The Top 10 French YouTubers Impacting Culture In France

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The Top French YouTubers Reach Beyond Entertainment

Due to its rich history, popular tourist attractions, and proximity to other prominent global destinations, France is the most visited country in the entire world. At the same time, with their crowd-pleasing personalities and humorous tone, top French YouTubers connect with millions of France natives on one of the world’s most dominant digital platforms.

After the Paris Attacks in 2015, top French YouTubers broadcasted messages of hope, love, and solidarity to their home country and the world. Along with these intimate and empathetic communications, French YouTubers offer a variety of entertaining channel topics, including music, video games, comedy, pranks, and challenges. In the following list, we’ll take a look at the top 10 French YouTube channels:

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The Most Popular YouTubers In France Dominating Online Video

1. Cyprien

Top French YouTube Star Cyrien

Cyprien Lov ranks as the most popular French YouTuber with over 12 million subscribers. The 28-year-old is known for hilarious comedic shorts, featuring high quality editing and special effects. Lov also partners on CyprienGaming, a popular French YouTube channel with over 5 million followers.

2. Squeezie

Top French YouTube Start Squeezie

Lucas Hauchard is a 21 year old who has amassed 10.6 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, Squeezie. Squeezie entertains French audiences with gameplays, reaction videos, and comical shorts. Together, Hauchard and Cyprian Lov run the number one French gaming channel, CyprianGaming.


Top French YouTube Star

Norman Thavaud is the second French-speaking YouTuber to ever surpass 10 million subscribers. Posting weekly, Norman is known for satirical videos on dating, gaming, and parodying.   

Norman’s stardom reaches far beyond YouTube, with lead roles in two movies: “Pas très normales activités” and “Alibi”. Additionally, he’s collaborated with brands like Tinder, Assassin’s Creed, and OCS (a leading French TV streaming service).

4. Remi Gaillard

Top French YouTube Star Remi GaillardFrench prankster Remi Gaillard is famous for his hilarious public antics. From impersonating professional athletes to sneaking onto television shows, Gaillard’s videos consistently rack up millions of views. Since his rise to fame on YouTube, he’s landed two feature films and garnered close to ten million Facebook page likes.

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5. Tibo InShape

Top French YouTube Stars

French bodybuilder and YouTube celebrity Thibaud Delapart, widely known as Tibo InShape, has made a name for himself among the platform’s fitness community. Millions of viewers tune in to Delepart’s channel for health advice, workout tips, and product recommendations. His personal brand, Tibo InShape, is active on and offline, holding training programs, as well as selling athletic clothing and nutritional products.

6. Le Rire Jaune

Top French YouTube Star

Brothers Kevin and Henry Tran have surpassed 500 million total video views on YouTube since launching their channel in 2012. The comedic duo produces sketches, viral reviews, and vlogs, for which they were awarded a Web Comedy Award in 2014.

7. Mister V

Top French YouTube Star Mister V

Yvick Saint-Martin, known by his pseudonym Mister V, is a 23-year-old comedian, rapper, and video artist. His debut album, Double V, went certified gold with over 500,000 records sold when it was released in May 2017. In addition to music, Mister V broadcasts humanitarian messages and humorous shorts to over 4 million fans on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

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8. Natoo

Top French YouTube Star NatooNathalie Odzierejko is the number one female YouTuber in France with more than 4 million subscribers. As a comedian and actress, Odzierejko collaborates with other top French YouTubers and celebrities, notably on the channel Studio Bagel. Odzierejko has also appeared in feature films such as French Kiss and has her own mobile app called Natoo.

9. Amixem

Top French YouTube Stars

Maxime Chabroud is the vlogger behind Amixem, a multi-topic channel with over 3 million subscribers. Although Chabroud started posting gaming content, Amixem’s channel has since evolved to include travel, technology, and comedy. Chabroud has partnered with gaming and technology brands like Call of Duty and HTC Vive.

10. SEB

Top French YouTube Star SEB

Sebastien Frit started his YouTube channel, SEB, in 2012, which now boasts more than 3.4 million subscribers. Frit entertains followers with viral challenges, rap critiques, and comedy sketches. Frit also shares travel photos on a separate Instagram account called @seb.frit, which boasts 83 thousands followers.

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