20 Instagram Twins That Will Make You Do A Double-Take

instagram twins

Influencer Twins: 20 Top Instagram Twins Reach More Than 23.5M Followers

What is it about twins that we find so intriguing? From the iconic Mary-Kate and Ashley to Disney channel’s Dylan and Cole Sprouse, Hollywood has made one thing clear: twins are in. The popularity of twins in entertainment has also transferred over to social media, with the 20 most popular Instagram twins collectively reaching an astounding 23,572,000 followers.

As with most social media influencers, Instagram twins’ success is tied to the ability to post content that’s both appealing, relatable, and unique. Considering identical twins makeup only 1 of every 250 births, twins have a built-in boost in the uniqueness department. Factor in striking style, stunning features, a great sense of humor, or stellar gymnastics skills by two, and twin influencers have a winning Instagram combo. People are naturally curious about what it’s like as an identical twin, and Instagram twins capitalize on that.

Across YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, people are drawn to the double dose of twins, especially when those twins are particularly talented or attractive. There are plenty of influencers sharing makeup tutorials or travel photos, but multiplying that image by two allows Instagram twins to take a seat above the rest. On Instagram, influencer twins have even created their own niche that’s garnered an impressive following.

Come meet the most popular Instagram twins of 2019—starting with the top 15 adult and teens followed by 5 child stars—and see why these dynamic duos are one of a kind. Continue reading “20 Instagram Twins That Will Make You Do A Double-Take”

30 Top Instagram Influencers Who Rise Above The Rest In 2019

top instagram influencers

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Top Instagram Influencers Reach More Than 141M Followers

Instagram’s user base continues to climb, reaching 1 billion users in 2018. Instagram sponsored posts are steadily rising, with 6.1 million total sponsored posts expected by 2020. And, the Instagram influencer market has swelled, approaching $2.3 billion by 2020.

No doubt, Instagram presents marketers one of the ripest channels for influencer marketing. With 2019 in full swing, many top brands are months into running Instagram influencer marketing campaigns—89% of marketers list Instagram as the most important influencer marketing channel. But who are they working with?

There may be hundreds of thousands, if not, millions of top Instagram influencers across practically any category imaginable. While factoring in the niche appropriate for your brand’s campaign is important, it’s worth knowing the top Instagram influencers across the board. These Instagram stars take the meaning of sensational to new heights, partnering with major brands to work on creative and impactful influencer marketing initiatives.

Give these 30 top Instagram influencers a follow, and see if any of them are in your league. Continue reading “30 Top Instagram Influencers Who Rise Above The Rest In 2019”

30 Top Gaming Influencers To Follow In 2019

top gaming influencers

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30 Top Gamers Have More Than 340M Subscribers Across Major Gaming Platforms

By 2021, the global gaming market is expected to exceed $180 billion in revenue—a 30.6% increase from $137.9 billion in 2018. In the last few years, gaming has grown more significant on existing platforms like YouTube and Facebook, but it has also spurred the creation of dedicated livestream gaming platforms, like Twitch and Caffeine.tv.

Even staying up-to-date on gaming terms has proven crucial to understanding the industry’s growing value. As a result, the gaming community has evolved to include a wide variety of gaming influencers in different gaming niches.

From the top female YouTube gamers and the overall top gaming YouTubers, to the top female Twitch streamers and most followed Twitch influencers, online gamers have established an impressive cross-platform presence. As these gaming platforms duke it out, most gamers are maximizing their presence across multiple gaming platforms.

As the gaming industry landscape diversifies more, brands interested in partnering with the leading gaming influencers need to keep up with the changing tides. To help, we’ve collected a list of the 30 top gaming influencers in 2019 (nine of which are females) who reach more than 340 million subscribers on their top gaming channels:

  1. PewDiePie
  2. VanossGaming
  3. Markiplier
  4. Ninja
  5. Jacksepticeye
  6. DanTDM
  7. KSI
  8. SSSniperWolf
  9. W2S
  10. Syndicate
  11. TFue
  12. IHasCupquake
  13. Shroud
  14. tsm_myth
  15. Gaming With Jen
  16. LDShadowLady
  17. Aphmau
  18. Summit1g
  19. Tim The Tat Man
  20. Dakotaz
  21. Riot Games
  22. Pokimane
  23. DrDisrespect
  24. DrLupo
  25. Little Kelly Minecraft
  26. Nightblue3
  27. ImaQTpie
  28. LIRIK
  29. StacyPlays
  30. KittyPlays

Continue reading “30 Top Gaming Influencers To Follow In 2019”

Top 50 TikTok Creators To Start Following Now

tik tok creators

Top TikTok Creators Are Igniting The New “It” App

TikTok (previously branded as Musical.ly) is breaking growth records as the leading channel of binge-worthy, short-form video content and shows no signs of slowing down. In September of 2018, TikTok was the most downloaded social media app in the United States, quickly generating user growth comparable to top social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

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TikTok currently has over 500 million users and is the separate international entity of China’s app Douyin, owned by ByteDance. TikTok has officially filled the holes in Viners’ hearts, but time will tell if it will incur the same fate as the extinct platform. Similar to Vine, TikTok’s unique medium supports a niche environment of TikTok creators who have skyrocketed to fame through their innovative and entertaining content.

