VidCon 2015: Everything You Need To Know

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From Business Insider To USA Today, Here’s What Happened At VidCon 2015:

Now in it’s 6th year, VidCon 2015 featured record-breaking attendance, dedicated “industry-only” events, and as expected — thousands of fanatical subscribers who turned out to see their beloved YouTubers, off-screen and in-person. Started in 2010 by Hank and John Green (The Vlog Brothers), VidCon has grown exponentially from hardly 2,000 attendees into the leading online video industry event with more than 300 top YouTubers and 20,000 in attendance for the three-day conference at Anaheim’s Convention Center. VidCon represents the summit for online video connecting community (fans, followers, subscribers), creators (YouTubers, Viners, Snapchatters, and other digital content creators), and industry professionals.

While VidCon 2015 is standout in many respects, here are a few notable turning points:

  • According to Nielsen, TV viewing hours for Millennials (age 12 to 17) have drastically declined from 21 hours to 18 just in the first quarter of 2015 (VentureBeat). Additionally, surveys illustrate how teens identify most strongly with YouTubers than mainstream celebrities. In light of these trends, major TV networks are seeking to capitalize on the popularity of top YouTubers and growth of online video by sponsoring several VidCon 2015 events in order to stay relevant to the next generation of consumers. Nickelodeon, who held a casting audition at VidCon 2015, becomes the latest TV network pioneer a YouTube influencer strategy. Many other traditional TV networks including HGTV, PBS, HLN and BroadbandTV were present in this year’s VidCon.
  • VidCon 2015 may be the last year in which Google’s YouTube is the title sponsor – will VidCon 2016 featured Facebook as a title sponsor in place of YouTube? Facebook, who recently announced it’s plans to share video ad revenue with content creators, was a main topic of discussion for everyone in the forthcoming battle for video dominance. Also on the horizon of change: the rise of several livestreaming apps including Periscope, Meerkat, YouNow, and Keek.
  • With the rise of YouTuber and social influencer marketing, VidCon 2015 featured entire tracks of dedicated industry events “for more than 2,000 professionals from over 600 companies building the future of the online video ecosystem” with topics “How to use influencer media to reach Millennials,” “The Rise of the Vertical and Alternative-MCN,” and “Building Brand Campaigns Across Multiple Services.” Many other fireside chats and panels addressed pertinent issues including the future of MCNs, effective campaign strategies, and how to make money on YouTube.

Top YouTubers At VidCon 2015

In addition to several brand partnerships featuring LaurDIY, Wong Fu, and Bethany Mota, VidCon 2015 highlighted several top YouTubers including panels from Joey Graceffa (Ask Joey), Miranda Sings (Behind The Scenes with Colleen Ballinger), and multiple in-depth interviews with Alli Speed, iJustine, Sawyer Hartman, Olga Kay, Rebecca Black, Toby Turner (featured in Terminator Genisys YouTube Chronicles), Louis Cole (FunFor Louis), Cassey Ho (Blogilates), Ingrid Nilsen, and many more.

For an exhaustive list, see VidCon 2015’s agenda or check out our 2015 Top YouTuber Resource Guide

The Latest Industry News For Vidicon 2015

Need to get up-to-speed about VidCon 2015 and what it means for your brand? Here’s the latest industry news:

Business Insider’s “What’s It Like To Attend VidCon 2015” – 21 pictures with adjoining captions from Business Insider adequately documents a full day’s activities at VidCon.

The Drum’s “YouTube Pairs-Up Brands And Creatives At VidCon” – This year’s notable brand partnerships between companies and YouTubers include: Old Spice with LaurDIY, Apple with Wong Fu, and Maybelline with Bethany Mota.

Like the major TV networks, today’s brands (like Castrol, Hallmark, and Blue Apron) are quickly acting upon the opportunity to work alongside top YouTubers to not only create high performing branded content, video sponsorships, and direct marketing campaigns, but also to tap into each creator’s massive social distribution channels.

Entertainment Weekly and People’s VidCon Photo Booth – Interview stage sponsors, Entertainment Weekly and People, presented top YouTubers a chance to further create with VidCon’s own photo booth. The full gallery is available here.

Forbes’ “At VidCon, YouTube CEO Shows Love For Its Stars, While They Gaze At Other Possibilities” – Forbes details YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki’s message to the video publishing plaform’s home-grown talent. Though many of VidCon’s top YouTubers in attendance started on YouTube and subsequently grew their notoriety therein, many are looking beyond YouTube (to newer video platforms like Vessel and brand sponsored collaborations) for money.

Huffington Post Tech’s “What Is VidCon? And Why Did 20,000 Teens Show Up?” – Huffington Post spotlights VidCon’s industry track. VidCon 2015 features 2,000 industry professionals (coincidently, roughly the same number of total attendees for the first VidCon 2010) from companies including tech, advertising, MCNs, brand managers, and media companies.

The Los Angeles Times’ “Selfies Are Nice, But Many Teens At VidCon Want Business Advice” – teens looking to make it big online attend VidCon to solicit business tips from their top YouTubers.

Mashable’s “At VidCon, YouTube Stars Become Big Moneymakers” – Mashable chronicles how top YouTubers started making more and more money as fan bases grew and ad dollars followed.

The New York Times’ “At VidCon, Small-Screen Stars And Big-Time Fame” – NYTimes sheds light on a few platform-niched trends and how today’s celebrities compare with major social media stars.

USA Today’s “Facebook-YouTube Rivalry Gets Legs At VidCon” – USA Today presents the latest in the Facebook-YouTube battle for content creators and subsequent ad dollars.

Venture Beat’s “U.S. Cable Networks Court YouTube Personalities” – A look into how TV networks are staying relevant by tapping into prominent YouTubers. Many top YouTube stars have video viewership metrics that rival or supersede TV episode views.

photos from Entertainment Weekly + People’s Vidicon Photo Booth

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