4 Ways That Brands Market With Influencers


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The Top 4 Methods Brands Use To Market With Influencers

There are dozens of different ways that brands partner with influencers. Every influencer marketing campaign is different, tailored to meet the nuanced needs of different industries, goals, platforms, content, creators, products, and more. That said, there are some key types of influencer partnerships that brands use to promote brand recognition, products, and initiatives.

By now, much of the world is familiar with the #sponsored content phenomenon. We often use “sponsored content” as a general term to describe content that has some degree of brand involvement, but not all sponsored content is the same, nor does it achieve the same types of results. To learn more about how influencer marketing campaigns take shape and how different types of campaigns accomplish different goals, here are four ways that brands market with influencers.

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Behind Facebook's Video First Growth Strategy


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The Secret Behind Facebook Stories’ Growth Strategy & Snapchat’s Demise

In roughly one year (2016 to 2017), Stories content grew 15x faster than news feed content. Stories (currently available on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Messenger) is a new type of social media and short-form photo and video content easily digestible and captured from one’s mobile phone.

Snapchat pioneered Stories in 2013 and it helped Snapchat grow incredibly fast during this period until 2016 when Facebook-owned Instagram rolled out its own version. Facebook launched Stories first on Instagram in 2016 – next came Stories for Messenger followed by Facebook’s own version of Stories and finally WhatsApp (dubbed “Status”) in 2017 (all of which are Facebook-owned social media properties)

To continue fueling its user growth (now upwards of two billion monthly active users) and attracting mobile-first younger demographics, Facebook in recent years has staked its growth strategy on a “video-first future” tied strongly to in-app camera use and activity à la Stories. See how Facebook leveraged Stories and a global user base to shut out competition (i.e. Snapchat), adapt to a changing social and digital landscape, and grow to new heights.

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Snapchat Earning's Performance Is Plummeting: Q1 2018 Results


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Making Sense of Snapchat’s Earnings Call

On May 1, 2018, Snap Inc. announced its Q1 2018 results. In a violent turn from its impressive Q4 2017 performance, the Snapchat parent company recorded one of its worst quarters in company history. User growth has stalled and revenue has dipped, leaving many wondering: Is Snapchat on its way to the grave?

Immediately following the announcement, Snap Inc. share prices plummeted by roughly 15%. Amidst rumors that Snapchat is dying, the disappointing quarter creates additional challenges for the app to overcome.

Here we’ll delve into Snap Inc.’s disappointing Q1 2018 results, offer insight into what factors may have contributed to its rocky start to the year, and speculate its implications for the wider influencer industry.

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Snapchat's New Insights Tool: Too Little, Too Late For Top Influencers?

snapchat insights influencers

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Top Influencers Weigh In On Snapchat’s Insights Tool & Its Support (Or Lack Thereof) For The Creator Community

Snapchat’s relationship with influencers can be boiled down into two words: it’s complicated.

Unlike competing platform YouTube, which fosters positive creator relationships through initiatives like Play Buttons, Super Chat, its annual Rewind video, and YouTube Red, Snapchat has been repeatedly criticized for failing to support influencers. As a result, many have left the platform.

However, recent events indicate that Snapchat is turning the tide with influencers. Following an extremely successful Q4 2017, Snapchat just announced a new analytics tool called Insights. The tool will provide data to influencers, giving them the information they need to grow and thrive on the platform.

Here we’ll take a closer look at Insights, examine Snapchat’s complicated history with influencers, and discuss why influencers are central to the app’s success.

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More Than 1.3 Million Have Signed The Petition Against Snapchat's Redesign

snapchat redesign user growth q4

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Will Snapchat’s Redesign Stifle Its Impressive Q4 2017 Results?

Though Snapchat began as a simple app for sending disappearing images, the popular social media platform has evolved substantially over the past seven years. Since its launch in 2011, Snapchat has added a plethora of notable features in an effort to improve and monetize the service, namely Stories, Chat, and Snapchat Discover.

Despite its efforts to stay relevant, Snapchat has undeniably struggled to keep up with its competitors. In 2016, Instagram hijacked its Stories feature, drawing influencers and users alike away from Snapchat. Snapchat has also struggled to successfully integrate advertising measures, generating 6x less revenue per user than Facebook in Q3 2017.

Many have speculated that Snapchat may be dying. However, its Q4 2017 results indicate that the app still has a heartbeat. Here we’ll breakdown Snap Inc.’s recent earnings release, unpack its plan to win back users with a redesign, and examine its potential comeback in the context of influencer marketing.

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8 Statistics Showing How Snap Is Struggling

Snap losses statistics earnings report

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The 8 Statistics Summarizing The Snapchat Train Wreck

It’s been 9 months since Snap’s IPO, and according to its most recent earnings reports, the company is facing some major growth challenges. In the face of poor revenue and declining growth, Snap seems to finally admit that it needs to overcome major experience hurdles and that better address the looming presence of Facebook.

Though Snap’s struggles aren’t new, its earnings report is certainly a clear warning for the platform to tighten up. To better understand Snap’s position in the industry, we’ve compiled the most relevant statistics from its Q3 earnings report and recent studies.

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