Meet Roi Fabito, Creator Of The Wildly Popular YouTube Channel Guava Juice

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How Roi Fabito Built His 9.3 Million Subscriber YouTube Empire, Guava Juice

Since his YouTube debut in 2006, Roi Fabito has built an igloo out of plastic cups, filled an entire bathtub with gummy bears, and even created multiple music videos. The 26-year-old’s online success is staggering. His popular YouTube channel Guava Juice attracts upwards of 9.3 million subscribers and on Instagram and Facebook he maintains 1.4 million and 926,000 followers respectively.

We sat down with the popular lifestyle YouTuber to discuss his rigorous content schedule of posting a new video every day, his approach to sponsored content, and his hopes for social media’s future. Hear from Fabito himself in an exclusive interview:

1. What were you doing before you became a YouTuber? What drove you to start making videos on the platform?

Trying to finish college, which I did. What drove me was me creating revenue to help me pay for food during college.


2. How has your channel Guava Juice changed over time? Any specific turning points?

Guava Juice started off as a gaming channel. I posted two videos every single day for eight months until I wanted to try something new. That was when I started posting one non-gaming video a day consisting of experiments, bath videos, challenges, and other shenanigans.

3. What two intangible factors make up a highly engaging YouTube challenge video?

One: Engage your audience by trying your best to make each minute interesting.

Two: Be confident with your personality in front of the camera.

4. In creating content for Instagram and Facebook, how does your creative approach differ?

Facebook: I usually repost my YouTube videos but add two black bars on top and bottom with a text over it like a meme.


Instagram: I use it for more personal moments in my life (i.e. behind the scenes via Instagram Stories, pictures of moments of my life).


5. You publish a new YouTube video every day. What strategies have you implemented to keep up with such a rigorous content schedule?

Every Sunday and Wednesday, the Guava Team (consisting of three people) does intense research to see what’s trending, what’s the new cool gadget that was just released or come up with anything original. Once we gather those ideas, we make a schedule for the following weeks. We film two to three every single weekday. It really is routine and getting better and more efficient as time goes.

6. How do you choose which brands to collaborate with? How do you ensure that the sponsorship fits in naturally with your content?

I’m usually asked if I would like to work with a brand. I choose the brands that interest me and fit my audience the most. Having a younger demographic, I tend to gear towards brands that they like as well (i.e. toys, food, cool technology).

7. What have you found to be most rewarding about working in social media? Most challenging?

The most rewarding part about working in social media is your connection with your audience. The fact that you can be that role model or big brother really puts a smile on my face.

The most challenging part is keeping up with YouTube’s algorithms. It’s very difficult to stay relevant every week.

8. Lightning round:

North Carolina or California?


First thing you thought of when waking up this morning?

What time is it?

Instagram or Snapchat Stories?


9. Any exciting 2018 plans that your fans should get excited for?

I have some cool new projects that I’m launching this year that expands outside of my YouTube channel. Stay tuned!

10. Anything else to add?

Hi mom!

This interview has been edited for clarity.

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