DeStorm Power: Viner, YouTuber, Now Facebook Video Creator?

DeStorm Power Viner YouTuber Facebook Creator

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Meet Digital Star DeStorm Power, Accomplished Viner & YouTuber, Now Set To Conquer Facebook Video

Already an established music industry professional, DeStorm Power quit his job for a career as a social media influencer. He first gained social media recognition on YouTube, where his comedy skits, beat-boxing, and rapping videos gained a steady following. Launching his channel in 2006, Power quickly became one of YouTube’s brightest stars where his originality stood out from the rest of the pack in the website’s early days. To date, DeStorm Power has 1.8 million subscribers and a total of 242 million views on his primary YouTube channel and remains one of the most popular YouTubers.

DeStorm Power Vine Creator & Pioneer

But he didn’t stop at YouTube. Catapulting off of his newfound social media fame, DeStorm Power also began creating original content for Vine. Then a fledgling platform, Vine allows users to create 6-second looping videos. Before DeStorm Power came along, Vine was not much of a creator platform. According to VideoInk, “DeStorm basically invented the business of video creating on Vine” by bringing comedy skirts. With his creativity, DeStorm Power found an even larger network of followers and a base of frequent collaborators like fellow Viners Anwar JibawiMelvin Gregg, and Klarity (for a list of “The Top 10 Viners To Follow Now” see our post here).  DeStorm Power’s Vine channel currently boasts 5.9 million followers and 2.7 billion loops.

DeStorm Power Facebook Video Creator?

Now, it seems that Power has his sights set on Facebook. The most popular social network has recently made news by shifting its focus to video, with the release of a livestreaming feature–which many view as an attempt to compete with Skype and Twitter-owned Periscope. In response, DeStorm Power recently began creating longer videos specifically for Facebook, where he has already garnered 1.5 million followers. It’s no secret that each YouTube, Vine, and Facebook platform hosts varied and oftentimes much different demographics of users and audiences.

DeStorm Power Facebook Video Creator Viner YouTuber

DeStorm Power described Facebook’s main usership as “family-centered” and explained that different types of content find success on different platforms. Power explained in an interview with Tubefilter, his focus is on staying relevant and evolving with the times. “If you put your heart into creating a piece of material, you want the most people to see it,” Power said, “If my fans are my fans, they’ll go where I am. it’s about the person, not the platform.”

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