How Brands Are Partnering With Influencers On Facebook Live

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Facebook Live Case Study: Livestreaming Marketing Campaigns From JCPenny, Saks Fifth Avenue, & Best Fiends 

Facebook Live is transforming the Facebook marketing landscape. With a focus on what’s happening in the moment, it opens the door for a whole new style of video content. The live format has proven to have mass appeal amongst Facebook users—people spend 3x as long watching Facebook live videos as videos that aren’t live, and users comment on live videos at 10 times the rate of regular videos.

In the past few months, an increasing number of brands have turned to Facebook Live as a vehicle for their influencer marketing efforts. By using the Facebook Live format to work with influencers who have large and devoted audiences, brands are able to reach huge groups of consumers. In this case study, we’ve compiled a few of the best examples of Facebook Live influencer campaigns.

Laura Clery’s Facebook Livestreaming Campaign for Best Fiends

Laura Clery is a social media influencer who posts daily comedy videos. Facebook is her largest platform by far, with nearly 3 million followers on her page. In this sponsored video, Laura engages with her audience and demonstrates how to play Best Fiends over a livestream.

Goal: To drive awareness and downloads of Best Fiends, a casual gaming app to audiences on social.  

Approach: In the video, Laura is playing one of her recurring characters, “Pamela Pupkin”, and her husband is playing his standard character, “Roger”. By incorporating her usual humor and characters in the video, Laura effectively creates sponsored content that fits in with her existing storyline, making the advertisement relevant and engaging.

Results: The video has earned 464,000 views, 9,000 comments, and 8,300 likes so far. Users responded at a rate of more than 13 comments per second, with highly positive social sentiment. Since videos recorded with Facebook Live become permanent after the livestream concludes, her campaign will continue to gain momentum even though the sponsorship has ended.

Who What Wear’s FB Live Video for Saks Fifth Avenue

Who What Wear is an extremely popular fashion blog that has a large presence on Facebook as well, with over 1.5 million page followers. In this sponsored live video, a stylist tries on several fall coats from Saks Fifth Avenue while livestreaming the entire experience to global fans eager to see behind the scenes content from their favorite fashion blogger. 

Goal: To uniquely promote Saks Fifth Avenue’s outerwear line, reach and engage audiences on social with live video.

Approach: In the video, Kelly Framel, a professional stylist, shows off several coats and highlights what she loves about each one. She also shares advice on which outfits to pair the coats with and what occasions to wear them for. By sharing her fashion knowledge, she creates content that interests Who What Wear’s fashion-savvy followers while also raising brand awareness for Saks Fifth Avenue.

Results: The video has received 78,062 views, 409 likes, and 99 comments to date. Most commenters either inquired about where to find the items or asked for general fashion advice, showing that Framel successfully established a level of trust with the audience and generated interest in the fall line.

Aja Dang’s Facebook Live Influencer Campaign for JCPenny

Aja Dang is a model and social media influencer with around half a million Facebook followers. In this sponsored live video, Aja talks about the best holiday gifts from JCPenny.

Goal: To drive sales at JCPenny during the holiday season.

Approach: Aja interacts heavily with users during the video, asking them about their favorite gifts and addressing them by name throughout the video as their comments come in. While the video format is very simple, Aja’s efforts to relate and engage with her users go a long way in making her come across as genuine as she recommends several JCPenny products.

Results: Aja’s highly interactive approach helps her keep users engaged throughout her 16-minute video, during which she shows off gift options from JCPenny to almost 10,000 viewers. Her video has received 1,000 likes and 342 comments to date and has an impressive engagement rate of nearly 14%.

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