50 Most Popular TikTok Creators Reach Nearly Half A Billion Followers

tiktok creators

As the distinctive app rises in popularity and inches closer to Instagram, brands are eyeing TikTok creators as an opportunity to amplify their influencer marketing campaigns and cross-promote through the vast networks influencers have built. TikTok is already causing a paradigm shift within its app—users ingest paid content that’s relevant and important to both the platform’s audience and brands sponsoring the content.

We’ve compiled the 50 most-followed TikTok creators on the emerging platform. In total, the high-profile group of TikTok influencers has already garnered more than 442.8 million followers (over 100 million more than the U.S. population, and roughly 7.2% of the world’s total population, not including China).

1. @lisaandlena – 32.4M fans

tik tok creators

Identical twins from Germany, Lisa and Lena Mantler have become social media stars at only 16 years old. While popular for their TikTok videos, they recently deleted their account but have over 14 million Instagram followers. In addition to being TikTok influencers, the twins formerly modeled and have their own clothing line.

2. @lorengray – 30.1M fans

Loren Gray is an online celebrity, musician, dancer, and actress, with millions of followers on several social media platforms. In November 2018, she released a new song called ‘Kick You Out’ on YouTube that received over 1.6 million views in four days.

3. @babyariel – 29.3M fans

Ariel Rebecca Martin, known online as “Baby Ariel”, is an 18-year-old social media personality, actress, and vocalist best known for her TikTok videos. Time magazine named her one of the most influential people on the internet, and Forbes tabbed her a top entertainment influencer in 2017. Baby Ariel is one of the most buzzed about TikTok creators on the platform.

4. @kristenhancher – 21.5M fans

Boasting 5 million Instagram followers, Kristen Hancher has generated social media fame through her makeup tutorials, comedy videos, and lip sync videos, including one alongside Nicki Minaj. She also appeared in a few Brat web series.

5. @jacobsartorius – 19.9M fans

Born in Oklahoma, 16 year old Rolf Jacob Sartorius is a singer and online personality, who turned to social media as an escape from bullying. Beginning in 2015, he rose to TikTok fame and released his single “Sweatshirt” that made an appearance on the Hot 100 charts.

6. @flighthouse – 18M fans

Lead by 19-year-old Jacob Pace and acquired by Create Music Group, Flighthouse shares trending songs and remixes and features emerging TikTok stars. Flighthouse aims to become a modern “MTV.”

7. @camerondallas – 17.8M fans

Best known for his Vine and YouTube videos, Cameron Alexander Dallas has also reached fame as a TikTok influencer. His social media popularity has earned him film roles along with his own reality show on Netflix.

8. @jojosiwa – 17.4M fans

15 year old dancer, singer, and actress Jojo Siwa first entered the scene on the infamous reality show “Dance Moms.” She posts daily vlogs on YouTube and is known best for her singles “Boomerang” and “Kid in a Candy Store.”

9. @gilmhercroes – 17.3M fans

Gilmher Croes is an Aruban social media star known for his short, sweet, and funny lip sync videos. He shares a popular YouTube channel with his brother called “CroesBros”. He also models and acts, and was dubbed Aruba’s Social Media Star of 2015.

10. @jaydencroes – 15.1M fans

Slightly less popular than his brother Gilmher, Jayden Croes has still generated quite the following with his comedic TikTok videos. He plays multiple comedic characters across TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.

11. @dobretwins – 14.6M fans

Lucas and Marcus Dobre-Mofid, known as The Dobre Twins, rose to fame on Vine and later branched out to YouTube and TikTok. The dancers produce skits, pranks, and vlogs, plus their popular lip sync videos.

12. @zachking – 14M fans

Zachary King is yet another TikTok star who got his start on Vine. He is most famous for his digital magic tricks and won YouTube’s NextUp Creators contest in 2013. He has over 3 million followers on YouTube, and many more on TikTok, all focused on what he calls “digital sleight of hand.”

13. @lizzza – 13.9M fans

Influencer Liza Koshy got her start on Vine posting short, comedic videos. She moved to YouTube when the platform closed, even interviewing former President Barack Obama. She is still most famous on YouTube, with her two channels garnering over 20 million subscribers.

