Spotlight Interview: How @Micahcow's TikTok Transitions Landed Him Partnerships With Revlon & Netflix

Micah Cow TikToker Feature Image

19-year-old influencer Micah Couwenhoven, known by his handle, @micahcow, was always drawn to video editing, but he had no idea how far his talent would take him. His short, comedic lip-sync videos feature eye-popping transitions quickly rocketed him to TikTok stardom. He currently has 5.2 million followers on the platform and has partnered with corporate giants including LG, Cash App, Netflix, and Amazon. His TikTok success has led to video features with popular stars like Liza Koshy, Addison Rae, Charli D’Amelio, and the Croes brothers.

Find out where his creative flair and unique collaborations are taking him next in his exclusive interview with Mediakix.

1. You are known for your incredible editing tricks and transitions. How did you discover your talent for video editing?

I’ve always been interested in filming and always since I was in middle school would create little edits and make funny videos. Just after graduation I decided to actually take it serious and see where it could take me. TikTok came out and I just started posting edits that I learned and people loved them.

2. How long did your first viral “60%” video (35 million+ views) take to edit?

That video took about 3 hours to edit.. but the long part was trying to contact the big creators to send a video clip to me so I could start and just doing that took around 2 weeks!

3. Most of your transition masterpieces contain the same XXXTENACION sound, is there a significance behind its repetitive use for your transition videos?

Yeah, once we started using it and people starting to realize that was the main song they started to get more hype for it because me and Corey specifically chose that song because it was a hype song and people loved it in the end.

4. It’s been over a year since your first collab video with fellow transition influencer Corey Whelan (@threedotcorey). What are a few ways this consistent partnership has helped you grow as a creator?

Corey really brought out some new creativeness in me and us brainstorming together was really fun because a good idea bounced to another great idea and so on. People love seeing us together because of our energy together and what we bring to the videos.

5. How many drafts do you have in TikTok?

Since I like my videos high quality I don’t have a lot like the average TikToker, but I do mess around and have like 50 drafts.

6. What is the craziest transition you have seen on TikTok?

There’s a lot of crazy ones but one showed a guy was on a bridge and dropped his phone off the bridge and transitions into a car and catches it.

7. You have mentioned you use Adobe Premiere as one of your main editing tools, what are two other go-to video editing apps/software you like to use? (besides using TikTok’s editing tools)

Adobe is my primary but I would say if I had to use anything else it would be Final Cut Pro.

8. How do you decide which brands to partner with? What values are most important to you in a brand partnership?

When I work with a brand I like to have a lot of creative freedom so I can make the best content I can make without it looking like an ad. So creative freedom is a big thing for me.

9. Of all the brands you’ve partnered with so far (Netflix, Revlon, Cash App, Amazon, etc.) which partnership are you most proud of and why?

I think Amazon is my biggest accomplishment because first it’s AMAZON! I would have never thought I could work for them to help promote them. Also I would say Under Armour too just because I grew up playing sports all the time and wearing their brand and now I’m working with them.

10. Anything else you would like to add for your readers to know about you?

I mean last year was probably the best biggest year of my life but me and Corey and just myself have a lot of cool things coming in the future!

Interview With TikTok Makeup Artist @Makeuppbyruthie

tiktok makeup influencer

Ruthie, the 17-year-old makeup influencer behind her eponymous TikTok channel Makeuppbyruthie, set herself apart from the crowd right off the bat. Unlike a typical beauty channel, her videos depart from the glamorous and delve into gore. Her eerie special effects take hours to create, but with 3 million followers on TikTok and 130,000 on Instagram, it’s definitely worth the effort. So far, she’s snagged partnerships with Dermalogica, Kevyn Aucoin, MAC Cosmetics, and Netflix. Read our exclusive interview with the distinctive star to find out how she made it happen.

1. Walk us through your thought process behind the “take off my makeup” challenge you started that now has 300 million hashtag views.

