The Top 10 Fastest Growing TikTok Stars

Fastest growing tiktok stars influencers

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TikTok is quickly changing how we consume social media, the time we spend online, and digital marketing. Nothing demonstrates this further than assessing the growth and follower increase of the viral video-sharing app’s top stars.

To get a broader understanding of the growth that top TikTok influencers see on a monthly basis, we tracked the top 100 accounts on TikTok since June 2020 to 1) get a sense of their average monthly growth rate and 2) see how many followers these top TikTok accounts are adding each month.

Of the ten fastest growing TikTok stars, seven are primarily considered “dancers” while the remaining three are categorized as “entertainers”. All of these top ten creators are American (two creators US/Mexico and US/South Korea).

The Top 10 Fastest Growing TikTok Stars By Growth Rate

Fastest Growing TikTok Stars

Using follower count as the main measurement for growth, these top TikTok stars have the largest average growth in the 90-day sample period. In descending order of growth:

  1. Bella Poarch
  2. Just Maiko
  3. Q Park
  4. Dixie D’Amelio
  5. Charli D’Amelio
  6. James Charles
  7. Larray
  8. Addison Rae
  9. SpencerX
  10. Tony Lopez

Celebrities (e.g. Will Smith, Jason Derulo) and non-English influencers were removed from our dataset in order to provide our readers with the most relevant TikTok influencer marketing insight.

Also important to note about percentage growth — much like TikTok hashtag growth in a mature or saturated, established topic/category — veteran TikTok stars (e.g. Charli D’Amelio or Addison Rae) who already have a sizeable following may not show the highest rates of percent growth (in comparison to newcomers) but this needs to be kept in perspective with their overall follower counts (see second chart “Top 10 Fastest Growing TikTok Stars By Followers” below).

The Fastest Growing TikTok Accounts By Followers

Fastest Growing TikTok Accounts

While the first chart ordered the fastest growing TikTok accounts by percentage growth, our second chart presents the top ten by order of followers added each month.

Bella Poarch (the fastest growing TikTok account by percentage growth – previous chart) amassed nearly all of her followers in August 2020 whereas Charli D’Amelio (the number one fastest growing TikTok account by followers) has had consistently high follower growth across all three months.

Average Growth Rate For TikTok’s Fastest Growing Accounts

Fastest Growing TikTok Accounts

For the 100 influencers studied, June experienced the highest average growth of followers while July had the lowest growth of the three-month period.

TikTok download data suggests contrast between June and July as well. 87 million new worldwide users joined TikTok in June while the number fell to 65 million during the month of July.

Bella Poarch, TikTok’s Breakout Star For August 2020

Fastest Growing TikTok Star bella poarch

Bella Poarch was not a well-known name until August 2020 — in fact she posted her first video in April 2020 and has created only 84 videos. Everything changed when Bella posted an otherwise typical lip-syncing video on August 17th that broke TikTok records — showing the true nature of TikTok’s algorithm.

The video has over 447 million views becoming one of the most watched videos in TikTok history. Zach king currently holds the record for the most watched TikTok video at 2.2 billion views. The post also broke records for most likes and most comments with 37 million likes and 1.2 million comments (titles previously held by Michael Le and Addison Rae respectively).

Fastest Growing TikTok Stars Bella Poarch

Prior to her online fame, Bella was consistently growing her account by about 8% monthly until she gained 10.3 million followers in the month of August (1,035% growth). Due to Bella Poarch’s record breaking growth rate during the month of August, she has the largest average growth rate for the time period, an average of 351%. To show just how fast Bella Poarch blew up on TikTok, she gained 10.4 million followers over three months, with 98% of those followers from August alone.

Bella Poarch is a perfect case of viral popularity on TikTok and shows the extent of TikTok’s algorithm for reach, surfacing content from new accounts thus eliminating typical entry barriers for new influencers.

In terms of overall average account growth during the three-month period, Michael Le comes in second, increasing his following at a growth rate of 18.6%. From June to September Le grew his account by 15M followers. For perspective, one of the fastest growing influencers on this list, James Charles only had 16.5M followers in the beginning of June 2020.

Charli D’Amelio Gains Over 24 Million Followers in 90 Days

Fastest Growing TikTok stars Charli

Overall from June – September, Charli D’Amelio gained the most amount of followers during the 3-month period (24.4 million followers gained).

Michael Le @justmaiko gains 9 million followers in June 2020

Fastest Growing TikTok Stars Michael Le

Michael Le’s insane growth in June alone is largely to thank for his leading status as one of the fastest growing influencers on the platform. Michael’s account saw a record 38% increase in June.

For comparison, Spencer X had the second highest growth in June with an 18% increase in followers. The first week of June @justmaiko had 23.6M followers, by the end of June the top TikTok dancer was entertaining 32.6M on TikTok (a 9 million follower increase in one month).

Dixie Surpasses Charli In TikTok Growth for July

Fastest Growing TikTok Stars

Dixie D’Amelio’s account was the fastest growing leading to a 15% increase in her following, roughly 4 million followers. The next highest growing of July was Larray at 12%.

Fastest Growing TikTok Accounts Runner-Ups (By Percentage Growth)

11. Kira Kosarin
12. Tayler Holder
13. Joe Albanese
14. Kyle Thomas
15. Ondreaz Lopez
16. Kody Antle
17. Avani
18. Jon Klaasen
19. Lele Pons
20. Hannah Stocking