How 3 Instagram Influencers Took Over Capital One

How Brands Work With Instagram Influencers Capital One

Capital One Gave 3 Instagram Influencers Free Reign Of Their Instagram Account. Here’s What Happened:

“What’s in your wallet?” the familiar slogan is the foundation for Capital One’s Instagram campaign. In an effort to reach Millennials through social media, three Instagram influencers (Kimberly Genevieve, Paul Octavious, and Zachary Rose) were given access to the credit card company’s Instagram account and gave viewers a glimpse into their wallets. Noha Abdalla, Capital One’s senior director of digital brand strategy and social media, told AdWeek that “Instagram is more compelling [to Millennials] than Pinterest or Tumblr- just given the audience sizes and growth.”  

Capital One is not the first card company to elicit far-reaching results and ROI with influencer marketing. At the tail end of 2014, American Express executed a similar campaign to the tune of 10 million Instagram impressions and 40K total engagements. Supporting the efficacy of brand-sponsored influencer marketing, American Express’s influencer-generated content produced 23% more engagement than the rest of the brand’s typical content.

This recent strategy is an effort to attract Millennials, who have outranked baby boomers to become the largest and most diverse demographic in the US this year. For Millennials, Instagram is the second most preferred social platform, outranked only by Facebook, because it is visual and allows users to consume a large variety of content quickly.

The Instagram Influencers Involved 

Los Angeles based photographer Kimberly Genevieve captures a shot of an interior designer’s wallet which, not surprisingly, contains a paint swatch. Genevieve is known for her bright and clean style.

Self-taught photographer, Paul Octavious, creates art that evokes a quality of ‘childlike wonder.’ His image features “Emily” whose mementos help remind her of travel adventures and places she’s been throughout her life.   

Zachary Rose is one half of the photography duo known as Driftwood. In this sentimental image, he shows an illustrator’s wallet photo which serves as inspiration for his current profession.

Capital One Instagram Influencers Results

Capital One’s Instagram push saw both great and unexpected results. For brand lift, Capital One’s overall image perception increased by 3% among Millennials. With ad recall, Capital One’s Instagram campaign improved 16% with Gen X and Baby Boomers, but a significantly larger 25% with people 45 and over. Though Instagram’s user base skewers largely toward younger demographics, Capital One’s recent Instagram influencers campaign demonstrates that in this instance, the popular mobile-sharing app is equally powerful and effective with older demographics. 

How Brands Can Succeed With Instagram Influencers

As a result of Instagram’s powerful reach to 300M monthly active users, brands are leveraging their marketing campaigns with top Instagram influencers on the platform.  In partnering with Instagram influencers, brands are able to target a dedicated audience based on the influencer’s following, with top accounts reaching millions. This allows the brand to target very specific audiences based on the demographic the influencer appeals to. Discovering the right influencer can be a daunting task. To facilitate these partnerships, top influencer marketing agencies work to help find the optimal voice for the campaign with proven engagement, and help brands strategize, ideate, and execute effective marketing campaigns across new and emerging social sharing platforms. 

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