It started out by just being a video where I show the other side of makeup, rather than only showing the glamorous “putting it on” side. Then the idea kind of grew from there. Everyone on TikTok loves satisfying videos—paint mixing, cleaning, etc. I figured the best way to appeal to both the makeup community and overall TikTok trends was to combine the two, and the idea has really taken off!

take off my makeup with me tiktok

2. Your gory makeup ideas are extremely popular on your TikTok channel. What do you think makes horror so interesting to people?

I think horror is so interesting because it provides a different perspective to makeup. A lot of makeup is typically super girly themed, but I really love how horror and special effects makeup can be anything you want it to be. Most makeup looks draw engagement primarily from girls, but horror makeup looks in particular really bring a diverse audience because of their versatility. I think that horror makeup also can appeal to a lot more people because of the realism and storytelling that it brings.

3. What do you love about the makeup genre and how would you say you stand out in the genre?

I love the makeup genre because it’s a way where I can truly express myself. I love how welcoming it is and how there really is a place for anybody in makeup. I think I have really formed it into my canvas that I can do anything on. I think I stand out in makeup because I bring a large range to the makeup community, such as normal glam, gothic makeup, face painting, but also horror makeup and SFX makeup.

4. How many makeup drafts do you have in TikTok?

5. What’s the longest time so far you have spent creating a makeup look? Which look?
One of my most recent looks, the cyborg look, is my longest. I ended up spending 10 hours on it total and didn’t finish until 3am—4 hours before I had to go to school!

TikTok makeup influencer

6. You’re known for sacrificing comfort for an epic makeup look, what was the most uncomfortable/painful makeup look you have ever done?

I definitely push myself to the limit comfort-wise with some of my more adventurous looks! By far the most uncomfortable thing I regularly do is putting liquid latex or even different types of adhesives in my hair line just to get a really finished and clean look. It’s always a pain to get out but the results are almost always worth it!

makeuppbyruthie tiktok

7. Glow up transitions have been a huge trend for the TikTok MUA community. What would you say makes a “glow up” video so successful?

This might sound like a weird answer but I think a very successful glow up transition is one where you end up looking vastly different than you looked in the first—like a full transformation or evolution. I’ve always loved “glow up” videos that have different levels of transformation, from the hair, the outfit, and of course the makeup.

8. How do you decide which brands to partner with? What values are most important to you in a brand partnership?

When brands reach out to me, first and foremost it’s really important for me to like the product. I value integrity and I never want to promote a product I don’t actually like. I also really value innovation and creativity, so I appreciate when brands are willing to brainstorm with me and allow me creative freedom to create the best sponsored videos for my audience.

Makeup tiktok influencer

9. If you could only pick one beauty icon you are inspired by or look up to who would it be?

Abby Roberts, all of the way! She is my biggest inspiration—her and James Charles are the main reasons I am where I am today.

10. Of all the brands you’ve partnered with so far (Netflix, Dermalogica, Kevyn Aucoin, etc.) which partnership are you most proud of and why?

I’m proud of all the collaborations I’ve gotten since the start, and I’m so incredibly thankful that so many brands, agencies, and artists have been willing to provide me with such amazing opportunities! I really can’t pick one!

Meet The McFarlands: TikTok's Famous Family

TikTok influencers mcfarlands

We all know of a goofy relative who loves posting family home videos online, yet how many of them turn into an overnight success? Not many.

The McFarland family is the exception to that rule. In just a couple of months, the family gained millions of followers from their viral skits on TikTok. It didn’t take long for brands to take notice of their relatable, family-oriented comedic charm (especially during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic).

With most skits taking place in their family home, Colin, Dylan, Mitch, Dan, and Kathy together create goofy videos that appeal to a wide age demographic. The father of the family, Dan McFarland, is almost always the star entertainer of the videos, earning him the title of “the father of TikTok”. So far, the family’s most popular video is a Gillette sponsored ad with 82.2 million views — metrics comparable to  a Super Bowl commercial.

mcfarlands tiktok influencer

TikTok has been a hotbed of success for influencers, as the platform exploded to over 1 billion monthly active users, fundamentally changing the influencer marketing industry. Of the many changes happening in the influencer marketing industry, the most interesting shift has come from creators like the McFarlands that are unconventional, yet massively successful.