14. @savvsoutas -13.8M fans

Savannah Soutas (now LaBrant) and her young daughter Everleigh reached TikTok and Instagram fame, more recently branching out to YouTube after her marriage to a fellow Musical.ly star. In addition to her nearly 14 million TikTok fans, she has 3.8 million followers on Instagram.

15. @annieleblanc – 13.7M fans

Julianna Grace “Annie” LeBlanc, age 14, has been featured in YouTube videos since she was only 4. The singer, actress, and former gymnast stars in “Chicken Girls” on YouTube and the Bratayley vlog since 2010.

16. @mackenzieziegler – 12.3M fans

Mackenzie Frances Ziegler, age 14, originally appeared on Dance Moms. In addition to dancing, she sings, acts, and models. She has released two albums and toured with singer Johnny Orlando, plus made appearances on several TV shows including Dancing with the Stars. Her TikTok account often showcases her eye-catching dance moves.

17. @laurengodwin – 12.2M fans

Lauren Godwin, of Houston, Texas, is an influencer most well-known for her goofy TikTok videos. She also has a popular YouTube channel under the same name. In 2016, she was nominated for Muser of the Year at the Shorty Awards.

18. @rebeccazamolo – 10.8M fans

An entrepreneur and digital content creator, Rebecca Zamolo has over 17 million followers on YouTube, where she shares a vlog with her husband. Most of her TikTok videos are centered around comedy. She also uses her humor and creativity to address serious topics, as seen in her documentary, “Inside/Out: My Battle with IBD.”

19. @caseysimpson – 7.7M fans

Casey Simpson is an actor and internet star best known for his starring role on the Nickelodeon series “Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn.” He earned a nomination for a Kids Choice Award in 2016 and 2017. His silly lip sync videos on TikTok are particularly appealing to a young audience.

20. @missjaydenb – 7.4M fans

Jayden Bartels is an actress, dancer, and model with appearances on numerous TV shows. She toured with Mackenzie Ziegler and Johnny Orlando, and released her first song “Can’t Help Me Now” in July of last year. Her TikTok videos often feature her dancing talent.

21. @ameliagething – 6.7M fans

Amelia Gething is a model and social media influencer known best for her comedy sketches on YouTube. She first arrived on the social media scene in 2015 and has since reached fame on several platforms. In 2017, she also collaborated on a duet with TikTok twins, Lisa and Lena.

22. @cash.baker – 6.7M fans

Cash Baker is a young online star known for his fandubs and lip sync videos. He released a song called “The Way You Move” with his brother Maverick in 2018. His videos often include his siblings and are set outdoors. He also doubles as a motocross athlete.

23. @jakepaul – 6.5M fans

Jake Paul’s fame has taken him all over the map. As a widely popular (and sometimes controversial) creator, his off-the-wall humor earned him a starring role in a Disney comedy series and an invitation to the White House. His song “It’s Everyday Bro” made it to the Billboard Hot 100 chart. His TikTok videos, like most of his work, are comedic and light.

24. @tylerbrown – 6.4M fans

After an appearance on the Ellen Degeneres Show, Tyler Brown quickly rose to social media stardom. He gained the most traction online in the middle of 2015, and his Instagram features photos of his day to day life, reeling in 1.7 million followers.

25. @maverickbaker – 6.4M fans

Maverick Baker sings alongside his brother, Cash, in their musical duo Cash and Maverick. His TikTok videos frequently show him and his brother lip-syncing in outdoor and urban settings. Their “I Love This Life” video was particularly popular.

26. @twinmelody – 6.3M fans

Identical twins Aitana and Paula are best known for their “Juju on Dat Beat” dance video, which has exceeded 30 million views on YouTube. On both YouTube and TikTok, the twins share synchronized choreography videos, covering popular songs.

27. @carsonlueders – 6.1M fans

Carson Lueders is a singer-songwriter and actor. He has used his YouTube and TikTok accounts to promote his music, accumulating over a million YouTube subscribers through his popular cover songs and original music.

28. @maxandharveyofficial – 5.9M fans

Identical twins Harvey Kitt Mills and Max Luca Mills began singing at the age of 8. They joined Musical.ly in 2016, lip-syncing to music by several popular artists before moving on to create their own material. They have since released several singles and star in a TV show called “Fear of Missing Out.”

29. @officalsalicerose – 5.9M fans

Salice Rose is a social media personality best known for her online coming out story on YouTube. Her video content is often based on her experiences and travels, but she has also developed a sizable TikTok following through her dancing hobby and skilled comedic timing.

30. @dominictoliver – 5.9M fans

Hailing from Houston, Texas, Dominic Toliver has been creating short-form online comedy for years. Starting out on Vine, he later gained traction on TikTok and YouTube. His style combines original lyrics, popular music, and humor.

31. @real.ona – 5.6M fans

Hailey Orona first came on the scene in 2015, originally gaining interest on Instagram. In addition to selfies, she posts dancing vignettes and lip sync videos on TikTok. In 2018, she also joined several other social media stars on the Boys of Summer Tour.

