15 Steps On How To Find YouTube Influencers

how to find youtube influencers

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Finding YouTubers For Your Marketing Campaign

Your familiarity with Instagram influencer marketing likely surpasses that of other social media channels comfortably. Instagram, after all, commands a significant space in a swelling influencer marketing industry.

how to find youtube influencers

In 2019, 65% of marketers plan to up their spend on influencer marketing and 89% say Instagram is the most strategically important social media channel for influencer marketing. YouTube, however, follows comes in close second with 70% listing it as a strategically important channel this year.

YouTube’s propensity for churning out successful influencers coupled with its pervasion among key demographics has positioned it at the forefront of influencer marketing. Consequently, finding the right YouTube influencers is increasingly more important for companies on the quest to reach its massive audience. Continue reading “15 Steps On How To Find YouTube Influencers”

The Marketer’s Guide To TikTok

what is tiktok

What Is TikTok?

TikTok is a social media channel with a simple premise—users share short videos of themselves up to 15 seconds in length lip-syncing, dancing, pranking, or other comedic acts. TikTok users can add songs, effects, and filters before publishing it for the world to see.

You might be forgiven for having let social media’s latest craze sit on the periphery of your online radar. After all, short-form social video platforms have been around for several years now. From Vine to Instagram to Snapchat, recording snippets of users’ lives for the world to see has become just as much a part of the social media landscape as reading about your uncle’s political views on Facebook.

what is tiktok

Yet, even by the established standards of social media juggernauts, TikTok is making the kind of waves that would send chills down even the most confident boardroom executives in the industry.

It’s got everyone asking, ‘What is TikTok?’ Continue reading “The Marketer’s Guide To TikTok”

What Is The Best Social Media Channel For Influencer Marketing?

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How To Choose The Right Social Media Channels For Influencer Marketing In 2019

2019 is shaping up to be a big year for influencer marketing—ad spend is ramping up, and 65% of marketers plan to increase their budgets for 2019. As a growing number of companies invest in influencer marketing, marketers tend to ask a familiar set of questions. How do you find the right influencers, publish successful sponsored content, and measure the ROI of your campaigns?

Before answering any of those questions, marketers need to determine which social media channels are best for their influencer marketing strategy. This can be difficult to decide because social media platforms—and the influencers they host—are constantly evolving. Every year, social networks add new features, introduce new content formats, and either grow, lose, or shift their audience. These fluctuations are hard to keep track of, and they inevitably have implications for influencer marketing.

As we kick off 2019, let’s dig into the most important features and considerations when selecting the right social media channels for influencer marketing. Continue reading “What Is The Best Social Media Channel For Influencer Marketing?”

7 Ways Brands Can Manage Brand Safety With Influencer Marketing

brand safety influencer marketing

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How Can Marketers Manage Brand Safety With Influencer Marketing?

  • Brand safety threats are a concern among more than 84% of marketers and more than two-thirds of marketers have dealt with brand safety issues before.
  • Digital and social media platforms are responding to rising demands for improved brand safety tools.
  • Influencer marketing offers brands the advantage of having more control over content placement.
  • Brand safety in influencer marketing can be managed by following our proposed seven steps.

What Is Brand Safety?

brand safety influencer marketing

Brand Safety Definition

In the context of digital marketing, brand safety by definition refers to the effort to safeguard advertising brands by avoiding association with harmful or questionable content online. In other words, brands advertising online aim to ensure their paid ads are not placed within or next to inappropriate content, as doing so could result in damaging the brand’s reputation in the eyes of consumer. While some forms of content can be considered universally objectionable, other brand safety concerns can be specific to an individual business.

Marketers have been met with challenges beyond impressions and conversion rates. Trust and transparency root brands in consumerism, so it makes sense that brands would prioritize protecting their brand. With the global digital ad spending forecasted to increase 17% to more than $327 billion in 2019, brand safety issues will surely remain top-of-mind for many marketers. In fact, a reported 84.4% of marketers consider brand safety to be a concern on some level, with nearly 40% saying it’s always a concern. Continue reading “7 Ways Brands Can Manage Brand Safety With Influencer Marketing”

7 Tips For Designing The Perfect Sponsored Instagram Story

sponsored instagram story

Why Businesses Should Craft A Sponsored Instagram Story Strategy

Continue reading “7 Tips For Designing The Perfect Sponsored Instagram Story”

Top Reasons Brands Invest In Long-Term Influencer Relationships

long-term influencer relationships

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Why Brands Need To Invest In Long-Term Influencer Relationships

The marketing world continues to crank up influencer marketing budgets, and with good reason. An assortment of brands are experiencing benefits of influencer marketing campaigns firsthand. For an industry expected to reach $5-10 billion by 2020, not much stands in the way of influencers steering the ship. That is, so long as the marketers investing in the strategy continue to treat it as a relationship, rather than just a business deal.

long-term influencer relationships

As with any relationship, it’s probably a good idea for all parties involved to have a vested interest in sustaining the partnership. Lopsided relationships cause misalignment when it comes to measuring the return of the investment. Just as influencers invest in building long-term relationships with their audiences, brands need to have the foresight to invest in long-term influencer relationships.
Continue reading “Top Reasons Brands Invest In Long-Term Influencer Relationships”