The Best Digital, Creative, & PR Agencies In Los Angeles

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The Best Advertising Agencies, Digital Marketing Firms, PR & Influencer Marketing Agencies In Los Angeles

To capture the attention of today’s consumers, companies are spending more resources than ever on advertising—according to TechCrunch, total advertising spending in the United States was close to $200 billion in 2015, while global ad spend was almost $600 billion (eMarketer) over the same period. For modern brands, staying competitive in a media-saturated culture requires the services of traditional advertising firms (which specialize in creating much of what people see on their television screens, on billboards, and in magazines), PR agencies (which strive to produce objective content or useful information regarding a company or brand), and/or influencer marketing agencies (which skillfully leverage the reach of social media influencers and their status as tastemakers to sway consumer decisions).

To help companies in Southern California find the right agency/firms for their advertising needs, our Los Angeles influencer marketing agency has compiled a list of the best advertising agencies, PR firms, digital marketing firms, and influencer marketing agencies located in the City of Angels.

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Traditional Advertising Agencies In Los Angeles

Traditional advertising agencies connect brands with audiences by creating, planning, and executing branding and/or advertising campaigns for clients. Ad agencies have historically focused on developing and creating television and print ads, but with the decline of T.V. viewership due to the rise of social media channels like YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat, many advertising firms are now pivoting to provide digital marketing services as well.


Founded in 2005, the Playa Vista-based 72andSunny is a full-service advertising agency specializing in multi-platform campaigns and global brand initiatives. Recently, the agency created a special logo as part of Los Angeles’ bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics and was recognized by Fast Company as one of the “Most Innovative Companies” in 2015. Notable clients include: Adidas, Axe, Carlsberg, Google, Samsung, Starbucks, and Target.

RPA (Rubin Postaer and Associates)

Headquartered in Santa Monica, RPA has over 500 employees and offers global brands turnkey advertising and marketing solutions to everything from brand strategy to media buying to search engine optimization services. Notable clients include:, Honda, Southwest Airlines, and the L.A. Clippers.

David & Goliath

Named “Small Agency of Year” by AdAge, David & Goliath is an El Segundo, California ad agency that specializes in creating TV, print, digital, social, graphic design, branded merchandise, and product innovations for some of the world’s biggest companies. Notable clients include: Kia, Jack in the Box, Universal Studios, and the California Lottery.

Ogilvy & Mather

Since it was founded in 1948 in New York City, Ogilvy and Mather has become one of the most well-known and respected advertising agencies in the world. With offices in 163 cities around the world (including in Santa Monica, California), Ogilvy and Mather has been responsible for some of the most iconic advertising campaigns in the last 70 years. Notable clients include: Guinness, Roles Royce, American Express, IBM, Merril Lynch, and Dove.

Digital Marketing Agencies In Los Angeles

Consumers increasingly rely on digital channels for information and entertainment, and digital marketing agencies help to connect brands with customers by providing web-based services and digital advertising for the world’s most innovative companies. According to eMarketer, spending on digital marketing in the U.S. will total $60 billion this year, comprising almost 30% of total advertising spending across all marketing verticals.

Deep Focus

Headquartered in London but with offices in Los Angeles, this full-service digital marketing firm offers the complete spectrum of digital ad services, including research and analytics, creative branding, website development, and content marketing. Deep Focus also recently made AdAge’s list of “Agencies To Watch in 2016.” Notable clients include: Purina, Frito-Lay, Nestlé, IKEA, Starbucks, and Intel.


Since opening their second office in Los Angeles in 2006, Huge has provided global companies with comprehensive web development services, product design, creative branding, market research, campaign strategy, and more. Notable clients include: Coca-Cola, eBay, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security,, Nike, Pizza Hut, and Xbox.

Hello Design

An award-winning digital marketing firm, Hello Design has over 10 years’ experience developing effective brand strategies, marketing campaigns, content management systems, social media management services, SEO, and more. Notable clients include: Adobe, Boeing, Disney, Nike, NBC, Sony, and Toyota.


