The Most Popular TikTok Hashtags By Categories & Topics

TikTok influencer categories

With 2 billion downloads, TikTok has become one of the most popular and fastest growing apps in the US and across the globe. In 2019 marketers saw TikTok add 200 million more new users than Instagram, a shift largely driven by Gen Z. Any piece of content can instantly go viral on TikTok — as such, TikTok is quickly becoming a driver of both social media and pop culture trends.

During the coronavirus, audiences saw many new TikTok trends take over other social media platforms, with users sharing TikTok videos to Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

TikTok is best and originally known for its trendy choreographed dance and lip- syncing videos but as the app continues to grow, new content communities and categories of influencers are emerging. We have compiled the 11 most popular TikTok hashtag categories and topics that best represent influencer talent niches to keep brands up to date with TikTok’s booming content communities.

Ranking The Biggest Hashtag Categories On TikTok

TikTok’s Creator Marketplace (TCM) provides 20 filterable Topics including 1) Food & Beverage, 2) Sport, 3) Performance Skills, 4) Gaming, 5) Fitness & Health, 6) Fashion & Beauty, 7) Dance, 8) Outdoor Activities, 9) Daily Life, 10) Pop Culture, 11) Animation & Fan Culture, 12) Transportation & Vehicle, 13) Science & Education, 14) Professional Life, 15) Family, 16) Oddly Satisfying, 17) Travel, 18) Animal, 19) Celebrity Account, and 20) Comedy.

TikTok Influencers Categories Hashtags Chart

While these topics are helpful, Mediakix proceeded to determine and assess the largest TikTok hashtags and rank them according to most views. Finally, the list of hashtag categories was narrowed down to showcase those most relevant to influencer marketing.

These include:

  1. Entertainment
  2. Dance
  3. Pranks
  4. Fitness/Sports
  5. Home Reno/DIY
  6. Beauty & Skincare
  7. Fashion
  8. Cooking & Recipes
  9. Life Hacks, Advice & Wellness
  10. Pets
  11. Outdoors

To help marketers further understand TikTok’s most popular content categories (and the type of creators associated), we’ve also included three TikTok influencer profiles for each category.

1. Entertainment TikToks (#Comedy + #SpecialEffects + #Entertainment) — 535 Billion Views

Understandably the largest category, “entertainment” videos thrive on TikTok. Utilizing TikTok’s in-app filters, influencers create skits, duets, and more to entertain their audience. Comedy and special effects are included in this category, while it is also common for many “entertainment” influencers to cross over to other categories like dance, pranks, or life hacks. Here are 3 of the biggest influencers in the broad category of “entertainment”:

entertainment tiktok category-
  • Zach King
    At 45 million followers on TikTok alone, Zach King is one of the most recognizable social media entertainers. His famous digital magic tricks make him a TikTok favorite, so much so that his TikTok account saw an increase of 15 million followers within just 10 months. Brands have long taken notice of Zach’s ability to captivate his audience with his cleverly edited videos. BMW, Chipotle, KIND, Jumanji2, are just a few of the top brands Zach has partnered with.
  • Liza Koshy
    Influencer Liza Koshy got her start on Vine posting short, comedic videos. While she has a massive presence on YouTube, TikTok recently became her largest platform with over 22 million followers. Her comedic twist on lip- syncing and dance challenges have instantly helped her garner a huge following on the app.
  • Brittany Broski
    Brittany Broski is a perfect example of an overnight TikTok influencer. A prominent Twitter influencer reposted a video of Brittany drinking kombucha and Brittany has now become one of TikTok’s most recognizable faces. Brittany’s comedic facial expressions became a staple meme on Instagram also, showing TikTok’s ability to captivate audiences across social platforms.
    Brittany Broski has over 4 million followers and has starred in influencer marketing campaigns with Chipotle, Bumble, Kroger and many more.

