React World Licensing Woes & Aftermath

Fine Bros React World YouTuber Licensing Scandal

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Top YouTubers The Fine Bros’ React World Folds After Global Licensing Outrage

Following a tumultuous last few days, YouTubers Benny and Rafi Fine of top YouTube channel, The Fine Bros, have decided to shut down their licensing program, React World , and retract their trademarks for “react” and reaction-style related video content. React World, its creator program, and associated trademarks have since been shut down, retracted. While the aftermath of React world continues to unfold, The Fine Bros have lost hundreds of thousands of subscribers (at a rate of ~100 unsubscribed each minute)

See how the events unfolded for The Fine Bros’ React World (from initial announcement to subscribers lost to public apology) here:

Fine Bros’ React World Initial Announcement

The Fine Bros’ React World announcement and apology update videos have since been removed from their YouTube channel. 

On January 26, 2015, The Fine Bros announced the launch of their licensing program, React World. The React World program involves licensing reaction-style video formats to participating YouTube channels and YouTubers in exchange for a share of advertising revenue profits. In both their Initial Announcement and Update video (see below), The Fine Bros liken their React World licensing program to “Got Talent” or a Burger King franchise.

Following the announcement of React World, many began wondering about The Fine Bros “react”-style licensing intent citing several examples of when The Fine Bros’ MCN Fullscreen had taken down videos and filed Content ID claims. The Fine Bros did confirm those cited claims and have since retracted them following the shut down of React World.

Top YouTubers React + Fine Bros React World Update

Shortly following the announcement of their new licensing program, several top YouTubers began chiming in with their on take on The Fine Bros’ React World prompting a slew of “reacting to React World reaction videos.” Prominent YouTubers who have weighed in on React World include Philip DeFranco and Boogie2988.

After the initial community backlash, The Fine Bros uploaded a second video regarding React World titled “Update.” Many noted that this video (since removed) seemed to apologize for everyone else’s misunderstanding and contained an insincere, scripted tone. See The Fine Bros’ React World Update video in the second half of embedded video above.

React World Folds, Licensing Rescinded

Fine Brothers Entertainment React World Subscriber Count

 Graph charting the loss of subscribers from The Fine Bros YouTube channel following React World announcement and aftermath. See the live page here.

After much media and community turmoil, The Fine Brothers have completely shut down their React World program and are in the process of rescinding their “React” trademarks. Read their apology below posted on Medium Monday night (February 1, 2015 – less than one week after their initial announcement) and the full post here.

Fine Bros React World Medium Apology

While The Fine Bros’ React World videos and program have since been removed, many of their latest videos are continuing to experience backlash in the form of comments and high amounts of dislikes.

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