Located in Culver City, California, Blitz develops digital marketing strategies, creates content, conducts search engine optimization, and engages in social media marketing across multiple advertising verticals, including consumer electronics, consumer packaged goods, sports equipment and apparel, gaming, entertainment, and more. Notable clients include: Live Nation, Fandango, PlayStation, Honda, Toms Shoes, and Kaiser Permanente.


INK is based in Irvine, California, and uses what they call a “Modular Engagement Model” to helps guide the company’s development of branding strategies, website designes, email campaigns, social media marketing, CRM implementation, and more. Notable clients include: Baja Fresh, Yokohama, Cisco, UCLA, Pioneer, and Legendary Pictures.

Influencer Marketing Agencies In Los Angeles

One of the fastest growing and most cost-effective forms of advertising (according to Adweek, 84% of brands will launch at least one influencer marketing campaign in the next 12 months), influencer marketing help brands reach large, engaged audiences by leveraging the followers of today’s top social media stars (YouTubers, Instagrammers, Viners, Snapchatters, and bloggers) to reach millions of consumers, expand brand awareness, develop positive brand identities, and more. Though companies should be aware of the distinction between full-service influencer marketing agencies and influencer marketing platforms, we’ve included the best Los Angeles-based influencer marketing agencies and platforms in the following list.


Based in the heart of Silicon Beach, Mediakix is a full-service influencer marketing agency offering comprehensive campaign development services, access to the world’s best digital influencers, statistics-based campaign measurement and analysis, and more. Since its founding in 2011, Mediakix has provided everything brands need to launch high-reach influencer marketing campaigns with today’s top social media stars. Notable clients include: Fairmont, Nordstrom, Crock-Pot, Blue Apron, HauteLook, David Yurman, Birchbox, Hallmark, and Sleep Number.


Another influencer marketing agency in Los Angeles, Instabrand has traditionally focused on marketing with top Instagrammers but has recently expanded to offer clients Snapchat marketing services as well. Notable clients include: Corona, Calvin Klein, AirBnB, and Pepsi.


Founded in 2014, Delmondo provides brands with influencer marketing campaigns on Snapchat, Facebook Video, and YouTube. The agency also claims a roster of more than 1,000 creators. Notable clients include: AT&T, McDonalds, UFC, and JBL.


An influencer marketing platform based in Los Angeles, Speakr has access to a roster of over 20,000 digital influencers. Notable clients include: Wendys, Verizon, Speed Stick, Sony, and Microsoft.


Another influencer marketing platform based in Los Angeles, FameBit pairs brands with social media influencers via an automated marketplace and has access to over 36,000 digital influencers who have a combined (estimated) reach of 2.1 billion people. (Read our review of FameBit’s influencer marketing platform here.) Notable clients include: Adidas and Bohemian Guitars.

Public Relations (PR) Firms

Public relations firms disseminate information from brands to the public, often by designing comprehensive communications campaigns, writing news releases or news articles, arranging interviews, writing speeches, and (more recently) creating content for social media channels. Because today’s audiences are getting more information from social media networks and platforms than ever before, public relations firm are now partnering with influencer marketing agencies to reach larger, more engaged audiences.


Located on the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, BLAZE PR is the recent recipient of two Hermes Awards and specializes in developing creative, brand-focused PR strategies. Notable clients include: Ommegang, Kevita, TCBY, and Chronic Tacos.


Based in New York but with offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, and over 80 cities around the world, Hill+Knowlton offers insightful research and strategic communications to over 50% of the world’s Fortune Global 500 companies. Hill+Knowlton has been in business for over 90 years, and the firm’s experience is evident in their creative branding strategies, professional research capabilities, and comprehensive marketing analytics.


Edelman is one of the biggest and most prestigious public relations firms in the United States; today the company has an annual revenue of over $800 million and employs more than 5,000 people. Though Edelman is headquartered in both New York City and Chicago, the firm also has a home on Los Angeles’ iconic Miracle Mile. Notable clients include: Unilever, Starbucks, Microsoft, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Hewlett-Packard, and Samsung.

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