2. Dance TikToks (#Dance) — 181 Billion Views

Dance challenges are one of TikTok’s key native trends. The sound clip driven app makes it easy for users to challenge (duet) other users or influencers to create engaging videos. The short clip allowance allows non-dancers and dancers alike to rehearse the choreography beforehand and post their best take. Choreography ranges from simple arm movements and lip-syncing to advanced routines — all within the confines of a mobile phone screen and shot on a steady surface. Trained dancers and beginners all have the same chance for viral fame, emphasizing the individual variations users bring to the choreography. Here are three influencers whose moves entertain some of the largest followings on TikTok:

tiktok dance category
  • Charli D’Amelio
    In March 2020 Charli D’Amelio officially became the platform’s most-followed creator. Charli started creating TikTok content in June 2019 but shot to viral fame and TikTok history due to her coordinated dance moves. In a partnership with P&G, Charli initiated the #DistanceDance challenge. The video now has over 193 million views making it the most viewed TikTok video ever.
  • tWitch
    After finding love with a fellow “So You Think You Can Dance” all-star, tWitch has gone on to DJ on the Ellen show and make a huge splash on social media. tWitch’s hip hop moves and dancing family grooves have gained him 3 million followers on TikTok. This year he and his wife went viral with a somber “Check Your Privilege” clip, reaching 3.1 million views.
  • Addison Rae
    Addison Rae Easterling blew up on TikTok after her dancing videos with her mom Sheri went viral. As a former Hype House member, the Louisiana born star has already scored major campaigns on TikTok with brands like Chipotle and COVERGIRL.

3. Prank TikToks (#Prank) — 79 Billion Views

Everyone loves a good laugh and prank videos on TikTok deliver in short crazy bursts. This is a popular genre across all of social media, but TikTok’s binge-watching layout makes prank videos exceptionally popular. While users of any age can enjoy these videos, their popularity is likely bolstered by TikTok’s younger demographics. Statista reports that in the United States, TikTok users ages 10-19 represent around 37% of TikTok’s user base. Here are 3 tricksters whose humorous antics have skyrocketed them to TikTok influencer status:

tiktok category prank influencers
  • Brent Rivera
    YouTube star Brent Rivera is now also one of the most recognizable TikTok entertainers. Brent and his sister Lexi Rivera collaborate with a close group of influencer friends and generate amusing skits that show off their goofy personalities. It is evident users love watching Brent prank and torment his sister as he was nominated among top influencers for the 2019 Teen Choice Award for Male Choice Web Star.
  • Lauren Godwin
    Lauren Godwin, of Houston, Texas, is an influencer most well-known for her goofy TikTok videos. She also has a popular YouTube channel under the same name. While she frequently stars in influencer campaigns (IHop, LG, Urban Decay), users frequently tune in to watch her prank her boyfriend, fellow influencer Sebastian Bails.
  • Alan & Alex Stokes
    In a combo destined for fame, these influencer twins supply their 24 million followers with coordinated high jinks. Many of their prank videos quickly go viral and trigger a chain of user-replicated prank reaction videos. Famous for their short skits, the Stokes twins are also popular for their synchronized dance moves.

4. Fitness & Sports TikToks (#Fitness + #Sports) — 57 Billion Views

TikTok presents itself as a unique platform for fitness content. While influencers tend to use long-from video platforms like IGTV and YouTube to share workout plans and advice, TikTok athletes display choreographed dances and memes that relate to those interests. Crazy stunts, parkour, and high energy workout dances are some of the few fitness-related content that succeeds on TikTok. One of the first brands to work with TikTok influencers, Gymshark, has one of the largest brand presences on the app (2 million followers) due to their large network of #GymsharkAthlete influencers who regularly don the brand’s activewear.

The sports sector takes a unique turn on TikTok, too. Athletic abilities morph into the form of challenges, with videos tagged with #TikTokSports at half a billion views. Celebrity sports figures tend to use the app to share their personality and hidden talents with fans. Gatorade scored over 7.2 billion views with their #PlayByPlay campaign aimed to unite sports fans over COVID-19 cancellations. Here are 3 influencers making muscle moves on TikTok: 

TikTok category fitness influencers
  • Antonie Lokhorst
    Antonie gained TikTok fame through his clever ability to bridge both fitness and dance. As a Gymshark athlete, The Netherlands fitness expert is best known for his airwalk pull up videos that show off both his strength and synchronized dance moves. He currently has over 700 videos on TikTok.
  • Cassey Ho
    Also known as @blogilates, Cassey Ho has over 30.2 million likes on TikTok. In just 8 months, Cassey gained as many followers on her TikTok as her Instagram account (1.8 million followers). She shares healthy recipes, workout challenges, and busts common workout myths.
  • Demi Bagby
    Since 2018 Demi has entertained fans with her gravity-defying parkour, gymnastics stunts, and extraordinary calisthenics. Her daring antics have often warranted TikTok to place a dangerous content disclaimer on her videos. Demi has worked with Sony Pictures, Secret, and Gymshark on influencer campaigns.