32. @jasoncoffee – 5.6M fans

One of the original Vine stars, Jason Coffee’s videos primarily focus on his family life. Today, his videos and posts are reaching new heights on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok.

33. @jelinuh – 5.3M fans

A self-taught dancer and social star, Jelinuh first joined Musical.ly in July 2015. She has over 100,000 followers on Instagram, posting photos of her daily life and adventures. On TikTok, she frequently posts dance videos and comedy shorts.

34. @rybkatwinsofficial – 5.2M fans

Teagan and Sam Rybka are twin acrobats and dancers who once competed on “Australia’s Got Talent.” More recently, they’ve become online sensations with their gymnastics and contortionist act on YouTube and TikTok.

35. @zoelaverne – 5.3M fans

Zoe Laverne, a popular TikTok influencer, posts lip sync videos common on the platform. To build more connection with her fans, she also answers fan questions in her videos. She earned the TikTok verification crown in early 2017.

36. @weeklychris – 4.8M fans

Christian Collins is an online celebrity and entertainer, with previous experience as an actor and musician. He first attracted a crowd on Vine, later expanding to YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and even Snapchat.

37. @sig – 4.7M fans

15-year-old Signa O’Keefe is a powerful influencer on a few platforms. She has over 700,000 Instagram followers and started out on TikTok when it was still called Musical.ly.

38. @olivermoy – 4.3M fans

Oliver Moy is known for lip-syncing to pop music, sometimes collaborating with other TikTok stars. He’s also risen to fame on YouTube and Instagram where he highlights his affinity for KPop and other entertainment content.

39. @amaraquelinda – 4.3M fans

Colombian vlogger Amara Que Linda has over 6 million subscribers on YouTube, completing online challenges and sharing her personal life. Her TikTok account revolves around humorous lip syncing to popular Latin American music.

40. @ourfire – 4.1M fans

A brand created by couple Sharla Mae and Chris Kerr, Our Fire has grown in popularity on both TikTok and YouTube after the duo met on Tinder. They’ve since earned badges on TikTok in several categories.

41. @amandacerny – 4.1M fans

Pittsburgh native Amanda Cerny began generating digital star-power on Instagram, Vine, and YouTube, after a background working with traditional media outlets including Comedy Central and NBC.

42. @lani.baker – 4.1M fans

American model and blogger Lani Baker got her start on NBC’s Deal or No Deal. Her Instagram account, @heyitslanilynn, has over 350,000 followers. She’s the older sister of TikTok stars Maverick and Cash Baker and is arguably just as funny as they are.

43. @brooklynandbailey – 4M fans

Identical twins Brooklyn and Bailey arrived on YouTube as models for their mom’s hairstyle tutorials. They’ve since become social media stars in their own right, making it onto Forbes List of Top Kid Influencers in 2017.

44. @sebastianbails – 3.9M fans

Sebastian Bails is a vlogger and content creator on YouTube and TikTok. He’s most well-known for his comedy videos, frequently portraying multiple characters in costume.

45. @antonielokhorst – 3.5M fans

A fitness expert and online coach from the Netherlands, Antonie Lokhorst has explored a unique side of TikTok. In place of lip sync videos, he publishes workout videos and showcases his exercise routines.

46. @chloeroseofcl – 3.2M fans

Chloe Rose, a singer and internet sensation, has earned a modest following on YouTube featuring her song covers. She frequently collaborates with other social stars, including IndigoJael and Lisa and Lena Mantler.

47. @ignaciaa_antonia – 3.6M fans

Ignacia Hernandez is a social media star from Chile. She has over 1 million Instagram followers and has captivated viewers with her lip sync videos on TikTok.

48. @jesseunderhill – 3M fans

Jesse Hernandez Underhill started his social media career in 2013, at one point ranking 15th on the Musical.ly leaderboard. His YouTube channel features challenges and pranks, as well as collaborations with other creators like Oliver Moy.

49. @joshrichardzz – 2.9M fans

Josh Richards is an actor, model, and TikTok star best known for his role in feature film “Brother’s Keeper.” His TikTok videos feature comedic and trend content.

50. @aarondoh – 2.8M fans

Like many TikTok influencers, Aaron Doh draws an audience through humor and off-the-wall antics. He started as a creator on Vine, but has reached even greater fame on TikTok.

The 10 Top Travel Instagram Influencers Whose Journeys You Should Follow In 2019

top travel instagram influencers

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Top Travel Instagrammers Embark On Wild Adventures

Many have made it their new year’s resolution to travel more in 2019. With 195 countries to explore across the globe, it can be difficult knowing where to start. But with the help of Instagram and its well-traveled influencers, people can find inspiration and seek knowledge about popular travel destinations. As a rising photo-sharing platform, Instagram offers one of the best avenues for top travel influencers to post striking shots of their trips abroad and document stories of their wandering adventures.

