Charli D’Amelio vs. Addison Rae: Who’s The Most Famous TikToker?

Charli vs Addison queen of tiktok

TikTok has had a successful year: avoiding a U.S. ban and continuing to top download charts. The effect of coronavirus on social media has also led to an influx of influencers joining TikTok from Instagram and other channels. If newbie Bella Poarch’s record breaking growth shows anything, it reveals just how competitive the influencer space on TikTok is becoming.

Charli D’Amelio has worn the TikTok crown since March 2020 when she dethroned the long-time lip-syncer Loren Gray. Now with over 100 million followers, Charli D’Amelio is the most followed influencer on TikTok — with fellow dancer Addison Rae close on her heels.

Since Addison Rae shot to fame TikTok fans have loved comparing Charli vs Addison. As the stars continue to dominate headlines for their dance moves and fame as TikTok personalities, we compare their success as TikTok influencers.

Charli D’Amelio vs. Addison Rae — Who’s The Real Queen Of TikTok

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Profile Metrics: Charli Has Almost Double The Likes As Addison

At more than 100 million followers, Charli D’Amelio has 30 million more followers than Addison — but almost double the likes as Addison. In fact, Addison’s total likes make up only 55% of Charli’s total likes.

Charli started posting on TikTok only 39 days before Addison, but has 370 more posts than Addison. Addison Rae follows 2,382 accounts on TikTok, twice the number of accounts Charli follows.

Charli vs. Addison By Follower Growth

2020 has proven to be a steady year in TikTok follower growth for both Charli and Addison. Since June, Charli has grown her account an average of 11% in followers each month and Addison is not far behind with a 10% average growth of monthly followers.

On average, Charli has welcomed 7.3 million new followers each month where Addison added 4.8 million monthly. Charli experiences more consistent growth than Addison with her monthly growth remaining between 6-13% during the six month period.

Addison had a slow period of growth in August (collecting only 2% more followers that month) however, September was her highest growth of the period, as the star increased her audience by nearly 18%, an influx of 8.8 million followers in just a month.

Charli D’Amelio Has Over 25.5 Billion Hashtag Views

Charli vs addison hashtag views trending

The Connecticut born TikTok star’s top three hashtags have a whopping 25.5 billion views. Charli’s third largest hashtag is a misspelling of her name — with 870M+ views.

#CharliDamelio has more views than all of Addison’s three largest hashtags combined.

Viral Videos: Addison’s WAP Dance Wins Over Charli’s Renegade

Charli vs Addison best video viral

In August of 2020, Addison Rae posted a TikTok of her doing the popular WAP dance and it quickly became her most viewed video on the platform.

Charli’s most viral TikTok (a huge propeller of her TikTok fame) features the top dancer mastering the Renegade dance and was posted in November of 2019.

With 257 million views, Addison’s viral video beats out Charli’s in all areas of engagement. Addison’s was also very recent showing her continual growth as a TikTok powerhouse.

Additionally, the video has over 1.4 million shares breaking records for the most shared TikTok.

On Average, Which Star Prevails?

When it comes to average video metrics, Charli has a short lead. While Charli has over 30 million more followers than Addison, the girls actually have the same average views per TikTok.

On average, Charli collects more likes, comments, and shares than Addison Rae. The data also reveals that Charli posts more on TikTok, an average of one more post than Addison each day.

How Similar Are Their Audiences?

These demographics (like profile metrics) are a snapshot of the stars’ constantly evolving fan base. Current data shows that Addison Rae has a slightly larger US following than Charli by 3%.

With their current follower counts, Charli and Addison are followed by 26 million and 20 million U.S. TikTok users respectively. Both dancers’ top audience countries are the U.S. and UK, but the third country differs between the two.

Addison’s popularity hails in the Philippines while Charli’s dances appear to be more popular in Mexico. A look into Charli’s audience demographics reveals that she entertains slightly younger followers ages 18-24-years-old, and her followers skew more female than Addison’s. Addison’s followers are 5% more likely to have an iPhone than Charli’s.

Who Is The Better Influencer? (Sponsored Vs. Non-Sponsored Post Engagement)

Addison Rae has done more ads and sponsorships on TikTok than Charli D’Amelio. Addison has 38 sponsored TikToks to Charli’s 28.

While Charli has a higher engagement rate on her non-sponsored TikTok content, Addison has a comparable average engagement rate on her sponsored posts.

Comparing all sponsored TikTok ads between the two, Addison and Charli are neck and neck, with Charli’s average sponsored post engagement rate at 14.9% and Addison’s at 14.3%.

53% of Addison Rae’s ads come from fashion and beauty brands while 13% of her ads are for mobile apps. Charli’s top three ad verticals are fashion (25%), entertainment (21%) and food & beverage (18%).

influencer marketing trends

Competing Sponsorships

  • Hollister Vs. American Eagle
    Since July 2020, Charli and Addison have each become ambassadors for competing U.S. retail companies, Hollister and American Eagle. Like the two fashion brands, the influencers seem to be competing as well, with each dancer posting one sponsored fashion TikTok per month oftentimes within the same week as the other.Addison’s American Eagle campaign has a distinct focus on denim jeans while Charli’s has broadened to include other fashion articles since she launched the #HappyDenimDance and #HcoPartner campaign in July.
  • Beauty Brand Face-Off: Charli Vs. Addison
    Charli received nearly 10 million more views on her sponsored post than Addison did, and her reach is evident by her other winning video metrics; however when it comes to engagement rate, Addison edges out Charli.

Which TikTok Personality Makes More $$?

Charli Addison paid to post how much

Forbes lists Addison Rae as the top moneymaker on TikTok (ahead of Charlie) with a net worth of $5 million. Charli falls second to Addison in net worth with a $4 million estimation.