Meet the McFarlands in our exclusive interview and learn about their rise to TikTok fame and their learned insights into creating viral content.


1. Some of your highest viewed videos happen to be sponsored videos, (Gillette 83M views, Hillshire 72M), what are a few elements that make a great sponsored post?

Both Gillette and Hillshire are great examples of sponsored posts that do not feel like they are paid promotions. Both videos have elements of surprise as well as eye-catching transitions that focus more on video quality (rather than selling a product).

We’ve seen that sponsored posts tend to perform better when we are able to create content that feels natural to our content style while incorporating the brand in a natural feeling way.

2. What do you believe older generations bring to the table that sets them apart from younger influencers?

Our social channels are a bit of an anomaly. We’re able to combine humor styles of Boomers, Millennials, and Gen Z’ers all wrapped up with a metaphorical comedic bow.

Just as in real life, older generations tend to bring a sense of wisdom and knowledge. Millennials were able watch as social networks began to take over the internet. We saw what works on the internet as well as what doesn’t work.


3. Which brand first reached out to you about sponsored posts? What was your first reaction?

The first brand that reached out to us was Flex Seal. Before they reached out, we actually posted a Flex Seal-themed TikTok that led to us being noticed by the brand.

They loved the video so much that they asked to partner with us to create more Flex Seal content.

Our first reaction after being contacted was a mix of excitement and nervousness. Excited because we found ourselves being asked by a brand that we know and love to create content for them, but nervous because we had never done any brand deals before and had no idea how to navigate these waters.

4. Historically, TikTok has been dominated by Gen Z’ers. Do you see that changing in the future?

After being on TikTok for two years, we have seen the app grow in every way. When we first joined, the types of videos we would come across on our For You Page were most likely Gen Z generated content or content creators that were still posting style lip-synching/dance videos.

We saw the potential in the algorithm and started posting our very random, almost meme-like, videos.

We’re not sure if there will ever be a shift of which generation dominates the app, but we know that more and more numbers from EACH generation will continue to join TikTok.


5. Who’s the best dancer in the family?

It’s a tie between Dylan and Dan… although Dan did win a Disco competition in ‘79.

6. Favorite song to dance to?

The Sun by Myd

7. Weirdest family tradition?

Singing 5 little pumpkins on Halloween night. We literally carve our pumpkins then hold hands while we circle the pumpkins and sing “5 Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate.” It’s almost seance-like.

8. As an influencer, how do you decide which brands to partner with? What values are most important to you in a brand partnership?

We strive to work with brands that we use, know, and love. Our goal of brand partnerships is to work with brands that match our creative direction, positivity, and humor.


9. Since you started out on TikTok, you’ve partnered with Oreo, Grubhub, Taco Bell, Feeding America, Cheetos, and several more major brands. So far, which partnership are you the proudest of, and why?

One brand partnership we are extremely proud of is Colgate. The gist of the campaign was to #MakeMomSmile for Mother’s Day. Colgate wholeheartedly trusted us in our creative direction and it paid off.

Our video showed Dylan and Colin rushing to prepare Mom a surprise Mother’s Day backyard brunch while Mom and Dad took the dog on a walk.

Because the video was focused more on making Mom smile rather than Colgate’s toothpaste, it ended up receiving 6.3 million views and 1.2 million likes. It was very positive and on brand for both us and Colgate.

10. To be a successful influencer, posting regularly is a must, and each video takes up to a few hours to make. How do you keep it fun and avoid burnout?

Because we get to do this as a family, we have five creative minds that are always thinking of the next idea which almost gives us an “anti-burnout” quality.

We’ve always been extremely close and having the opportunity to share our family antics with the world through social media has brought us even closer.

In short, we love goofing around together so why not film it?

Meet Josh Richards: TikTok Star & CSO of Triller

Josh Richards Interview

At 18, Josh Richards Is Already A Social Media Force To Be Reckoned With

Josh Richards started his journey on social media at the age of 14 on Since then, he has accumulated 24 million followers on TikTok, 7.4 million followers on Instagram, and 2.45 million followers on YouTube with content centered around dance and acting.