On top of documenting the places they’ve visited by dropping pins and sharing wondrous images, but top travel Instagram influencers also explore different cultures, lifestyles, food and more. From being self-taught photographers to leaving their 9-to-5 job, these Instagram influencers have created a travel community and even started social movements. With a fresh start to a new year, we’ve identified travelers who are embarking on unique and authentic journeys—ones definitely worth following this year. Join these top 10 travel Instagram influencers to inspire your wanderlust in 2019 and beyond.

Top 10 Travel Instagrammers To Follow

1. Murad Osmann – 4.2M Followers

top travel instagram influencers

Murad Osmann travels the world with his wife, Nataly, and has a powerful reputation in the travel influencer industry. His content can be easily identified—a woman pulling his hand towards the destination. In 2011, his fame sprouted when one of his photos blew up on social media. Not only is Osmann known for his stunning images around the world, but most notably for initiating a movement called #followmeto.

2. Chris Burkard – 3.3M Followers

top travel instagram influencers

Chris Burkard is a phenomenal travel influencer on Instagram, one who taught himself photography and travel skills. Born and raised in California, he was a freelance photographer for many brands, such as Volcom, Apple Inc., and American Airlines. Burkard continued to thrive in his career, including shooting the album art for Justin Bieber, publishing eight books, winning 15 awards, and partaking in four exhibits. He currently works as a senior staff photographer at Surfer Magazine while traveling the world. His content has been described as “unreal, mind-blowingly beautiful, and mesmerizing.”

3. Jack Morris – 2.8M Followers

top travel instagram influencers

From traveling to Finland to Indonesia to Portugal, Jack Morris has explored the corners of the earth. He specializes in shooting remarkable images that capture various cultures and natural wonders. He also features his girlfriend, Lauren Bullen (@gypsea_lust), another travel influencer with 2 million followers on Instagram. Together, the power couple has traveled over 20 countries together and has struck partnerships with Airbnb, Uber, Royal Caribbean, Air NZ, and more.

4. Jennifer Tuffen – 2.7M Followers

top travel instagram influencers

Born in England and raised in a small town outside of Amsterdam, Jennifer Tuffen is a British creator and writer who started her travel blog six years ago. During her childhood, she attended international schools and befriended many peers of different cultures and religions. Her international upbringing can be seen through her vibrant work and high-spirited personality. Tuffen even created a photo-editing app, izkiz Cam, to help her fans create their own amazing travel images.

5. Jessica Stein – 2.5M Followers

top travel instagram influencers

Jessica Stein is an Australian travel blogger and a proud mommy as of April 2017. Her content is simply raw and authentic, featuring vintage and designer clothes while she trots around the globe. Fashionista.com named her one of the most influential style bloggers in 2013. Stein’s adventures tug at our heartstrings as her work centers around her daughter who is diagnosed with Mosaic Trisomy 3—an extremely rare chromosome disorder. She uses Instagram as a platform to inspire mothers and bring awareness to chromosome disorders, creating a community of fellow mothers and explorers.

6. The Bucket List Family – 1.6M Followers

top travel instagram influencers

This loving family of five sold and traded everything to travel the world. Jessica and Garrett Gee met in Vladivostok, Russia during a mission for church. Once they started dating, Garrett sold his software to Snapchat for $54 million—the launch of their escapade. Along with their three children, they traveled for three years and visited 65 countries. The Gee family has since settled down in Hawaii, but continues to chase dreams abroad.

7. Louis Cole – 1.4M Followers

top travel instagram influencers

Unlike the other travel influencers featured on our list, Louis Cole—who goes by the alias FunforLouis—thrives on risk-taking. This adrenaline junkie will go anywhere in search of activities most of us would be too frightened to watch. Originally from England, Cole made his big break when he posted videos of him eating unorthodox foods, such as scorpions and goldfish. Then, he started vlogging travel content and was recognized by Forbes as one of the top 10 world travel influencers in 2017. Cole continues to build his fan base through positivity and an unmatched willingness to try new things.

8. Tara Whiteman – 1.2M Followers

top travel instagram influencers

Tara Whiteman, also known as Tara Milk Tea, is well-known for her beautiful and vibrant content. From Sydney, Australia, she started traveling at a young age. She states that her “images [are] portrayed through a kaleidoscope of color” as she sets out to discover the brightest and most alluring places all over the world. She attributes her creative flair to her degree and career in the digital space, working full-time on projects with clients while managing her blog and Instagram.

