CES 2017's Top Trends, Influencers, & Products

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CES 2017: The Biggest Trends, Influencers, & Products

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is among the most anticipated annual events in the tech industry. Nearly 200,000 attendees descended on Las Vegas to see the upcoming products that will become available to consumers over the course of a four-day show. Thousands of brands from over the world showcased their newest, shiniest products and launched intricate marketing campaigns to stand out to the average consumer.

This year, brands at CES 2017 launched highly viewed and shared content on social media using major social media tech influencers. We go over the major product trends in CES 2017, notable products presented, and effective branded influencer campaigns that made the event available to all consumers around the world.

CES 2017’s Top Product Trends

CES establishes and defines the biggest consumer tech trends of the year. The world’s largest tech convention forecasted growth in several area of technology. Among the most impressive trends were advances in different realities and universal integration of artificial intelligence in electronics.

1. Virtual & Augmented Reality

Virtual, augmented, and mixed reality broke through in 2016, and will not slow down. 2017 found the largest showcase of virtual-reality technology and was represented by over 70 companies (MarketWatch). Moreover, developing and available hardware from top tech companies sets to make virtual reality better and more functional than ever (PC Mag).

2. Artificial Intelligence & Voice Assistants

On the other hand, artificial Intelligence and voice assistants are permeating throughout hardware. Most significantly, Amazon’s Alexa was prevalence in a slew of new electronics, from phones, TV’s, cars, and refrigerators (lifehacker). Similarly, Google Assistant will be infiltrating homes and providing connectivity within devices.

3. Driverless Cars, Wearables, & More

Other major trends at CES included the continuing development of driverless cars and advancement of wearables. Consumers can look forward to thinner TVs, HDR on monitors, and cheaper smartphones. Finally, new features in gaming and the replacement of cable by TV streaming are expected in the coming year.

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How Brands At CES 2017 Partnered With Influencers On Social Media

Bringing the coolest toy to show-and-tell isn’t good enough for tech companies at CES. Tech brands still need to create hype around their products through marketing campaigns. This year, companies looked to social media stars and the biggest personalities online to create and curate a story for consumers hungry for up-to-date content.

By using online social media influencers, tech companies were able to increase reach and consumer awareness by giving audiences access to new product releases through social media. Branded sponsorships of content created by online influencers took form on every major social platform including Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat and Twitter. Accordingly, influencer content created spanned from photos, videos, livestreaming, Tweets, and ephemera.

Austin Evans, for instance, was sponsored by BMW to create pictures and videos online on Facebook and YouTube to show his fans BMW’s latest developments in smart cars. His informational walk-through of BMW’s Sculpture car tech concept was guided by a BMW expert and reached nearly 350,000 views.

CES 2017 Austin Evans Influencer Marketing BMW

Evans also worked with Intel at CES and used multiple social platforms to promote an informational session. On his Twitter page, he announced that he took over the Snapchat CES 2017 live story and effectively drove buzz and awareness for Intel’s new service.

CES Austin Evans Twitter Snapchat 2017 Live Story Intel

TLDToday was sponsored by Samsung at CES and posted photos and videos of Samsung’s Home Appliance, including its newest washing machines and driers and futuristic robot vacuums.

TLDToday Influencer Samsung Flex Wash Dry Consumer Electronic Show

TLDToday CES 2017 Sponsorship Samsung Robot Vacuum

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3 Of The Coolest Products At CES 2017

It’s difficult to narrow down the best products as CES amongst the promising concepts and gadgets. However, we predict these three products are going to be the most buzzed about products and concepts in the coming year.

1. LG OLED W-Series

LG blew away audiences on the first day of CES with its new Wallpaper TV, or it’s OLED W-Series. At just 2.57mm thick across its entire body and 3.88mm thick with a frame, the TV is “wallpaper-thing.”  It weighs 18 pounds and can be easily attached to a wall with magnets. The W-Series is equipped with the LG flagship OLED display which is still the best display ever seen at the Show. The TV will retail at $8,000 with lower tiers available in the future.

2. Willow breast pump

Willow’s wearable breast pump not only recognizes the need to create something that makes lives easier, but also aims to destigmatize a sensitive topic. The breast pump is quiet, compact, and can be worn underneath a nursing bra, allowing for mothers to pump breastmilk without attracting unnecessary attention. The machine does not require an outlet and is structured so that there is a reservoir within the pump. The device is also equipped with a companion app that can monitor a baby’s nutrition. Willow’s smart breast pump retails at $429.

3. Razer Project Ariana

Razer’s Project Ariana is a concept device that brings gaming to another dimension. Project Ariana offers consumers a first look into immersive gaming. The concept device is the first video projection designed for immersive PC gaming. The projector extends the eyes’ focus on the TV to include peripheral vision so that elements in the game can extend out of the game into a user’s living room. As a concept device, Project Ariana is expected to function outside of gaming as a regular 4K projector.

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