5. DIY & Home Renovation TikToks (#DIY + #HomeReno) — 39 Billion Views

TikTok’s short form video format allows a year-long home renovation to look like a simple weekend project, and #HomeReno influencers make home projects look even easier. TikTok creators in this niche inspire their followers by providing tips, hacks, and planning advice for any DIY project imaginable. Here are 3 top influencers inspiring millions through creative projects:

TikTok categories HomeReno Influencers DIY
  • Lou Flores
    This eclectic creator can take a bag of Dollar Tree knick knacks and turn them into something amazing. Lou specializes in dramatic makeup looks, cute crafts, and clever hacks. Also a star on Instagram, Lou has nearly 1 million Instagram followers.
  • Annika Marie
    Known for thrifty DIY design projects, Blondesigns is the master of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. On TikTok her 562K followers can watch her make her minivan into a camper, turn belts into a plant holder, and totally makeover her sister’s bedroom.
  • Tamara Bradshaw
    While a popular mid-tier influencer on Instagram, Tamara Bradshaw quickly became one of the largest DIY influencers on TikTok. With over 120K followers Tamara’s TikTok is now her leading social media platform. Her methodical videos feature inspiring DIY and home decor hacks that showcase her interior design talents.

6. Beauty & Skincare TikToks (#Beauty + #Skincare) — 33 Billion Views

While beauty influencers on Instagram tend to focus more on showcasing the final makeup look, TikTok beauty influencers tend to emphasize the entire process behind the reveal in quick transformation style videos. Beauty transformations also provide a quick way for influencers to test fan interest on certain makeup looks before filming a more detailed tutorial. Here are 3 influencers setting beauty and skincare trends on TikTok:

TikTok categories beauty influencers
  • Letícia Gomes
    Top TikTok makeup artist Leticia Gomes has over 4.4 million followers from her incredible makeup transformations. It’s not too surprising to see how Leticia’s videos average over 1 million views. Utilizing TikTok’s prominent trend of lip syncing, Leticia applies her makeup to reveal a celebrity transformation. With TikTok’s endless library of sound clips to choose from, Leticia Gomes has unlimited opportunities to show off her talents.
  • Ruthie
    At just 16-years-old TikTok star Ruthie, known by her handle @makeuppbyruthie, already has over 1.2 million followers. She regularly hosts TikTok Live’s where she shows her fans how she accomplishes her dramatic makeup transformations. Interestingly, her followers seem to care just as much about her makeup looks as her makeup removal process. Her recent “take off my makeup with me” video actually garnered more views than her transformation look.
  • Juwan Gutierrez
    Phillipino influencer Juwan Gutierrez rose to TikTok fame through her glamorous makeup looks. Her goofy personality shines on TikTok, where she attributes “80% of her Instagram followers came from.” With over 4 million followers she is one of the most recognizable TikTok personalities on the app with a fanbase to prove it.

7. Fashion TikToks (#Fashion) — 27 Billion Views

As a video-driven format TikTok presents many opportunities for fashion influencers to get creative with their content. The top trendsetters share their expertise through styling videos, clothing hauls, and even posing videos. In contrast to Instagram’s polished aesthetic many fashionistas take to TikTok to share behind the scenes hacks, tips, and tricks for getting the perfect outfit. Here are 3 fashion influencers turning heads on TikTok:

tiktok categories fashion influencers
  • Anna OBrien
    Anna OBrien better known as the woman behind “ Glitter and Lazers”, is a fashion influencer who frequently shares comedic duets and clothing hauls. Her popularity has led to campaigns with Kool Aid, Target, Steve Madden, and Massage Envy to name a few.
  • Nava Rose
    Alexa Jade is the fashionista behind @the.navarose. She started her YouTube channel in 2013 and has since grown to become a massive DIY and fashion influencer even landing her own series on Ellen. Within just ten months of posting her first TikTok, she already has 300,000 more followers on TikTok than her YouTube channel. While YouTube is still her main social platform, her rise to popularity on TikTok shows speaks to the app’s suitable nature for viral sharing.
  • Denise Mercedes
    Plus-size fashion model Denise Mercedes is a leading influencer on TikTok and the creator of the Style Not Size series. Denise along with fellow TikTok influencer Maria Castellanos often film videos dancing, posing, and lip syncing in matching outfits to spread body positivity and body confidence. The fashion blogger also shares style challenges, posing videos, and clothing hauls with her audience of 2 million.