9. Keira Rumble – 478K Followers

top travel instagram influencers

While sharing gorgeous shots of her worldly travels, Kiera promotes a healthy lifestyle as a foodie and nutritionist. She previously struggled with her weight and a close call with diabetes, spurring Rumble to make lifestyle changes. So, she created healthy food alternatives and began sharing her recipes online. Her wholesome and natural snacks (@krumbledfoods) are available on her online shop, and she continues to leverage Instagram to promote a healthy life full of travel.

10. Melissa Hie – 396K Followers

top travel instagram influencers

After receiving her degree in San Diego, California, Melissa Hie spontaneously moved to Singapore without knowing a single person. This leap introduced a new love for travel back in 2014. Her content highlights the exquisite places she encounters while weaving in her passion for food. Melissa claims that she pursues food with a curious and tasty nature first, then shares the location: “Usually it’s just local food with an iconic location, since I like to tell a story about the place I visited through food or the location itself.”

Top 11 YouTube Trends in 2019 For Marketers


YouTube Trends 2019 – Top Trends In Viewership, Creator Content, & Influencer Marketing

UPDATE September 3, 2019 — YouTube, the ultimate destination for online video, is dominated by YouTube Creators who produce hours of video content for their communities of followers. This creator-centric culture has lent itself to a staggering variety of online video content on YouTube.

YouTube released 2018’s #YouTubeRewind, an annual celebration of YouTuber culture which remixes the “videos, people, music, and moments that defined 2018.” Based on data from 2018 trends and a little forecasting, we explore the top YouTube trends for 2019.

  1. Shopping Videos
  2. Morning & Nighttime Routines
  3. Primitive Technology
  4. Mainstream Celebrity Channels
  5. Gaming Continues to Grow
  6. Arms Race for Monetization
  7. Worst Reviewed Videos
  8. Docuseries
  9. ASMR Variety
  10. Mukbang
  11. Letting the Person in Front of Me Decide Challenge

1. Immersive Shopping

Shopping Videos

YouTube continues to be a destination for shoppers. The video medium is ideal for shopping because it allows viewers to see multiple angles of a product and real-life interaction. Common shopping video types include:

  • Hauls: A Creator shares each item they bought during a shopping trip, usually explaining how they chose the product, price point, and how to purchase.
  • Gift Guides: A range of recommended gifts, oftentimes themed around a specific recipient (e.g. tween girls) or holiday (e.g. Christmas).
  • Shop With Me: A YouTuber documents a shopping trip in the form of a guided tour at a mall as they visit various stores, pick out items, and make purchases.

Why it matters for marketers?

Users Go to YouTube to Shop


Viewers seek out YouTube as a destination for product research and shopping inspiration, and the data supports this:

  • Watch time has doubled year-over-year for videos on “which product to buy”
  • 70% of shoppers are open to learning about products on YouTube from brands

This unambiguously suggests that brands are well positioned to connect with engaged shoppers via YouTube.

Passive to Active

YouTube trends 2019_viewer_behavior_2018_3

Watching YouTube shopping videos has proven to be a surprisingly active experience, with many viewers using multiple screens to research products as they learn about them on YouTube. This active pursuit to shop translates into conversions for brands.

Back to Basics Videos

2. Morning & Nighttime Routines

What is a morning or nighttime routine?

A YouTube Creator invites viewers to join them for their morning or nighttime routines. YouTubers film themselves getting ready for the day or ready for bed, including all of their daily rituals.

Though these routine videos tend to center around makeup and skincare regimens, they often include other daily habits. A morning routine might include going to the gym, drinking coffee, or styling hair; a nighttime routine might include taking vitamin supplements, applying essential oils, or chatting with family on FaceTime.

Google cites the growth of this trend over the past year:

  • Morning routine videos – 3x increase in watch time
  • Nighttime routine videos – 80% increase in watch time

Why it matters for marketers?

Product Suggestions: Routine videos offer tons of opportunity to speak about products that YouTubers love enough to use every day. These videos are a product placement goldmine for beauty brands and other consumer product brands.

Intimacy: Waking up or going to sleep is intrinsically very personal, thus viewers feel a connectedness as they glimpse into a YouTube influencer’s daily practices. Advertisers can capitalize on the private nature of routines to evoke a visceral connection to their brand.

Habits: Routine videos invite subscribers to partake in a YouTube star’s daily habits, thus influencing viewers to adopt these same practices (and products) into their own daily routines. A successful sponsored placement in a routine video could add a new staple product to the consumer’s lineup.

3. Primitive Technology

What is a primitive technology video?

Primitive technology refers to the process of building something using only naturally available materials. Primitive technology videos demonstrate how to build something in the wild, with no influence from modern technology. Videos in this genre instruct viewers on survival skills within the natural world with the aid of man-made artifacts.