Today, the social media star has set his sights even higher as he looks to be a top investor, influencer, and philanthropist. Read about Josh’s insights into the social media game and his plans to move forward.

Josh Richards Influencer TikTok

When evolved into TikTok, you challenged yourself to hit 10K followers by the end of the summer. You managed more than double. What gave you the confidence to set such lofty goals?

The beauty of social media is that it offers a platform to anyone who puts in the work and creates fun and engaging content.

I knew it was possible and through TikTok’s unique algorithm, authenticity is rewarded at an exponential rate.

As the CSO of Triller, how would you differentiate monetization on Triller from monetization on TikTok?

As a whole, Triller puts artists and creators first through the platform’s partnerships and commitment to user experience and product.

Josh Richards Trillee

You started your own business selling hockey merch when you were just a kid. You’ve been making money with your ideas ever since. What skills enabled you to take your passions to the next level?

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit however my social reach has allowed me the opportunity to follow my passions by supporting companies I believe in and creating brands that I believe in.

Describe your Triller persona in three words:

Authentic, creative, musically-inclined

As a former OG Sway House member, what is the biggest misconception of creator houses?

The biggest misconception is that all creator houses are just party houses.

The rest of the guys and I are up at 8am and on calls every day to discuss our ongoing investments and work on our companies. We’re always connecting with new people to grow our brands and business is our priority.

TikTok josh richards

As an influencer, how do you decide which brands to partner with? What values are most important to you in a brand partnership?

I am really interested in partnering with  brands that have a charitable component and are socially conscious, which is why I became a co-founder in Dog for Dog, a dog treat company that donates dog food to shelters for every purchase made.

I have also partnered with Ellen Degeneres’ company, UnHide. Every purchase of UnHide’s faux fur blankets benefits the Humane Society.

You’ve mentioned before that you view giving back to your community as an ethical responsibility. What have you done to contribute so far, and how do you hope to contribute in the future?

During this past holiday season, I teamed up with Chipotle and my company, Unhide, to hand out meals and blankets to some of LA’s homeless community.

I am looking forward to growing my platform in order to continue being able to give back in bigger ways.

How free-flowing do you try to make your content? Is it as simple as you think of an idea and give it a go or is there more planning involved?

Definitely a mix of both.

I make sure to always be active and to continuously be posting content, but I also love being creative and brainstorming ideas and skits. It’s all about balance!

TikTok josh richards

How has your short form video content changed over the last three years? Are the things that worked three years ago still work today or are you constantly adapting?

As my platform has grown, I’ve been able to start creating and sharing the content I really want my fans to see.

When I was getting started, I felt like I was put in a box sometimes and was forced to create content that didn’t feel authentic to me. Now I’m able to be myself.

Meet Street-Style Guru & Social Media Powerhouse, Delaney Childs

instagram influencer delaney childs

Delaney Childs has always loved fashion, but it wasn’t until she graduated from college, moved to LA, and bought her first camera that her influencer journey really kicked off.

She started out by creating her very own lifestyle blog, The Styled Seed, which revolves around everything fashion, beauty, and fun. The title came from the idea that every seed starts out small, growing into something beautiful over time — and that’s exactly what Delaney has done with her social media presence.

instagram fashion influencer

By sharing her always-evolving arsenal of style tips and tricks with her growing list of followers, she’s built quite the following and fan base across several social media channels.

As of 2020, she has 162K subscribers on her self-titled YouTube channel, 133K on TikTok, and an impressive 420K followers on Instagram.

Delaney is always on the lookout for new trends, new adventures, and new inspiration. Get to know her and find out what she’s planning next in her exclusive interview here:

1. Tell us a bit about how you got started as an influencer. What was the most difficult part?

Instgram influencer interview

I started posting fashion photos as a hobby and a way to express myself creatively. The hardest part was just learning about the industry, navigating my way through it, and sticking to it.

2. You’ve said before that photoshoots are a daily occurrence. What does your weekly content creation schedule look like?

fashion influencer interview instagram

I usually do some sort of content creation every single day. From taking IG photos, filming YouTube and IGTV videos, TikToks, and staying up on Stories daily – there is always some form of content to be made!

