How Special K, Quaker, & Chobani Are Leveraging Social Media Influencers

Chobani Special K Quaker Instagram Marketing case study
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A Case Study Look: How Top CPG Brands Are Reaching Enormous Audiences On Instagram For Breakfast

CPG is notoriously one of the most highly competitive advertising categories. Americans spend $11 billion per year on cereal alone, causing intense brand rivalry within the enormous market for breakfast foods. While television commercials were once the norm for marketing breakfast foods, as TV viewership declines many CPG brands are turning to social media influencers to promote their products.

In this week’s case study, we’ll explore how three top CPG brands are reaching large audiences for breakfast through Instagram influencer marketing.

How Chobani Leverages Its #ChoSquad On Instagram

Total Reach: 3 million people

Results: 137K likes and 2.6K comments

Engagement Rate: 5.4%

Since February, Chobani has been using the unifying hashtag #ChoSquad for its Instagram influencer marketing efforts. This month, 15 cooking Instagrammers joined the #ChoSquad. Each influencer posted appetizing photos of recipes that feature Chobani yogurt as a prominent ingredient. The recipes were included in the caption, enabling the influencers’ foodie followers to try them at home. The overall goal of the campaign was to inspire audiences to use Chobani in a variety of new, delicious ways.

Many of the influencers only did one sponsored post for Chobani, but there were also a couple of ongoing Chobani partnerships on Instagram throughout the months of May and June. Alison Wu and Kristan Raines, two food-focused micro-influencers, each posted several pictures of Chobani-inspired treats, ranging from popsicles to pizzas to cakes to smoothie bowls. The variety of recipes they posted portray Chobani as an extremely versatile product that can be used in both savory and sweet recipes.

The top performing sponsored Chobani post of the campaign was Alison Wu’s beautifully crafted blue smoothie bowl, which received 13% engagement. Wu, a recipe developer from Portland, is best known for her colorful, fruity concoctions. Her smoothies are a work of art, and she posts several each week. By sticking to her classic content style, she ensured that her sponsored Chobani post would be well received by her audience, and simultaneously raised awareness for Chobani products.

Chobani Instagram Marketing Alison Wu Sponsored

Chobani also recently leveraged several lifestyle Instagrammers to promote one of its newest product offerings, a Chobani yogurt beverage. Each influencer shared 1-2 images that featured the product and included the hashtag #DrinkChobani. In this portion of the campaign, the goal was to pitch “Drink Chobani” as an on-the-go breakfast, and the influencers achieved this by showcasing how seamlessly it fits in with their healthy, fast-paced lifestyles.

Chobani marketing everydaypuruits ashley torres

How Special K’s #StrongFeedsStrong Campaign Is Inspiring Women & Raising Brand Awareness

Total Reach: 15 million people

Results: 598K likes and 3K comments

Engagement Rate: 6.1%

During the month of March, Special K activated its #StrongFeedsStrong campaign on Instagram. The core mission of the Strong Feeds Strong Program is to help women reach their full strength potential. As part of the program, Special K has partnered up with the U.N. Foundation’s Girl Up program to provide key nutrition education to young women.

To promote its partnership with Girl Up and raise brand awareness, Special K partnered with 22 women on Instagram. Several of the influencers involved with the campaign were athletes, including burn survivor and professional marathoner Turia Pitt, Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson, and Paralympic swimmer Ellie Cole. The campaign also included several family focused Instagramers as well as a handful of female entrepreneurs and entertainers. All of the influencers Special K selected exhibited strength in some way, whether through their sport, their career, or their family life.

In the video below, Pitt shares her inspirational story and voices her support for Special K’s Strong Feeds Strong program. In this example, and in the campaign as a whole, Special K emphasizes storytelling rather than product placement, which contrasts with Chobani and Quaker’s strategies.

The overall goal of the campaign was to raise awareness for Girl Up and to create positive brand sentiment for Special K through cause marketing. 87% of consumers are willing to switch from one brand to another based solely on association with a good cause, which is why many brands are beginning to make altruistic messaging central to their influencer marketing campaigns.

The top performing photo of the campaign was posted by Anna Saccone and garnered 15% engagement. Saccone is a blogger and mother of three. Her 4-year-old daughter is featured in her sponsored Special K post, as well as a link to the website for the U.N.’s Girl Up program. With an audience of 1.5 million, Saccone successfully delivered Special K’s message to a large, female-skewing audience.

anna saccone speacialk strongfeedsstrong sponsored

How Quaker is “Passing On The Good” With Sponsored Instagram Posts

Total Reach: 3.7 million people

Results: 103K likes and 1K comments

Engagement Rate: 2.5%

The campaign messaging in Quaker’s recent Instagram influencer marketing initiative was centered around its trademarked slogan, “Good Is Made”. Seven mommy bloggers participated in Quaker’s challenge to “pass on the good” by posting images of inspirational notes and nominating other influencers to do the same. Most of the photos featured a recipe made from Quaker Oats in addition to the note, and all of the captions included the hashtag #GoodIsMade.

All content created for the campaign focused on the core value of kindness. The campaign was designed to appeal to mothers who make household purchasing decisions and to create wholesome messaging for Quaker.

In Amanda Watters’ sponsored post, she shares her tradition of placing encouraging notes in her daughter’s lunch box and invites Jacqui Saldana of @babyboybakery to participate. Her post, which received 3.6% engagement, successfully raised brand awareness for Quaker amongst mothers through positive messaging as well as product placement.

mamawatters amanda watters quaker sponsored

Additionally, Quaker partnered with a large cooking website, thefeedfeed. Using beautiful spreads and brightly colored fruits, Quaker created three visually appealing sponsored posts that fit in well with thefeedfeed’s aesthetic. With over 1 million followers, thefeedfeed has enormous reach, allowing Quaker to promote itself to a broad audience of foodies.

Each post featured overnight oats and included the hashtags #QuakerOvernightOats and #GoodIsMade. Quaker successfully capitalized on a popular breakfast trend, overnight oats, in order to encourage consumers to use Quaker Oats in creative ways with the overall goal of driving sales.

thefeedfeed quaker sponsored