Items constructed from scratch in the videos include:

  • Crafting a pickaxe
  • Cultivating yams
  • Building a hut
  • Weaving a basket

As BBC puts it, “Primitive technology is more than just survival skills. It’s like hitting the reset button and seeing how advanced you could become if left to fend for yourself.” The Creator of the original Primitive Technology YouTube channel and blog coined the term, which has since spawned other content Creators to expand the genre. The survivalist movement has an active online community and subreddit. Between July 2017 and July 2018, monthly views on primitive technology, survival, and bushcraft videos have increased 248%.

Why it matters for marketers?

The barebones nature of primitive technology makes it a mismatch for conventional influencer marketing. Most primitive technology videos have no spoken dialogue, as the viewer learns by watching the Creator’s technique while sparse captions offer cues.

Takeaways for marketers are thematic. Google explains the appeal of content that brings us “back to our roots:”

  • Escapism: Primitive technology is a time warp, meaning it evokes the simpler days of yesteryear free from digital advertising and other distractions. Clearly, there’s a widespread appeal in putting down devices and relishing in a laborious, primal task like making fire. For example, travel brands can seize this desire to unplug by marketing tranquil, off-grid destinations.
  • Minimalism: Millennials embrace a minimal lifestyle which deemphasizes the importance of physical possessions, and instead values a connection to experiences and oneself.

4. Celebrity YouTube Channels

Mainstream celebrities are joining YouTube by launching their own channels, offering them a direct, personal way to connect with their fans. In contrast to the ubiquity of celebrities on social media channels like Instagram and Twitter, there are relatively few examples of celebrities releasing unscripted video content on YouTube. YouTube channels managed by record labels and traditional media publications have traditionally released professionally produced content in which celebrities appear.
On the other hand, some YouTube celebrities are getting help from YouTube production teams to create shows that live on YouTube (e.g. Adam Rippon‘s channel and his YouTube show called Break the Ice).

Celebrities are launching their own YouTube channels left and right:

  • Comedian Jack Black debuted a gaming-focused channel called Jablinski Games
  • Actor Will Smith kicked off his channel with a daring Grand Canyon bungee jumping stunt
  • Pop singer Ariana Grande released a video diary series using a vlog “day in the life” format
  • Singer Rihanna does makeup tutorials using products from her cosmetic line Fenty on her beauty channel

Other celebrity-gone-YouTubers include actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, chef Gordon Ramsay, actor/musician Russell Brand, fashion designer Victoria Beckham, and supermodel Karlie Kloss.

Why it matters for marketers?

The jump in celebrity YouTube channels continues to blur the line between social media influencer and celebrity. Prior to social media, celebrity spokesmodels were the blueprint for influencer marketing today. Celebrities as YouTubers brings this concept full-circle, suggesting that the two similar but disparate brand ambassadorships will continue evolving. YouTube is a platform for them to showcase their personality and connect with audiences in a new, personal way.

Celebrity channels can be a powerful marketing tool in part because the platform is inherently personality-driven. Celebrities already have a built-in following based on their fame—YouTube provides them with ownership and creative control over their content. =

5. Gaming Continues to Grow

Youtube Trends 2019_Global_Games_Market_Forecast_per_Segment
While Twitch still dominates video game livestreaming, gaming content is wildly popular on YouTube. At over 81 million subscribers, the official YouTube Gaming feed showcases livestream video in addition to a diverse range of video game content. The global gaming market is projected to bring in more than $148 billion in revenue in 2019 and continue to grow through 2021.

Female Gamers

Youtube trends 2019_ computer-and-video-gamers

Research shows that the female gaming presence continues to expand and we expect that to play out on YouTube as the genre grows. A recent Google survey found that 30% of audiences that regularly watch YouTube gaming videos are female. This statistic demonstrates that the gaming space is becoming slightly more gender neutral, enabling the gaming industry to continue to reach new audiences.

Why it matters for marketers?

It’s clear that video games are becoming more popular each year, which means more gaming enthusiasts will be watching gaming content on YouTube. YouTube’s data shows that gamers are even more inclined to purchase goods like electronics and computers compared to the general online population. Marketers can embrace the gaming audience by developing campaigns that are suited for the online gaming community in terms of messaging, culture, and product offering.

6. YouTuber Monetization Will Continue to Be In Flux

In early 2018, YouTube famously changed their Creator monetization policies in such a way that smaller YouTubers (those with fewer than 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time in the past year) could no longer earn ad revenue from their channel. This change in policy, sometimes called “Adpocalypse”, curtailed the number of Creators who could earn money via their YouTube channels, prompting a backlash from the Creator community.

As a result, other social channels have improved their own creator monetization opportunities as a way to entice creators onto their platform. Twitch has earned “creator friendly” reputation through a diverse range of monetization options for video game streamers. Facebook recently overhauled its features for creators, empowering influencers to earn money by selling subscriptions and badges to their Facebook following.

Why it matters for marketers?

Creator monetization matters for advertisers because each time YouTube adjusts its monetization rules, it changes the goalpost for Creators.

