Influencer Marketing Case Study: Chloé

chloe influencer marketing case study

How Chloé’s Valentine’s Day Fragrance Campaign Inspired “Love Stories” With Top Fashion Bloggers

In order to drive awareness and brand favorably with target consumer audiences, French fashion house and online retailer Chloé orchestrated an online campaign featuring several blog sponsored placements with top fashion bloggers. Not only did Chloé’s influencer marketing campaign succeed with eliciting favorable audience sentiment, but did so by asking the world’s most influential fashion, beauty, and lifestyle bloggers to create exclusively branded content on their “Love Story” fragrance theme. 

Influencer Marketing Case Study:


  • Primary Objective – to brand and drive awareness for the launch of Chloé’s new fragrance, Love Story, by targeting high-end clientele via top fashion bloggers’ audiences
  • Secondary Objective(s) – leverage top fashion bloggers’ social, creative content, direction, and readership base as a jump off point for audience engagement



  • High levels of audience engagement including 100+ comments on Gal Meets Glam’s single post
  • Immensely favorable consumer social sentiment regarding fragrance
  • Invaluable consumer feedback from distinct, target consumer audiences
  • Elevated brand awareness and messaging
  • Combined social reach (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest) – 4,620,000+
  • Total blog audience reach (total page views, monthly uniques) – 7,000,000 page views; 1,400,000 monthly uniques

Influencer Marketing Case Study Chloe Love Story

Founded in 1952, Chloé was one of the first brands to debut high end made-to-wear “prêt-à-porter” fashion collections. Since it’s inception, Chloé has worked with many well-known fashion luminaries including Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, spokesmodel and actress Chloë Sevigny, and can count several celebrities such as Natalie Portman and Kirsten Dunst as high-profile clientele.

Though Chloé’s storied history is both impressive and longstanding, the traditional fashion brand is one of many companies marketing to coveted demographics only available on digital, mobile, and social media networks. As demonstrated by their Love Story campaign, Chloé has adapted its marketing and advertising strategy to prominently feature top fashion bloggers and therefore ensure the dissemination of their brand amongst high-traffic sites and adjoining social media publishing channels.

Blog Sites & Instagram: Prime Real Estate For Fashion & Beauty Brands

In today’s digital age, brands like Chloé realize the importance of staying relevant with consumer audiences by both meeting them at critical touch points online and also marketing with the right digital and social media tastemakers. In a recent research study published in Digiday, select fashion and beauty brands are able to drive sales, brand lift, and favor with consumer fan followings by working with key influencers.

At the time of this case study’s publication, Chloé’s Instagram (989K followers) is one of the handful of brands nearing or exceeding the “millionaire’s club” as termed in Digiday’s latest article featuring research from top fashion and beauty brand channels on Instagram. Their channel does feature images of traditional runway fashion models, but more importantly for consumer traction and reach, Chloé’s Instagram channel features posts from the most influential top fashion bloggers sporting items from their most recent seasonal collection including Chiara Ferragni (blogger of The Blonde Salad and top Instagram influencer with 4.3 million followers on her personal channel) and  Song of Style blogger, Aimee Song (2.4 million followers).

For Chloé’s Love Story influencer marketing campaign, top fashion bloggers provided a large and dedicated consumer base with highly individualized sponsored content (non-scripted, and tailored to each influencer’s “love story”) to elicit social conversation for the brand’s product launch. Partnering with top fashion bloggers is a critical step when seeking to build rapport, substantial customer lifetime value (CLV), and brand affinity with customers. By creating an innovative influencer marketing campaign, Chloé was able to connect and engage with potential consumer audiences for brand/product discovery and a critical touch point for digital and mobile sales.

Influencer Marketing Case Study Examples For Chloé’s Love Story Fragrance

With successful influencer marketing, the goal is to create sponsored content that seamlessly integrates the product into each influencer’s daily lives in a way that feels genuine and authentic to their fans and followers. Here are select examples from Chloé’s sponsored blog posts with top fashion bloggers. Each blogger interpreted and wrote descriptively about their experience with Chloé while capturing evocative images true to their design aesthetic for personalized branded content.

Influencer Marketing Case Study Chloe Love Story Sea Of Shoes

Sea Of Shoes’ “Fairytale Story

Influencer Marketing Case Study Chloe Love Story Natalie Off Duty

Natalie Off Duty’s “Love Story

Influencer Marketing Case Study Chloe Love Story We Wore What

We Wore What’s “A Love Story”

Influencer Marketing Case Study Chloe Love Story Gal Meets Glam

Gal Meets Glam’s “Love Story

Influencer Marketing Case Study Chloe Love Story Ivory Lane

Ivory Lane’s “Love Story

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