How Facebook Influencers Helps Brands Reach New Audiences

Facebook Influencers Brand Marketing

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How Brands Are Partnering With Facebook Influencers

Facebook currently boasts 1.7 billion users worldwide, making it a valuable marketing platform for brands looking to reach massive social media audiences who now spend an average of 50 minutes on Facebook and Facebook-owned apps (i.e. Instagram) each day (Business Insider). Though the network captures 68% of social media ad revenue worldwide (eMarketer), many companies have yet to realize Facebook’s full marketing potential, especially when it comes to creating and/or publishing brand sponsored content with top Facebook influencers.

Who Are The Top Facebook Influencers?

Compared to other popular social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Vine, and Snapchat, Facebook lacks the platform-specific social media stars (i.e. YouTubers, Instagrammers, Viners, Snapchatters) that control social influence on their respective mediums.

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Because nearly all of the world’s biggest digital influencers maintain a social presence on Facebook, however, the network functions as a central hub where social media audiences from around the world can see photos and videos from their favorite social influencers, whether it be a video originally uploaded to YouTube, a re-purposed Instagram photo, or piece of original content completely unique to Facebook.

Facebook Influencers Rosanna Pansino

Facebook Influencer Rosanna Pansino Attends Angry Birds Movie Premier

Rosanna Pansino’s fun lifestyle video and cooking how-to’s have attracted millions to her YouTube channel and thousands more to her Facebook page. This Facebook Live video of Pansino attending the Angry Birds movie premier garnered over 83K views and more than 5K social reactions.

Popular Types Of Facebook Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Facebook offers brands a variety of ways to reach audiences on the platform through influencer marketing initiatives, including:

  • Product placements within Facebook photos and video content
  • Unboxing videos which leverage the vicarious excitement of discovering a new product and highlight each product’s features
  • Videos centered around branded or brand/sponsored events or experiences
  • Creative hashtag campaigns, giveaways, contents, and promotional codes to encourage consumer action
  • Content that promotes/links to another piece of sponsored content on another platform or channel
  • Coming Soon: brand sponsored Facebook Live videos with Facebook influencers

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It should be noted that Facebook recently amended its guidelines regarding brand sponsorships and brand sponsored content, and companies developing influencer marketing initiatives on the platform should read Facebook’s Branded Content Policy or consider partnering with an experienced influencer marketing agency to ensure all posts adhere to both Facebook’s and the FTC’s requirements.

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Facebook Influencers Piques

Facebook Influencer & Vine Star Jon Paul Piques Makes Live Videos

Though Vine stars and Snapchatter are already using Facebook to republish their content, Facebook is now reportedly paying some content creators to produce content for (and thereby promote) Facebook Live (Wall Street Journal).

Why Working With Facebook Influencers Is A Powerful Way To Reach Audiences

Collaborating with Facebook influencers offers brands an effective way to reach consumers that might be difficult to market to otherwise. The most compelling reasons why brands are developing influencer marketing campaigns on Facebook include:

Increased Exposure & Expanded Reach

Facebook remains the most popular social platform in the United States, with nearly 160 million Americans claiming to be active users on the network (eMarketer). Reach aside, Facebook’s audience represents a far more diverse population that other social media platforms. Though Millennials still comprise the largest percentage of Facebook users, the Pew Research Firm found that 79% of Gen Xers, 64% of 50- to 64-year-olds, and 48% of those 65 and older also use Facebook, a marked difference from the teen- and millennial-dominated audiences that use platforms like Instagram and Snapchat.

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Cross Promotional Possibilities

Because Facebook gives brands access to a large, diverse audiences (many of whom may only use Facebook and no other social media platform), republishing and/or repurposing social media content from Instagram, YouTube, or Snapchat influencer marketing campaigns can help brands maximize the impact of brand sponsored photos or videos. Influencers who have amassed large social followings on Facebook may also direct their audience to visit the brand’s Facebook page or website.

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Future Influencer Marketing Opportunities

Recently, Facebook has been recruiting social media content creators (using a reported $2.2 million for to create Facebook Live content, according to the Wall Street Journal) to compete with other social media platforms that are currently capitalizing on the success of their influencers. The launch of Facebook Live will provide a means for new social media influencers and brands to organically grow on a platform that already possesses a large, loyal user base.

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The rise of Facebook influencers (either those completely native to Facebook or influencers who have migrated away from Vine and other apps) and new brand sponsored advertising options, especially through Facebook Live, will soon offer brands a new way to reach audiences (as opposed to the more direct native advertisements already prevalent on Facebook).

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