Tesla vs. The World: Comparing Top Automakers' Market Cap, Auto Rev, & Ad Spend

Tesla Advertising Spend Infographic

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Tesla Against The World: Will Tesla’s Model 3 Launch The Electric Automaker To Even Greater Heights? [Infographic]

Tens of billions of dollars flow through the auto industry every year, and billions are spent on advertising alone. Tesla’s a relative newcomer to the auto industry, but it’s already one of the most sought after car brands — even though it doesn’t spend any money on advertising.

Tesla is not without its skeptics or shortcomings either. Amidst production pitfalls (and perhaps reflected in recent growing concern among investors), Tesla is releasing its Model 3, a “for the masses” electric vehicle with production estimates of 500,000 by 2018.     

To better understand the existing landscape of the auto industry and Tesla’s place within it, we’ve compared Tesla’s market capitalization, net income, and automotive revenue to those of Ford, General Motors, Toyota, BMW, and Volkswagen.

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The Facebook Earnings Guide: From IPO to 2017's Q1 Earnings Report

Facebook Inc FB 2017 Q1 Earnings Infographic

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See Facebook, Inc. (FB) Q1 2017 Earnings, Stock Price Change, User Growth, & More  [Infographic]

With over 1.28 billion daily active users and 1.94 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the most widely used social media platform in the world. As such, Facebook is also the most popular platform among marketers and advertisers and hosts at least 5 million advertisers on Facebook and 1 million more on Instagram. This popularity with advertisers is bolstering Facebook’s financial growth.

Facebook’s 2017 Q1 earnings report reveals that nearly 98% of its $8.032 billion Q1 revenue came from advertising options. Despite reported dips in Q1 revenue, Facebook’s common stock is still standing strong at all-time highs.

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Snapchat Earnings Guide: How Will Snap's Q1 Stack Up Against Facebook's? [Infographic]

Snapchat Earnings Q1 Facebook Twitter Infographic

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See How Snapchat’s Q1 Earnings Compare To Facebook’s & Twitter’s Here [Infographic] 

Snap Inc.’s highly anticipated first earnings release date is coming up on May 10th, and will provide key information to concerned investors, the first since Snap’s IPO on March 2.

In order to help investors analyze what Snap’s impending first earnings report says about its financial future, we compiled the data from Facebook and Twitter’s earning releases in the years following their IPO’s for comparison and to give relevant context to the numbers that could shed light on Snap’s financial future.

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Instagram Influencer Marketing Is A 1.7 Billion Dollar Industry

Instagram Influencer Marketing Infographic Industry Market Size

How Big Is Instagram Influencer Marketing? [INFOGRAPHIC]< /h2>
UPDATE: March 7, 2019 — In the years since we first conducted this analysis, Instagram Influencer Marketing< /a> has exploded. It has grown to over 1 billion users with no signs of slowing down. The channel’s rapid growth is due in part to the massive popularity of Instagram Stories, which overtook Snapchat Stories< /a> in 2017 and now has over 500 million daily users< /a>. Instagram has also successfully developed a thriving influencer community and provided valuable audience insights to spark the interest of brands.

While YouTube remains a powerful influencer channel, sharing photos with the click of a button made Instagram highly accessible to the average individual, and led to the rapid growth of content creators (and even small-scale “micro-influencers” have been able to cash in). Snapchat’s early limitations in discoverability and audience insights stifled their ability to foster a strong influencer community, and today, Snapchat’s own influencers post 2X more content on Instagram Stories than Snapchat.

Today, Instagram ranks as the #1< /a> most strategically important social media channel for influencer marketing. The platform continues to launch new formats such as IGTV, and new features such as the shoppable Instagram functionalities, which have embedded Instagram into the shopping journey. Amidst this rapid growth and innovation, Instagram has also seen its share of challenges, such as combating fake followers< /a>, bots, and other fraudulent activity. In spite of this, all signs point to continued growth of the Instagram influencer market in the coming years.

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