Google Home vs. Amazon Echo: A Smart Speaker Comparison

Google Home vs Amazon Echo Dot Smart Speaker Comparison

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Battle For The Best Smart Speaker: Google’s Home vs Amazon’s Echo [Comparison Infographic]

Amazon’s smart speaker Echo and AI service Alexa are projected to net the company more than $11B by 2020 (Business Insider). Amazon Echo’s breakout success in 2015 demonstrated the commercial popularity of smart speakers prompting several other contenders to launch their own models. With the recent launch (November 4, 2016) of their own smart speaker, Google Home, Google is now vying for market share in this burgeoning industry.

To help consumers and industry professionals better understand Google’s Home vs. Amazon’s Echo (and Echo Dot), we’ve put together a comprehensive infographic detailing the salient similarities, differences, features, pricing, capabilities, and more. See our comparison infographic, explainer paragraphs below, and the best comparison videos from around the web to learn everything there is to know about each company’s smart speaker offerings and included amenities for mobile apps, music, content partners, entertainment, and more:

Google Home vs Amazon Echo Smart Speakers: A Quick-Guide Comparison Infographic

Google Home vs Amazon Echo Dot Smart Speaker Infographic Comparison

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What To Know About Amazon Echo vs Google Home’s New Smart Speakers

At first glance, Amazon’s Echo appears to offer much more in terms of third-party partners and functionality. As the reigning veteran and smart speaker industry leader, Amazon has enjoyed lead time to forge thousands of partnerships with third-parties many of which have developed applications and content offerings specifically for Echo (Digiday). Undoubtedly, Google will also build these relations and allow more third-party applications as it rolls out their own smart speaker competitor, Home.

While Google’s Home and Amazon’s Echo are each others’ closest competitors, they also feature notable differences and strengths when it comes to basic functionality and usage. Echo, backed by Amazon’s e-commerce infrastructure, is adept and well-suited for the user seeking to place everyday orders easily. On the other hand, Google’s Home (with Chromecast integration—an separate and additional $35) seems more adaptable for home entertainment providing users with a variety of TV and movie options in addition to offering Google’s robust search capabilities.

Amazon Echo vs Google Home Head-To-Head Comparison Videos:

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