8. Cooking & Recipes TikToks (#Cooking + #Recipes) — 18 Billion Views

TikTok’s flexible editing format allows creative chefs to whip up step-by-step video recipe directions that are easy to follow and visually delicious. Creativity wins in this category, as do time-saving hacks. Most of the cooking trends that gain popularity are simple, easy to prepare concoctions with an artistic twist. During coronavirus, “whipped coffee” took over TikTok for its picturesque take on a classic iced coffee. Here are 3 cooking influencers causing a stir on TikTok:

TikTok categories cooking influencers
  • Tabitha Brown
    41-year old Tabitha Brown created a TikTok as a way to share her vegan cooking tips to those struggling during the March 2020 lockdown and coronavirus pandemic. A month after sharing her first video, the mother of two’s TikTok was already at 2 million followers. An unlikely TikTok star, Tabitha shares recipe tips, positive encouragement, and daily life stories in a manner that has deemed her “the world’s favorite mom.” In an interview with the New York Times, Tabitha said of her filming style “I hold my phone so close to my face. I want somebody to feel like it’s me and you in this moment.”
  • Joshuah Nishi
    Joshuah Nishi became famous on TikTok for his easy fast food recipe hacks. In under 60 seconds, he teaches his followers how to make restaurant staple recipes with his soft spoken commentary. His Popeyes chicken sandwich video and his McDonalds chicken nuggets recipe have over 46 million views combined.
  • Joshua Weissman
    Cookbook author Joshua Weissman of Flakeysalt shares all his cooking hacks in 60-second high energy videos. As a professional chef, Joshua peaks users’ interests with videos like “How to make your own hamburger buns” and “How to cut a pineapple.” He incorporates ASMR, quick tips, and humor into his savory videos — showing his understanding of both TikTok trends and his audience.

9. Life Hacks, Advice, Wellness TikToks (#LifeHacks + #Advice + #Wellness) — 13 Billion views

Influencers leverage the “quick bite” content format to share short stories, wellness tips, life hacks, and motivational quotes. Many users drive viewer attention by layering text across the screen. While these influencers could be seen as “motivational influencers” many delve deeper into issues like mental health, emotional issues, and real life topics. Gen Z users are quick to emphasize self-care and positivity, with the hashtag, #Selfcare viewed over 4.9 billion times. Here are 3 influencers who educate and motivate millions with their TikTok content: 

TikTok categories Life Hacks
  • Taylor Cassidy
    Since 2018, Taylor Cassidy has used her TikTok channel to spread positivity, encourage self-love and educate her viewers on black culture. The confident 17-year-old answers questions, shares quick facts and captivates her followers through her “Fast Black History” series. With 1.7 million followers, the influential teen prioritizes staying grounded and true to her beliefs.
  • Jessica Wang
    Jessica Wang’s TikTok is not what you would expect from a typical NYC fashion blogger. The successful influencer of the NotJessFashion blog, has become one of the apps top “Life Hack” influencers with over 150 quick facts. She shares advice on anything from “Hidden iPhone features” to “How to open a jar with a tight lid.” Her unique transition from a fashion influencer on Instagram to a “life hack” influencer on TikTok has brought over 1.6 million followers to her account.
  • Dr. Julie Smith
    Licensed therapist and Psychologist Dr. Julie Smith offers bite-sized mental health & psychology advice through her TikTok channel. While she harbors over 64,000 followers on Instagram, her TikTok has had tremendous growth, with almost 1 million users regularly tuning in for her encouraging and free advice.

10. Pet TikToks (#Pets) — 10 Billion Views

Pet videos are one of the leading categories on TikTok’s explore page with #pets accounting for almost 8 billion views. Editing tools allow users to create skits and stories from the pet’s perspective and creates a special audience bond that drives engagement. Instagram dogs like Doug the pug and Jiffpom thrive on TikTok, but new animal influencers like ferrets and llamas are winning user’s hearts and engagement. Here are 3 furry creatures causing millions of smiles on TikTok: 