3. What’s your style forecast for 2021? Any up and coming brands on your radar?

Instagram influencer interview

I’m loving the funky trends that are coming into style and I’m thinking we’ll see more of them in 2021. Lots of vintage and retro inspired pieces. I’ve been trying to discover more small brands lately and I’m looking forward to their success in 2021.

Lightning Round Questions:

4. Sneakers or boots?


5. In your opinion what’s the most underrated winter staple? Summer staple?

Berets for winter! A go-to tote bag for summer adventures!

6. Favorite city you’ve been to so far?

street fashion influencer delaney childs

New York!

7. Who is your style icon?

Love Hailey Bieber’s style!

delaney childs fashion influencer

8. Many influencers pick a single niche, but you cover fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and everything in between (especially on your YouTube channel)! What are the pros and cons of covering multiple genres?

The pros are it allows me to express myself more. I can share so many facets of my life and I love that. I’m also able to connect with different people on different levels this way.

The cons would be that it can become a bit overwhelming and trickier to navigate sometimes. But it’s 100% worth it to me.

9. What do you think is the biggest misconception about becoming an influencer? Any tips for accelerating Instagram growth?

That it’s easy.

It’s a fun career, it’s flexible, it’s creative – but it is not easy.

I don’t think any job is easy. To grow I think you must be consistent, genuine, and never give up!

10. Brand partnerships are a central element of being an influencer. When you started publishing sponsored posts, did your fans respond any differently to them?

tiktok fashion influencer

Not really. My audience has always been very supportive of me. I think they enjoy growing with me as well – when I get an exciting brand partnership my community usually celebrates it with me which is so special.

11. How do you decide which brands to partner with? What values are most important to you in a brand partnership?

TikTok fashion influencer

I love working with the brands I grew up shopping because it’s truly a dream come true.

I also love working with small businesses and supporting them on their new ventures.

I simply make sure that I enjoy and genuinely like each product/clothing item/etc. when working with a brand so that I can confidently stand behind it.

12. What are you most excited about for the new year? Any upcoming projects you’d like to share?

I’m looking forward to new ventures and self growth in the new year. I’m hoping we’ll be able to travel again in 2021 which is something I love to do. I’ll also be launching my own brand “boyed” in 2021 – stay tuned for the magic!

Charli D’Amelio vs. Addison Rae: Who’s The Most Famous TikToker?

Charli vs Addison queen of tiktok

TikTok has had a successful year: avoiding a U.S. ban and continuing to top download charts. The effect of coronavirus on social media has also led to an influx of influencers joining TikTok from Instagram and other channels. If newbie Bella Poarch’s record breaking growth shows anything, it reveals just how competitive the influencer space on TikTok is becoming.

Charli D’Amelio has worn the TikTok crown since March 2020 when she dethroned the long-time lip-syncer Loren Gray. Now with over 100 million followers, Charli D’Amelio is the most followed influencer on TikTok — with fellow dancer Addison Rae close on her heels.

Since Addison Rae shot to fame TikTok fans have loved comparing Charli vs Addison. As the stars continue to dominate headlines for their dance moves and fame as TikTok personalities, we compare their success as TikTok influencers.

Charli D’Amelio vs. Addison Rae — Who’s The Real Queen Of TikTok

                <div style="clear:both"><a href=""><img src="" alt="Charli vs. Addison Infographic" /></a></div>

Want to embed this graphic on your site? Click the embed code below:

Profile Metrics: Charli Has Almost Double The Likes As Addison

At more than 100 million followers, Charli D’Amelio has 30 million more followers than Addison — but almost double the likes as Addison. In fact, Addison’s total likes make up only 55% of Charli’s total likes.

Charli started posting on TikTok only 39 days before Addison, but has 370 more posts than Addison. Addison Rae follows 2,382 accounts on TikTok, twice the number of accounts Charli follows.

Charli vs. Addison By Follower Growth

2020 has proven to be a steady year in TikTok follower growth for both Charli and Addison. Since June, Charli has grown her account an average of 11% in followers each month and Addison is not far behind with a 10% average growth of monthly followers.

