The Top 10 Family Vloggers Ruling Online Video

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The Top Family Vloggers Boast More Than 41 Million YouTube Subscribers Combined

As of 2017, YouTube has more than 1.5 billion users and attracts more 18-34 year-olds than any cable network in America. The platform is home to many niches, including beauty gurus, gamers, comedians, and in recent years, family vloggers. According to Time Magazine, time spent watching family vloggers has increased by 90% within the last year.  

Family vloggers capture daily life and thus offer versatility when it comes to influencer marketing. The top 10 family vloggers on YouTube carry considerable influence, with more than 41 million subscribers cumulatively. Here we’ve listed the top 10 family vloggers in descending order of subscribers.

The Best Family Vloggers & YouTube Families To Watch and Follow

Family vloggers are unique compared to other YouTuber or social media influencer types in that they appeal to a widespread audience: males and females, adults of many age brackets, and younger viewers.

Marketers can leverage the following of family vloggers to advertise products specifically aimed at children or products intended for general family use.  

1. RomanAtwoodVlogs – 13.5 Million Subscribers

Top Family Vloggers

The Atwood family of RomanAtwoodVlogs has the most subscribers of any family on YouTube, with 13.5 million. The channel details the daily adventures of father Roman Atwood, his girlfriend Brittney, and their three children Noah, Kane, and Cora.

The family uploads a video every day and even released their own clothing line, Smile More, in 2013. Impressively, Roman maintains a secondary prank channel, RomanAtwood, which has 10.5 million subscribers.

2. Shaytards – 4.9 Million Subscribers

Top Family Vloggers Shaytards

The Butler family posted their first YouTube video in 2008 and have since accumulated with 4.9 million subscribers to date. The family includes father Shay, mother Colette, and children Gavin, Avia, Emmi, Brock, and Daxton.

Known as one of YouTube’s first famous families, the Butlers have successfully turned their daily vlogs detailing birthdays, family vacations, and meals into an empire that includes multiple awards, a documentary, and a book.

3. Bratayley – 4.8 Million Subscribers

Top Family Vloggers

Parents Katie and Billy and daughters Hayley and Annie make up the Brateyley family vlog. Started in 2010, the channel name is a combination of “Brat” and “Hayley” and originally consisted of gymnastics videos made by Hayley and Annie for their father who was serving in the military.

Sadly, the family’s son Caleb passed away in 2015 of a heart condition, but the group continues to celebrate life and posts a video each day.

4. Eh Bee Family – 3.8 Million Subscribers

Top Family Vloggers

The hilarious Eh Bee Family includes mother and father Andres and Rosanna, and their two children Miss Monkey and Mr. Monkey (first names not disclosed).

The group hails from Toronto, Canada and initially built their audience on the now-defunct Vine. Best known for challenge videos and skits the family publishes three to five videos per week.

5. Daily Bumps – 2.8 Million Subscribers

Top Family Vloggers

Like their channel name suggests, parents Missy and Bryan of Daily Bumps show viewers the daily ups and downs of raising two young children. The couple has two sons, Oliver and Finley, and posts a vlog every day.

Impressively, their channel has more than 2 billion total video views and continues to grow.

6. The ACE Family – 2.5 Million Subscribers

Top Family Vloggers

Newly engaged parents Catherine Paiz and Austin McBroom, alongside their baby girl Elle, make up The ACE Family. The three keep it light with pranks, challenges, and vlogs and publish roughly four times each week.

Though they only started on YouTube in 2016 the family already has more than 2.5 million subscribers and 271 million total views.

7. Sam and Nia – 2.1 Million Subscribers

Top Family Vloggers Sam and Nia

Parents Sam and Nia started on YouTube in 2007 and since then have amassed more than 2.1 million subscribers. The high school sweethearts have three children: Symphony, Abram, and Juliet.

Based in Texas, the family posts a video every day on topics ranging from challenges to vacations to holidays.

8. SACCONEJOLYs – 1.8 Million Subscribers

Top Family Vloggers

London based YouTube family, The Saccone-Jolys, includes husband and wife Jonathan and Anna, children Emilia, Eduardo, and Elessoa, and their six dogs. The name “SACCONEJOLYs” is a combination of Anna’s last name Saccone and Jonathan’s last name Joly.

The adorable family posts every day and catalogs quintessential milestones of growing up, such as the first day of school and losing one’s first tooth. The family maintains 1.8 million subscribers and continues to capture the attention of their large audience.

9. SmellyBellyTV – 1.6 Million Subscribers

Top Family Vloggers

SmellyBellyTV follows the daily thrills of Jesse and Terra Vlach, alongside their three daughters Jayla, Aydah, and Rory. The team of five regularly posts challenges, weekend vlogs, and DIY tutorials.

Over the course of five years, their channel has accumulated nearly 700 million views, a testament to the family’s affable personality and consistent content creation.

10. itsJudysLife – 1.5 Million Subscribers

Top Family Vloggers Its JudyLife

Seattle parents Julianna and Benji run the family channel, itsJudysLife, and have posted a video almost every day since 2012. The duo shares the daily happenings of their young daughters Julianna, Miya, and Keira, covering anything from trips to the grocery store to eating jelly beans.

The channel has documented Julianna and Benji’s life as a young couple, their experience as first-time parents, and the now the joys and challenges they have faced raising three children.