The Biggest Fashion Marketing Campaigns of NYFW 2018

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Fashion Marketing Case Study: How Kate Spade, TRESemmé & More Won With Influencers At NYFW 2018

Each February and September, the fashion industry converges in New York City to celebrate the presentation of new designer collections. Figures including fashion critics, publishers, celebrities, and buyers are all in attendance and frequently occupy the front row of New York Fashion Week (NYFW) shows.

Within the past few years, fashion influencers have become regular NYFW attendees, much to the dismay of the traditional fashion press. Influencers bring an entirely new form of fashion advertising to the event and offer an effective alternative to traditional fashion PR initiatives.

Brands of all types have begun to leverage the relatability and massive online followings of influencers during fashion week. Here we’ll break down how three brands partnered with social media influencers at New York Fashion Week 2018 to promote cars, hair products, handbags, and more.

Lexus’ #HowFashionTravels NYFW Marketing Campaign

Japanese carmaker Lexus announced on February 8, 2018 that it would serve as the official automotive partner of NYFW 2018 for the sixth consecutive season. Throughout the event, Lexus vehicles and drivers provided rides to Fashion Week attendees, helping them traverse the busy streets of New York City.

Key Influencers:  

To promote the partnership, Lexus secured collaborations with five Instagram influencers who  were attendees at NYFW 2018:

  1. Janice Joostema (@janicejoostemaa) — 1.3 million followers
  2. Rocky Barnes (@rocky_barnes) — 1.1 million followers
  3. Gala Gonzalez (@galagonzalez) — 870,000 followers
  4. Claudia Salinas (@misssalinas) — 381,000 followers
  5. Caroline Vreeland (@carolinevreeland) — 276,000 followers

Each influencer published multiple sponsored Instagram posts showcasing Lexus’ car service and utilized the unifying hashtag #HowFashionTravels.



With 1.3 million Instagram followers, blogger Janice Joostema (@janicejoostemaa) was one of the campaign’s most active participants. She created three consecutive Instagram posts in partnership with Lexus, all of which showcase her posing next to a Lexus car.

As a widely-recognized fashion blogger, Joostema reaches a huge audience of fashion enthusiasts that likely anticipates and follows her for NYFW and NYFW-related updates, behind-the-scenes, and personal content leading up to and after NYFW each year. 

Lexus’s partnership with Joostema capitalizes on this heightened event engagement and buzz from NYFW placing the luxury car brand firmly in the midst of many top social media influencers’ content and feeds. By marketing with these top fashion influencers, Lexus associates itself with being the trendy car of choice for fashionistas worldwide.

Strategically, by posting three Lexus sponsored images as opposed to just one, Joostema is able to reach a larger portion of her followers, some of whom may not see every photo she posts.

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TRESemmé Incorporates Influencers Into Its Fashion Week Marketing

A reported 7.4 million Americans use TRESemmé hairspray seven or more times per week, a nod towards the hair care brand’s enduring popularity. TRESemmé has served as an NYFW sponsor for more than ten years and continued its streak by styling a variety of fashion influencers during NYFW 2018.

Key Influencers:

To promote its presence at the event, the brand enlisted five top Instagram influencers:

  1. Rocky Barnes (@rocky_barnes) — 1.1 million followers
  2. Paola Alberdi (@blankitinerary) — 736,000 followers
  3. Marta Carriedo (@martacarriedo) — 487,000 followers
  4. Tess Christine (@tesschristinexo) — 706,000 followers
  5. Teresa Andrés Gonzalvo (@teresaandresgonzalvo) — 317,000 followers

Each influencer posted multiple Instagram posts showcasing their hairstyles created by TRESemmé stylists and used the unifying hashtag #tresnyfw.



Paola Alberdi (@blankitinerary) created two Instagram posts in partnership with TRESemmé for her more than 736,000 followers. The higher performing of the two posts is a Boomerang in which Alberdi showcases one of the finished hairstyles a TRESemmé stylist created for her during the week.

Not only does the Boomerang provide her beauty and fashion-focused audience inspiration through a hairstyle they can try themselves, it also gives viewers an exclusive look at TRESemmé’s NYFW salon utilizing a popular and eye-catching media format. The rotating camera angle subtly captures a TRESemmé logo, reinforcing the brand’s presence at the event.

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Kate Spade’s NYFW Marketing Strategy With Celebrities & Macro-Influencers

NYFW 2018 fell on American accessory and clothing brand Kate Spade’s 25th anniversary. To commemorate the occasion and advertise its Fashion Week presentation, Kate Spade launched an influencer marketing initiative.

Key Influencers:

The brand partnered with two macro-influencers and one celebrity influencer:

  1. Lucy Hale (@lucyhale) — 19.5 million followers
  2. Nicolette Mason (@nicolettemason) — 162,000 followers
  3. Corrine Stokoe (@mintarrow) — 105,000 followers

Each created one sponsored Instagram post in collaboration with the brand. While Hale — an actress with broad audience appeal — has the largest reach of the three by far, Mason and Stokoe add value to the campaign as smaller, more niche influencers who follow and trust them for specific, fashion-related interests. 

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Nicolette Mason leveraged the opportunity to frame Kate Spade favorably through a personal anecdote and snapshots from its show, effectively expanding the brand’s reach beyond physical attendees.

Mason’s written endorsement highlights a specific Kate Spade bag as the first designer fashion item she received as a child, illustrating her genuine connection with the brand. In the caption, she mentions that the bag has been reissued for Kate Spade’s 25th anniversary, making for a post that celebrates the brand’s history while simultaneously inciting purchases of a specific product.

Additionally, Mason includes several high-quality images from Kate Spade’s show in her multi-image post. This gives her followers a sneak peek at Kate Spade’s newly launched line, effectively generating excitement around its newest product offerings.

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