Why Brands Should Care About Facebook Live & Facebook Content Creators

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Facebook Live: Facebook Marketing Strategy With Content Creators

Since Facebook launched in 2004 as a platform for online social connectivity, it has gradually made efforts to make video an integral feature. The release of Facebook Live in 2015 was arguably Facebook’s biggest video-related breakthrough to date, and this new offering from the world’s biggest social network is now beginning to attract top content creators from other social channels.

As the social media landscape continues to shift and evolve, collaborating with Facebook content creators is becoming a powerful way for brands to reach audiences. Recently, Facebook acknowledged this trend when it agreed to pay nearly 140 media companies and digital stars to use and create videos for Facebook Live (Wall Street Journal).

What Is Facebook Live?

In the last five years, Facebook has made several innovations to compete with rival YouTube and other social media platforms as the online home for native video content.

In 2015, Facebook released a new feature called Suggested Videos that allowed users to view a series of videos in a row without having to leave the video platform. Next, it looked to attract content creators to its video platform by offering creators a 45%–55% ad revenue split, similar to the deal video producers enjoy on YouTube (Wall Street Journal).

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Despite these changes, Facebook knew that, if it wanted to reach the top the online video industry, it would have to compete with popular livestreaming services like Periscope and Meerkat. In August of 2015, Facebook released its first iteration of Facebook Live as a feature for celebrities to interact with fans under the Facebook Mentions app. After a successful debut, Facebook Live was released to the public in December 2015 and allowed users to use the Facebook mobile app to broadcast live video to their community of Facebook friends.

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Why Facebook Live is Important To Brands

In the years prior to the release of Facebook Live, publishers, brands, and influencers began to see their engagement rates on Facebook drop dramatically with the increase of content on the platform. Facebook Live, however, has shown phenomenal engagement rates as users are alerted with a notification when a brand, publisher, or influencer “goes live” on the platform.

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Facebook’s recent deal to pay personalities and publishers to create live content reinforces Facebook’s belief that demand for live content will only increase. Implementing a live video marketing strategy, therefore, is now becoming increasingly vital for brands looking to boost engagement with Facebook audiences.

How Brands Can Leverage Live With Facebook Content Creators

One of the best ways brands can transition into producing live content is by working with influencers. Because top digital influencers have years of experience engaging with social media audiences, these Facebook content creators understand how to create entertaining live videos. To illustrate this point, see how Guy Kawasaki uses Facebook Live to promote Mercedes-Benz’s new GLC 300:

Facebook Content Creator Guy Kawasaki

5 other innovative strategies for working with influencers on Facebook include:

  1. Showing behind-the-scenes moments at sponsored events
  2. Partnering with Facebook content creators to cover live events
  3. Developing Q&As with social influencers on Facebook Live
  4. Creating live how-to videos that integrate a brand’s product or service
  5. Posting daily or weekly video series episodes featuring Facebook content creators
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