This will change the playing field in the following ways:

  • Creators leaving YouTube for more and better monetization
  • Instagram and Twitch infringing on YouTube
  • Content will become the differentiator

7. Worst Reviewed Videos

What Are Worst Reviewed Videos?

Akin to the culture of participating in Challenges, YouTube creators are visiting Yelp’s (or other online review platforms) “worst” rated businesses. This type of video intends to show YouTubers as customers of “shoddy” businesses with the potential of dramatic scenes unfolding. Often focusing on the product or service’s quality, interactions between customers and business staff, and the business environment, vlogs based on online reviews generate tons of views.

For this reason, YouTube creators have taken to Yelp and other online review sites to find restaurants, tattoo parlors, bars, nail salons, etc. to determine if they truly deserve their low online ratings. In some cases, YouTubers are pleasantly surprised to find that the business with a 1-star rating isn’t actually that bad at all. Still, many find that the “worst” online reviews live up to their underwhelming ratings.

Why it matters for marketers?

Because worst reviewed videos earn thousands and into the millions of views, marketers may view these as an opportunity to gain brand awareness and extend brand reach among consumers. However, due to the nature of these videos potentially bashing other businesses or exposing harmful online reviews, this content may not offer the best influencer sponsorship opportunity for brands. With brand safety at the forefront these days, it would be wise to steer clear of the worst reviewed video fad.

8. Docuseries

What are YouTube Docuseries?

The docuseries video format is a documentary-style video that is released in segments, typically by an independent YouTube creator. Owing to the belief that YouTube favors long-form content, more YouTubers are producing docuseries content to generate more valuable views. Shane Dawson, Ariana Grande, and ACE Family are a few notable YouTube influencers creating these types of video series, but publisher accounts like Vice are also getting in on the action.

Why it matters for marketers?

As creators constantly test new video styles in response to YouTube’s evolving algorithm, YouTube docuseries have emerged as a particularly impactful format for gaining immediate and significant viewership. In addition, the episodic nature translates into more hype around the docuseries in such a way that new viewers are inclined to watch all episodes. This means the opporunity for advertising is ripe for brand advertisers, and those who are keen on partnering with top YouTubers have guaranteed access to engaged viewers.

9. ASMR Variety

What is ASMR?

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and refers to the subtle tingly feeling people experience when they see certain visuals or hear specific sounds. The “triggers” are soothing to audiences, hence, YouTube creators generate various types of ASMR content to address their audiences’ need for relaxing effects. While the category started of as a small niche, it has expanded into a large online community, including ASMRtists that cover a variety of ASMR content. Whether it’s whispering, cosplay, cooking, eating, makeup application, or book readings, ASMR invokes physical reactions that are extremely satisfying to viewers.

Why it matters for marketers?

As ASMR continues to gain popularity, brands related ot mental health, meditation, therapy, and wellness are naturally suited to sponsor ASMR channels. ASMRtists have emerged as big players in the influencer marketing space, so brands interested in tapping into this rising category have the opportunity to partner with creators and sponsor their evocative content.

10. Mukbang

What is Mukbang?

Mukbang is an audiovisual video in which a YouTube creator eats copious amounts of food while addressing the audience. While gorging oneself may not seem pleasant, viewers apparently take joy in watching YouTubers ravenously shovel food into their mouths. The video format also enables viewers who feel alone to “socialize” with the YouTubers. In other words, anyone who feels lonely will subsequently feel accompanied by the mukbang creator.

Why it matters for marketers?

Mukbang, like most other YouTube trending content formats, has the potential to rack up thousands or millions of views. YouTubers like Yuka Kinoshita earn a living by creating mukbang content and working with brand sponsors. Any food-related brands have an automatic advantage when it comes to influener sponsorships.

11. Letting The Person In Front Of Me Decide Challenge

What is a “letting the person in front of me decide” challenge video?

In a relatively recent craze in the YouTube trending world, YouTubers have gotten creative (or is it unoriginal?) by relying on the person to determine what they eat or buy. The suspenseful decision-making of these videos draws in tons of views, just as most YouTube challenges do. Primarily dictating food orders—an insignificant decision—this challenge can also essentially affect anything creators do, like deciding what car to purchase—a comparatively much more consequential decision.

Why it matters for marketers?

Much like it makes sense for food-related brands to sponsor mukbang content, the same brands would be suitable sponsors for “letting the person in front of me decide what I eat” challenges. For challenges that determine other consumer purchases, such as what car to buy, what hairstyle to get, or what clothes to purchase while shopping, brands of all sorts can feasibly sponsor unique challenge videos. The benefit of these types of videos is that they often spur a chain reaction in which several other YouTube creators, both big and small, follow suit and create their own versions. Therefore, brands have the chance to work with various YouTubers.