What Marketers Need To Know About Facebook Crossposting Instagram Stories

Facebook crossposting Instagram stories
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How Facebook Crossposting Works For Instagram Stories

Since its launch in March 2017, Facebook Stories has yet to achieve broad adoption across all social media users. However, the new capability to crosspost Instagram Stories to Facebook might be just the push users need to warm up to feature. Instagram Stories’ introduction of Facebook crossposting has several implications for the Facebook-Instagram platform, for content creators, and for marketers.

To better understand how Facebook-Instagram crossposting will impact digital advertising, marketers will also need to know how crossposting is best used and the role that each platform plays in content creation and dissemination. Here we’ll discuss how Facebook crossposting works for Instagram Stories and what effects it may have on the social media marketing landscape.

Crossposting: Definition And Best Practices

Crossposting is the practice of posting the same message, photo, or media to multiple social media platforms.

For instance, uploading a video on a YouTube channel and then posting the same video on Facebook is an example of crossposting. The practice has been gaining popularity as the number of social media platforms and their capabilities increase.

Crossposting gives users access to different audiences on social media, and for users looking to maximize the visibility of their content, this feature is particularly attractive.

By adopting a crossposting strategy, users will be able to share content and reach each of their distinct followers on their preferred platform without having to go through the hassle of recreating similar content (e.g. posting once to Snapchat Stories, then again, to Instagram Stories).

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How To Use Facebook Crossposting For Instagram Stories

The Facebook Stories roll-out is especially significant for crossposting opportunities. Once only available on Snapchat, the Stories format allows people to upload in-the-moment photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours.

However, since its conceptual development, other social platforms, particularly Instagram, have adopted the format. Instagram Stories has found immense success and has easily overshadowed Snapchat Stories in its first year.

Facebook Stories aims to emulate that success on a different (and larger) platform. The crossposting capability will give the 500 million daily active Instagram users access to the 1.37 billion daily active users on Facebook.

The new option for Instagram users to crosspost their stories on Facebook may soon bridge the gap between desktop and mobile-only content and will likely lead to growth in the number Facebook Stories users. 

To share Instagram Stories on Facebook, users will need to enable a sharing setting within Instagram Stories. To cross-post an Instagram Story to Facebook, a user must simply turn on the “Share Your Story To Facebook” setting located at the bottom of Instagram’s “Story Settings” page.

instagram stories facebook crossposting

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How Facebook Stories Crossposting Will Affect Social Media Marketing

The cross-posting functionality will encourage wider use of Stories on both Facebook and Instagram. Instagrammers will be incentivized to create more content to share with their Facebook friends, which likely outnumber their Instagram followers.

Those watching Instagram Stories on Facebook may be moved to create or engage with a story using Facebook Stories directly. Social media marketers should look forward to increased use of Stories on both platforms and take advantage of new native advertising opportunities within Facebook Stories.

Cross-posting on Instagram and Facebook will also benefit social media marketers looking to work with influencers. Most influencers have established audiences on multiple social media platforms that make them ideal candidates for brand activations.

Because they are so well-versed on social media, influencers know what type of content works best on every platform and how to best present crossposted content. By utilizing Instagram-Facebook Stories crossposting in influencer campaigns, marketers have the opportunity to expand the reach of their sponsored Stories content to significantly larger audiences.

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