gymshark partnered with TikTok creators who had a substantially larger following on TikTok than rival video app, Instagram. Still, some of the influencers posted their Gymshark content to their Instagram accounts as well.

As is customary on TikTok, the posts in the Gymshark campaign featured choreographed movement set to music. Twins are popular on TikTok, and four of the Gymshark influencer accounts were operated by siblings. Themes in the Gymshark influencer posts included dance, acrobatics, lip-syncing, as well as other activities complementary to TikTok’s 15-second video format.


Social Reach

  • TikTok fans targeted: 19.8 million fans


  • Hearts (Likes): 1,916,400
  • Comments: 12,576
  • Engagement rate (overall average): 11.11%
  • Hashtag usage (in views) #gymshark66: 45.5 million views

Wilking Sisters Choreograph Dance In Matching Outfits

Sisters Miranda and Melanie Wilking regularly create dance-themed videos for their 1.1 million TikTok fans. In their Gymshark partner post, the Wilking Sisters lip-synced the classic tune, “My Boyfriend’s Back,” while donning branded Gymshark attire.

Tagging @gymshark and #gymshark66, the sisters expressed fondness for their matching set of Gymshark workout clothes. The Wilking duo’s post received 222,800 hearts and 1,707 comments, resulting in an engagement rate of 20.41%.

Twin Melody Synchronizes Snowy Slow-Mo Video

Twin Melody, also individually known as Aitana and Paula Etxeberria, showcase cover songs, lip-syncing, and dance on their successful Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok profiles. For their Gymshark collaboration, Twin Melody dressed in summertime Gymshark gear against a winter setting as they punted heart-shaped snowballs in slow motion.

Pushing the video out to their 6.3 million TikTok fans, the post received 438,600 hearts and 3,634 comments, producing an engagement rate of 7.02%. In the caption, the sisters wrote about “loving” their Gymshark outfits, while tagging @gymshark and #gymshark66. Twin Melody also posted the video on their Instagram account, where it received 430,133 views.

Antonie Lokhorst Performs Rhythmic Workout Duet

Antonie Lokhorst is a Dutch fitness influencer with 3.5 million fans on TikTok. Lokhorst’s profile features a variety of calisthenics-oriented routines, including choreographed duets with TikTok user, Ramón Vermaas. In Lokhurst’s Gymshark video, the two athletes perform the #stairshuffle challenge, followed by rhythmic airwalks on the pull-up bar.

Lokhorst is recognized as a Gymshark athlete, and his posts regularly include mentions of the brand. One of Lokhorst’s latest sponsored posts received 621,700 hearts and 4,374 comments, culminating in a whopping 18% engagement rate.


  • Gymshark has expanded its influencer marketing strategy into the growing, short-form video platform, TikTok.
  • Gymshark’s image and offerings match up well with TikTok’s format and influencers.
  • Gymshark influencers successfully highlighted the brand and its clothing, while also promoting their “66 Day | Change Your Life” challenge.
  • When brands utilize the endemic strengths of a platform and partner with influencers that align well with their brand, high engagement rates are achievable.