TikTok category pets
  • Jiffpom
    Jiffpom is the “top dog” on TikTok with over 21.1 million followers. In 2015, Jiffpom was named the Most Popular Dog in the World — showing the extent of his massive popularity. The cuddly Pomeranian’s TikTok is mostly filled with videos of him in stylish outfits riding his skateboard or posing on two paws.
  • Stryker the Cat
    Stryker the cat is a “pro chicken hunter” and serval from Miami Florida. He is also one of the largest animal influencers on TikTok with over 6 million followers. Stryker entertains millions as users tune in to observe what everyday life would be like owning an exotic pet. The African serval is most famous for a video of him eating chicken on his birthday. The video has over 8.3 million likes and in 2019 TikTok announced the video as the best animal TikTok of the year.
  • Matilda
    If there is a place a dancing ferret can go viral it is TikTok. The animal account posted a video of a ferret named Matilda dancing with an origami Pikachu and the video gained 60.4 million views. TikTok users can’t help but watch the furry creature dance to trending sound clips. This unusual expertise has made Matilda an overnight influencer and the most famous ferret on TikTok.

11. Outdoors TikToks (#Outdoors) — 2 Billion Views

While Instagram’s travel influencers typically share a common trait of having “perfected” images, TikTok’s outdoor influencers rely more on the movement taking place within the videos and utilizing TikTok trends. These specific influencers feature videos about camping, hiking, fishing, and backyard adventures. Due to the 60-second time limit, the format tends to prioritizes the little moments of the influencer’s adventures and travels instead of the “perfect shot” of their trip. Many outdoorsy influencers on TikTok reveal how they became full-time adventurers, share behind the scenes content, and provide tips for anything and everything outdoors. Here are 3 influencers documenting their explorations on TikTok:

TikTok categories travel influencers
  • Kody Antle
    Real life Tarzan, Kody Antle, lives among his exotic animal friends in a life most people could only dream of. It’s not hard to see how Kody became a social media success even before his father, Doc Antle (Tiger King star), became a household name. Kody shares his wild world of chimpanzees, tigers, and ligers with his nearly 16 million followers.
  • John Derting
    As a professional videographer, John Derting brings a polished aesthetic to TikTok while still embracing the TikTok trends that make his content binge-worthy. The Alaskan influencer captures radiant nature landscapes and adds his signature slo-mo effect to create soothing and satisfying visuals. His filtered perspective of alluring landscapes, mountains, rivers and caves distinguishes his content from other outdoor influencers.
  • Courtnie & Nate
    Court and Nate are a couple of nature lovers living out of a van with their dog, Tonkins — and over 1 million TikTok followers. Court and Nate’s content provides an escape to their followers who want to know what life would be like on a never ending road trip. The influencer couple share their daily life and how they eat, sleep, and bathe all in the confines of a van.

Top College YouTubers: "A Day In The Life of" Vlogs, Reaction Videos & More

college YouTubers


At 2 billion subscribers YouTube continues to surge in popularity, and with over 62% of Gen Z watching daily videos on the platform, a new breed of YouTube creator has emerged—college YouTubers.

While many college-aged top YouTube stars like Brooklyn and Bailey create college-focused videos like “New College Roommates, Will We Get Along?” or Brooklyn’s New College Room Tour, college YouTubers have created their own niche category and community, one that has garnered an impressive following.

These college creators document basic class tips and survival stories —as it’s happening. Users share anything from Target hauls and move-in vlogs to “study with me” videos where they film themselves quietly studying.

Each college influencer brings a unique perspective to their school experience which resonates with Gen Z’s need to feel a connectedness as they glimpse into a YouTube influencer’s daily practices. College influencers often capture candid videos on personal topics like financial situations, roommate struggles, and even “reveal” videos where they open college acceptance letters.

top college youtubers


College YouTubers bridge a new category between productivity and education. These videos typically invite subscribers to partake in a YouTube star’s daily habits, thus influencing viewers to adopt these same practices (and products) into their own daily routines.

A successful sponsored placement in a “college-life” video could add a new staple product to the consumer’s lineup. With digitally-savvy Gen Zers outnumbering Millennials, at about 32% of the population, brands should consider college YouTubers as valuable trendsetters on the consumer habits of the newest generation of adolescents.

Meet the most popular college YouTubers of 2020—and see why these dynamic scholars are one of a kind:


Thomas Frank originally rose to social media fame from his blog “College Info Geek.” Thomas has made a name for himself in the productivity niche as one of the largest self-improvement gurus on YouTube. He boasts almost two million subscribers and an additional podcast channel. His study tips and reading strategies aim to help students of any level, and his specialized videos distinctively separate him from fellow YouTube influencers.


