Top 5 YouTube Channels You Should Be Working With

Best YouTubers to Create Branded Content

With the extraordinary ascent of YouTube users, hundreds of millions of hours of video are consumed by users daily, advertisers and brands are catalyzing branded content with the most popular YouTube influencers in the space. The number of viewers watching YouTube is increasing 40% year after year, and watch time of YouTube content is increasing 50% year after year (YouTube stats). Below are YouTubers that have worked with large brands like Coca Cola, HP, and Audible to generate branded content that engages their audiences well beyond your average commercial.

Connor Franta

Connor Franta is a YouTube vlogger who talks to his camera and posts the final product every Monday. With over 4.2 million subscribers and almost 200 million video views, his audience is engaged and enthralled by his latest videos. Connor recently worked with Nature Box (above) to create a healthy branded content video for his subscribers. His ability to flawlessly integrate a brand into a video without giving off commercial vibes is a talent surmounted by few (see our post on three ways to create great sponsored content).

Bro Science Life

Dom Mazzetti, the influencer behind Bro Science Life, makes it hiTs mission to bring his audience laughable, educational and didactic workout tips for the average bro. His channel has over 1 million subscribers and almost 100 million video views. He uploads video almost every other week that are “50% fact, 50% magic, 100% results.” His most recent branded content video was with Audible (above) where he ended one of his “Ask the Brofessor” videos with a more typical ad, with his personal touch thrown in to engross his viewers.

Kandee Johnson

Kandee Johnson is a beauty YouTuber with an affinity for how to videos, style, DIY, inspiration and all things fun. She has a devoted subscriber audience of over 2.7 million and over 285 million video views. One of her more recent branded content videos (above) was with Fab where she integrated their brand and products into one of her favorites videos. She talked about her favorite Fab products, along with other product she was loving at the time. She finished off the video by creating a giveaway for her subscribers to further engage them with Fab (also see our post on YouTube influencer Bethany Mota).


Claudia Sulewski, behind BeyondBeautyStar, is a lifestyle YouTuber with a knack for style, beauty, nail art, and simple recipes. She has over a million subscribers and over 63 million video views. In one of Claudia’s most recent branded content videos, she paired with HauteLook to promote the deal site through a Get Ready With Me video (above). In the video, two HauteLook products were seamlessly integrated as the essentials of the overall outfit.


Michael Stevens launched his channel, Vsauce, in 2010 as a video game focused channel with several hosts. The channel began to evolve with additions of online activities and educational videos. By 2012 the channel became devoted to education videos. Vsauce often takes a philosophical and contemplative angle, asking such queries as: Why Do We Wear Clothes? and Did the Past Really Happen?. The channel has over 8.4 million subscribers and over 753 million video views.