Influencer Spotlight: Family Fun Pack, Top YouTube Channel

Family Fun Pack YouTube Channel Spotlight Interview

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Spotlight Interview With Top YouTube Channel, Family Fun Pack

Family Fun Pack features a family of 7, focusing on the antics of the 5 kids — Alyssa, David, Zac, Chris, and Michael.  It is among the largest family-oriented YouTube channels, boasting 3.6M subscribers and 6.8 billion views on its videos. The channel gained popularity instantly with its first video where the twins are getting into bed. Since its first hit, the channel has developed massively, publishing videos on their trips to parks, vlogs, toys, challenges, food, clothes, and more. Family Fun Pack has worked with brands including Justice, Walt Disney World, Disney Channel, Best Fiends,, and more.

Check out our exclusive interview with the family’s mother, Kristine:

Mediakix: What gave you the idea to start filming videos of your family and sharing them online?

Family Fun Pack: My in-laws lived out of state and I wanted to share the kids’ lives with them. The best way was via video, so I started using YouTube as a platform to share. I didn’t realize there was a setting where I could make my videos private but still share them, so I set them as public. Our first ever video went viral and the rest is history!

How do you separate your personal family/ marriage life from what you put up on YouTube?

We don’t post our entire lives on YouTube. We do nice things for each other that we don’t share on YouTube. We never vlog it if we go on a date, for example. I may Snapchat about it, but you won’t see me vlogging on a date. We also don’t share family drama with the world. There are certain things people just don’t need to know about. We try to keep it positive and share things that will make people’s days happier.

What are the best aspects of motherhood? The most tiresome?

I absolutely LOVE being a mother. I LOVE my kids. I love how cute they are. I love dressing them in cute little outfits. I love watching them grow and seeing them succeed at things. I love feeding them and making them happy. I love helping them develop their talents. I love watching them learn to play sports.  love watching them play together and get along. I love making them feel special and loved. I love it when they love me back. I love hugging them and kissing their soft hair. There are so many things I like about motherhood, and I could go on and on and on.  

The most tiresome thing is keeping my house clean. I feel like I clean ALL THE TIME and I never quite finish.

Family Fun Pack YouTuber Channel Interview

To you, what is the most important parenting principle?

Love your kids. Realize that what’s happening now is most likely not the end of the world. So they spill some milk/ So they rip a brand new shirt? Life goes on, and in the grand scheme of things, these things that seem big are really trivial. So just love your kids.

How do you get your kids to cooperate with you on set?

My kids know my expectations. That doesn’t mean they always behave. They do much better without a huge audience though. When it’s just us, I can get exactly what I need to get while filming. But, when we have a lot of people there, the kids tend to get shy or act silly. It’s definitely not an easy job getting five small kids to listen to you at once on set while also filming and directing 🙂

What do you do when you are not with the kids and not working on your YouTube channel?

Clean the house! Well, and try to have fun too. When we are not filming, Matt and I both coach a soccer team. I teach the kids piano lessons. The kids are about to start diving lessons. We go to parks. We go to Disneyland too. We spend a lot of time with the kids’ grandparents. We take hikes, go out to frozen yogurt (this is has been a couple times a week lately). Did I mention clean the house??  🙂

Which of your kids do you think is most like you? Like your husband?

I think Alyssa, Chris, and Michael are most like me, but people say they see David in me. I actually think David and Zac are most like Matt.

Family Fun Pack Top YouTube Channel Influencers Interview

How do you choose which brands to partner with? How do your kids affect your decision making on this matter?

I partner with brands I like. If my kids like the brand, we will be a lot more likely to work with them. Alyssa likes to shop at Justice (LOVES it actually). Justice treats us like rock stars, so we always agree to work with them. Sometimes a brand comes that really has no connection to us, like a strange app, or some random electronic gadget. In these cases, we pass because it’s no fun working on something that we don’t connect with. We also don’t like to work with brands that we don’t think sound exciting for our viewers to see.

Where do you get all of your ideas for family fun?

On road trips! Literally our best ideas have come while we are driving along for a long time, brainstorming! One thing we do NOT do is copy other people. I can count on my two hands how many YouTube videos I have watched that are not my own. I think we have been successful because we just do our own thing and don’t copy other people.

What are some of the things you have planned? Anything that you wanted to do as a family that you haven’t already?

We are planning to film some fun outdoor videos in the next few weeks…a little slip and slide attached to a slide, and some fun toys with Michael. Alyssa has her birthday, so we have birthday videos coming up. Alyssa also has her own YouTube channel (Always Alyssa) so we are pretty excited about that. We film one video per week for her channel.

In regards to what we want to do, we have never been to Hawaii as a family and we want to go. Plane trips are scary to me, so who knows when that will happen.

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