One of the biggest trends in video recently is the “a day in the life of” routine-style of vlogging which features creators from various backgrounds and categories sharing their typical day with viewers. This trend has garnered over 50,000 videos so far and furthers viewers’ growing desire to watch normal people doing normal things.

ThinkwithGoogle reports that viewers tune in to watch user’s carry out mundane tasks for “company, in-depth information, and even inspiration.” As a student at Vanderbilt University, Elliot juggles his YouTube career and college classes in his “day in the life of” video which has received over 125,000 views.


Jamie Lee is the mastermind behind TheStrive Studies and TheStrive Fit YouTube channels. Collectively, the channels have over 600,000 subscribers who watch the first year emergency medicine student document her journey through medical school and watch her study. Yes, this “study with me” video is one of about 50 videos on her channel that is literally show Jamie studying at her desk for one to two hours.

The video shown has over 4 million views and is part of the “with me” video series craze where subscribers find motivation in watching YouTubers complete basic tasks. YouTube reports a two-fold increase in “study with me” videos while GoogleTrends shows a surge in popularity for the search term as well.


Sienna Santer is a college YouTuber/influencer at Harvard who enjoys making learning/reflection videos about her college experiences and often collaborates with other college YouTubers. She has over 20 million views on her channel since joining in 2014 and has partnered with notable brands like Glossier, FabFitFun, Amazon, Fabletics, Google, and more.


Hannah Elise is a 20-year-old college student who vlogs her daily life to her over 300,000 subscribers. Her channel features personal story time videos like “Why I’m Transferring” and “Secrets of a Straight-A College Student.


Katie studies computer science at Cornell University and is not afraid to share personal experiences with her followers on her college channel. In one of her recent videos, Katie shares her thoughts on loneliness in her studies abroad, and her battle with insecurities and imposter syndrome.

Her video comments shows that her nearly 171,000 online subscribers appreciate the relatability and rawness of her content.


Annmarie Chase is a well-known college YouTuber attending the University of Southern California. Her content showcases her life as a student and member of the Greek community. Her channel follows the common college YouTuber characteristic of authenticity as most of her videos are personal vlogs.

With an estimated 44% of all internet users watching a vlog each month, it’s no surprise that 138,000 people tune in to watch her share her confessions and college experiences.


Abby’s channel is less than five years old and has already racked up more than 10 million views. The University of Alabama scholar is a micro-creator on the video platform averaging about 16,000 views per video.


Gracie O’Connor is a very involved college student whose channel has a notable focus on her sorority experience at the University of Alabama. Gracie’s video views are impressive— with only 66,200 subscribers she averages 54,000 views per upload making her a mid-tier creator with enviable engagement.


Florida college student Melissa Lucy is a vlogger and chemistry student living out the most personal aspects of her life as a YouTube star. her channel is filled with daily life vlogs and she discusses how she finds balance in juggling her future career with her passion as a YouTuber.

While Melissa plans to focus on a science career, studies show that 75% of children ages 6 to 17 dream of becoming a YouTuber for a living, with one in five planning to start their own channel.


As a student at the University of Florida, nano-creator Brittany Lewis shares college-centered videos with a slight focus on fashion and social events. Her channel features college outfit hauls, game-day looks and much more.


Amanda is a UCLA college YouTuber with over 200 “Follow Me Around Campus” and “Q and A” videos to prove it. Her videos on her university experience have generated over 4 million views so far. Amanda has recently graduated but has maintained creating videos centered around post-grad life.


Catherine gained recognition as a college influencer when her “Day in a Life of a Stanford Student” video went viral nearly two years ago. Catherine shows viewers an inside look at what the typical college experience is like at Stanford through her dedicated channel that features hundreds of college topics.


College “reaction” videos are a controversial trend where hopeful high school students open all of their college admission decision letters at once on camera. Nina is an MIT student who now has 26,000 subscribers all thanks to her reaction video that has received over 1.5 million views to date. She discusses organization hacks, admission tips, and other college advice to MIT and Ivy League hopefuls.

20 Instagram Twins That Will Make You Do A Double-Take

instagram twins

Influencer Twins: 20 Top Instagram Twins Reach More Than 26M Followers

UPDATE March 6, 2020 —What is it about twins that we find so intriguing? From the iconic Mary-Kate and Ashley to Disney channel’s Dylan and Cole Sprouse, Hollywood has made one thing clear: twins are in. The popularity of twins in entertainment has also transferred over to social media, with the 20 most popular Instagram twins collectively reaching an astounding 26,671,000 followers— and counting.