On average, Charli has welcomed 7.3 million new followers each month where Addison added 4.8 million monthly. Charli experiences more consistent growth than Addison with her monthly growth remaining between 6-13% during the six month period.

Addison had a slow period of growth in August (collecting only 2% more followers that month) however, September was her highest growth of the period, as the star increased her audience by nearly 18%, an influx of 8.8 million followers in just a month.

Charli D’Amelio Has Over 25.5 Billion Hashtag Views

Charli vs addison hashtag views trending

The Connecticut born TikTok star’s top three hashtags have a whopping 25.5 billion views. Charli’s third largest hashtag is a misspelling of her name — with 870M+ views.

#CharliDamelio has more views than all of Addison’s three largest hashtags combined.

Viral Videos: Addison’s WAP Dance Wins Over Charli’s Renegade

Charli vs Addison best video viral

In August of 2020, Addison Rae posted a TikTok of her doing the popular WAP dance and it quickly became her most viewed video on the platform.

Charli’s most viral TikTok (a huge propeller of her TikTok fame) features the top dancer mastering the Renegade dance and was posted in November of 2019.

With 257 million views, Addison’s viral video beats out Charli’s in all areas of engagement. Addison’s was also very recent showing her continual growth as a TikTok powerhouse.

Additionally, the video has over 1.4 million shares breaking records for the most shared TikTok.

On Average, Which Star Prevails?

When it comes to average video metrics, Charli has a short lead. While Charli has over 30 million more followers than Addison, the girls actually have the same average views per TikTok.

On average, Charli collects more likes, comments, and shares than Addison Rae. The data also reveals that Charli posts more on TikTok, an average of one more post than Addison each day.

How Similar Are Their Audiences?

These demographics (like profile metrics) are a snapshot of the stars’ constantly evolving fan base. Current data shows that Addison Rae has a slightly larger US following than Charli by 3%.

With their current follower counts, Charli and Addison are followed by 26 million and 20 million U.S. TikTok users respectively. Both dancers’ top audience countries are the U.S. and UK, but the third country differs between the two.

Addison’s popularity hails in the Philippines while Charli’s dances appear to be more popular in Mexico. A look into Charli’s audience demographics reveals that she entertains slightly younger followers ages 18-24-years-old, and her followers skew more female than Addison’s. Addison’s followers are 5% more likely to have an iPhone than Charli’s.

Who Is The Better Influencer? (Sponsored Vs. Non-Sponsored Post Engagement)

Addison Rae has done more ads and sponsorships on TikTok than Charli D’Amelio. Addison has 38 sponsored TikToks to Charli’s 28.

While Charli has a higher engagement rate on her non-sponsored TikTok content, Addison has a comparable average engagement rate on her sponsored posts.

Comparing all sponsored TikTok ads between the two, Addison and Charli are neck and neck, with Charli’s average sponsored post engagement rate at 14.9% and Addison’s at 14.3%.

53% of Addison Rae’s ads come from fashion and beauty brands while 13% of her ads are for mobile apps. Charli’s top three ad verticals are fashion (25%), entertainment (21%) and food & beverage (18%).

influencer marketing trends

Competing Sponsorships

  • Hollister Vs. American Eagle
    Since July 2020, Charli and Addison have each become ambassadors for competing U.S. retail companies, Hollister and American Eagle. Like the two fashion brands, the influencers seem to be competing as well, with each dancer posting one sponsored fashion TikTok per month oftentimes within the same week as the other.Addison’s American Eagle campaign has a distinct focus on denim jeans while Charli’s has broadened to include other fashion articles since she launched the #HappyDenimDance and #HcoPartner campaign in July.
  • Beauty Brand Face-Off: Charli Vs. Addison
    Charli received nearly 10 million more views on her sponsored post than Addison did, and her reach is evident by her other winning video metrics; however when it comes to engagement rate, Addison edges out Charli.

Which TikTok Personality Makes More $$?

Charli Addison paid to post how much

Forbes lists Addison Rae as the top moneymaker on TikTok (ahead of Charlie) with a net worth of $5 million. Charli falls second to Addison in net worth with a $4 million estimation.