As with most social media influencers, Instagram twins’ success is tied to the ability to post content that’s both appealing, relatable, and unique. Considering identical twins make up only 1 of every 250 births, twins have a built-in boost in the uniqueness department. Factor in striking style, stunning features, a great sense of humor, or stellar gymnastics skills by two, and twin influencers have a winning Instagram combo. People are naturally curious about what it’s like as an identical twin, and Instagram twins capitalize on that.

On Instagram, influencer twins have even created their own niche that’s garnered an impressive following. While some twins opt to have individual accounts, we explore the twinning trend of joint accounts and shared followings. Come meet the most popular Instagram twins of 2020 and see why these dynamic duos are one of a kind.

Skip to the following section to see “The Top 5 Twins Taking Over TikTok.” Continue reading “20 Instagram Twins That Will Make You Do A Double-Take”

30 Top Instagram Influencers Who Rise Above The Rest In 2021

top instagram influencers

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30 Top Gaming Influencers To Follow

top gaming influencers

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30 Top Gamers Have More Than 340M Subscribers Across Major Gaming Platforms

By 2021, the global gaming market is expected to exceed $180 billion in revenue—a 30.6% increase from $137.9 billion in 2018. In the last few years, gaming has grown more significant on existing platforms like YouTube and Facebook, but it has also spurred the creation of dedicated livestream gaming platforms, like Twitch and

Even staying up-to-date on gaming terms has proven crucial to understanding the industry’s growing value. As a result, the gaming community has evolved to include a wide variety of gaming influencers in different gaming niches.

From the top female YouTube gamers and the overall top gaming YouTubers, to the top female Twitch streamers and most followed Twitch influencers, online gamers have established an impressive cross-platform presence. As these gaming platforms duke it out, most gamers are maximizing their presence across multiple gaming platforms.

As the gaming industry landscape diversifies more, brands interested in partnering with the leading gaming influencers need to keep up with the changing tides. To help, we’ve collected a list of the 30 top gaming influencers in 2019 (nine of which are females) who reach more than 340 million subscribers on their top gaming channels:

  1. PewDiePie
  2. VanossGaming
  3. Markiplier
  4. Ninja
  5. Jacksepticeye
  6. DanTDM
  7. KSI
  8. SSSniperWolf
  9. W2S
  10. Syndicate
  11. TFue
  12. IHasCupquake
  13. Shroud
  14. tsm_myth
  15. Gaming With Jen
  16. LDShadowLady
  17. Aphmau
  18. Summit1g
  19. Tim The Tat Man
  20. Dakotaz
  21. Riot Games
  22. Pokimane
  23. DrDisrespect
  24. DrLupo
  25. Little Kelly Minecraft
  26. Nightblue3
  27. ImaQTpie
  28. LIRIK
  29. StacyPlays
  30. KittyPlays

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The 10 Top Travel Instagram Influencers Whose Journeys You Should Follow In 2019

top travel instagram influencers

Top Travel Instagrammers Embark On Wild Adventures

Many have made it their new year’s resolution to travel more in 2019. With 195 countries to explore across the globe, it can be difficult knowing where to start. But with the help of Instagram and its well-traveled influencers, people can find inspiration and seek knowledge about popular travel destinations. As a rising photo-sharing platform, Instagram offers one of the best avenues for top travel influencers to post striking shots of their trips abroad and document stories of their wandering adventures.

On top of documenting the places they’ve visited by dropping pins and sharing wondrous images, but top travel Instagram influencers also explore different cultures, lifestyles, food and more. From being self-taught photographers to leaving their 9-to-5 job, these Instagram influencers have created a travel community and even started social movements.

With a fresh start to a new year, we’ve identified travelers who are embarking on unique and authentic journeys—ones definitely worth following this year. Join these top 10 travel Instagram influencers to inspire your wanderlust in 2019 and beyond.

Top 10 Travel Instagrammers To Follow

1. Murad Osmann – 4.2M Followers

top travel instagram influencers

Murad Osmann travels the world with his wife, Nataly, and has a powerful reputation in the travel influencer industry. His content can be easily identified—a woman pulling his hand towards the destination. In 2011, his fame sprouted when one of his photos blew up on social media. Not only is Osmann known for his stunning images around the world, but most notably for initiating a movement called #followmeto.

2. Chris Burkard – 3.3M Followers

top travel instagram influencers

Chris Burkard is a phenomenal travel influencer on Instagram, one who taught himself photography and travel skills. Born and raised in California, he was a freelance photographer for many brands, such as Volcom, Apple Inc., and American Airlines. Burkard continued to thrive in his career, including shooting the album art for Justin Bieber, publishing eight books, winning 15 awards, and partaking in four exhibits. He currently works as a senior staff photographer at Surfer Magazine while traveling the world. His content has been described as “unreal, mind-blowingly beautiful, and mesmerizing.”

3. Jack Morris – 2.8M Followers

top travel instagram influencers

From traveling to Finland to Indonesia to Portugal, Jack Morris has explored the corners of the earth. He specializes in shooting remarkable images that capture various cultures and natural wonders. He also features his girlfriend, Lauren Bullen (@gypsea_lust), another travel influencer with 2 million followers on Instagram. Together, the power couple has traveled over 20 countries together and has struck partnerships with Airbnb, Uber, Royal Caribbean, Air NZ, and more.

4. Jennifer Tuffen – 2.7M Followers

top travel instagram influencers

Born in England and raised in a small town outside of Amsterdam, Jennifer Tuffen is a British creator and writer who started her travel blog six years ago. During her childhood, she attended international schools and befriended many peers of different cultures and religions. Her international upbringing can be seen through her vibrant work and high-spirited personality. Tuffen even created a photo-editing app, izkiz Cam, to help her fans create their own amazing travel images.

5. Jessica Stein – 2.5M Followers

top travel instagram influencers

Jessica Stein is an Australian travel blogger and a proud mommy as of April 2017. Her content is simply raw and authentic, featuring vintage and designer clothes while she trots around the globe. named her one of the most influential style bloggers in 2013. Stein’s adventures tug at our heartstrings as her work centers around her daughter who is diagnosed with Mosaic Trisomy 3—an extremely rare chromosome disorder. She uses Instagram as a platform to inspire mothers and bring awareness to chromosome disorders, creating a community of fellow mothers and explorers.

6. The Bucket List Family – 1.6M Followers

top travel instagram influencers

This loving family of five sold and traded everything to travel the world. Jessica and Garrett Gee met in Vladivostok, Russia during a mission for church. Once they started dating, Garrett sold his software to Snapchat for $54 million—the launch of their escapade. Along with their three children, they traveled for three years and visited 65 countries. The Gee family has since settled down in Hawaii, but continues to chase dreams abroad.

7. Louis Cole – 1.4M Followers

top travel instagram influencers

Unlike the other travel influencers featured on our list, Louis Cole—who goes by the alias FunforLouis—thrives on risk-taking. This adrenaline junkie will go anywhere in search of activities most of us would be too frightened to watch. Originally from England, Cole made his big break when he posted videos of him eating unorthodox foods, such as scorpions and goldfish. Then, he started vlogging travel content and was recognized by Forbes as one of the top 10 world travel influencers in 2017. Cole continues to build his fan base through positivity and an unmatched willingness to try new things.

8. Tara Whiteman – 1.2M Followers

top travel instagram influencers

Tara Whiteman, also known as Tara Milk Tea, is well-known for her beautiful and vibrant content. From Sydney, Australia, she started traveling at a young age. She states that her “images [are] portrayed through a kaleidoscope of color” as she sets out to discover the brightest and most alluring places all over the world. She attributes her creative flair to her degree and career in the digital space, working full-time on projects with clients while managing her blog and Instagram.

9. Keira Rumble – 478K Followers

top travel instagram influencers

While sharing gorgeous shots of her worldly travels, Kiera promotes a healthy lifestyle as a foodie and nutritionist. She previously struggled with her weight and a close call with diabetes, spurring Rumble to make lifestyle changes. So, she created healthy food alternatives and began sharing her recipes online. Her wholesome and natural snacks (@krumbledfoods) are available on her online shop, and she continues to leverage Instagram to promote a healthy life full of travel.

10. Melissa Hie – 396K Followers

top travel instagram influencers

After receiving her degree in San Diego, California, Melissa Hie spontaneously moved to Singapore without knowing a single person. This leap introduced a new love for travel back in 2014. Her content highlights the exquisite places she encounters while weaving in her passion for food. Melissa claims that she pursues food with a curious and tasty nature first, then shares the location: “Usually it’s just local food with an iconic location, since I like to tell a story about the place I visited through food or the location itself.”