Breaking Down Dr. Pepper's Influencer Marketing Strategy

Lycia Faith For Dr Pepper Influencer Marketing Campaign
Viner Lycia Faith For Dr. Pepper’s Influencer Marketing Campaign

Dr. Pepper’s #OneOfAKindLipSync Influencer Marketing Strategy Pulls From Vine and Snapchat’s Finest

The soft drink giant recently enlisted the help of several top social media stars for their influencer marketing campaign, #OneOfAKindLipSync. Building on the success of Spike TV’s “Lip Sync Battle,” Dr. Pepper sought to boost brand affinity, recognition, and social amplification by orchestrating an influencer marketing campaign that pushed their branded content across Vine, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, and Snapchat.

Dr. Pepper’s influencer marketing strategy offers targeted industry insights on what to prioritize when designing a high-reach influencer marketing campaign.

Choose The Right Social Media Stars

A sound influencer marketing strategy is built on the right power players with the right combination of strengths. Dr. Pepper opted to execute a campaign across multiple (5) social channels. Therefore, the right social media stars would need to offer actively engaged consumer audiences across all of those social channels.

Dr. Pepper first determined which social channels would best serve their marketing campaign goals, then proceeded to find the best-suited social media stars across those specific social channel (for 5 steps on finding the right social media stars, see this post).

By designing their marketing strategy around top social media stars, Dr. Pepper kickstarted their campaign with an already established consumer follower base (the fans and followers regularly engaging with the sponsored influencers). The social media stars Dr. Pepper leveraged for their recent campaign included these prominent Viners with strong adjoining social channels:

Liane V

Viner Liane V For Dr Peppers Influencer Marketing Strategy
A dancer, songwriter, and recording artist, Liane Valenzuela “Liane V” is known for her comedic Vines. She just released her single “Reasons” on iTunes and with over 4M followers on Vine, Liane V was one of Dr. Pepper’s top influencers.

Hannah Stocking

Viner Hannah Stocking for Dr Pepper Influencer Marketing Strategy
Former college volleyball athlete and bonafide social media superstar Hannah Stocking boasts over 1M+ followers just on Instagram and close to the same amount of followers on Vine.

Julia Price

Julia Price Music For Dr Peppers Infuencer Marketing Strategy
Also a former collegiate athlete, Julia “Julia Price Music” has built a sizable social media following across multiple channels including YouTube. Her self-released EP “Stories Between The Avenues” charted top 50 Pop on iTunes.

Don Benjamin

Don Benjamin for Dr Peppers Influencer Marketing Campaign
Multi-talented Don Benjamin is an actor, model, and recording artist. As part of America’s Next Top Model cycle 20, Benjamin has built upon his media exposure to the tune of 1M Instagram followers.

Louis Giordano

Viner Louis Giordano for Dr Peppers Influencer Marketing Campaign
At 1.2M followers, the animated Louis Giordano is one of the world’s top Viners.


Viner QPark for Dr Peppers Influencer Marketing Campaign
Mega Viner QPark (2.6M) is easily one of the most entertaining personalities today on social media.

Lycia Faith

Viner Lycia Faith for Dr Peppers Influencer Campaign
Also over 1M in Vine followers, Lycia Faith is an active YouTuber with over 200K subscribers to her channel featuring videos on both her music and entertaining collaborations.

Jessi Smiles

Viner Jesse Smiles for One of a Kind Lip Sync Battle
One of Vine’s first superstars, Jessi Smiles is known for her incredibly funny 6-sec Vine videos.

Leverage Social Engagement For Sponsored Content

Much like educational learning styles or presentation formats (i.e. pie charts, Venn diagram, pros vs. cons), influencer marketing campaigns stand a much higher rate of success when utilizing familiar social engagement formats. Sweepstakes, giveaways, raffles, and in this case, community voting on Dr. Pepper’s #OneOfAKindLipSync contest featuring top social media stars, all served to significantly boost Dr. Pepper’s brand awareness and foster favorable social interaction.

Choosing the proper social engagement format or system largely depends on overarching campaign goals. An enticing giveaway promoted by strategic social media stars where giveaway entry is a social platform share with the appropriate hashtag can generate the maximum number of social impressions. A voting contest involving your consumer’s favorite influencers provides ongoing traffic and a community of dedicated, fervent participants for a sheer consumer engagement.

Additionally, it’s worth soliciting experienced feedback from both your social media stars and influencer agency on which engagement format they have seen the highest levels of success with in similar industry verticals to your brand.

Use A Prime Location

By nature, most influencer marketing campaigns are entirely digital. However, for campaigns involving a physical destination, choosing a location that’s popular, high-profile (conducive to social media sharing), or an existing location where your target consumer frequents is strategic. Dr. Pepper orchestrated their influencer marketing strategy with Times Square in mind: a destination landmark location bustling with foot traffic.

Incorporate Influencer Creative Content

Before influencer marketing, advertisers invested heavily into videography, creative agencies, studios, and much more to creating a 30-sec TV spot with little to no direct and actionable viewer engagement. Now, advertisers like Dr. Pepper are putting the power of content creation directly into the hands of social media stars and their consumer fans. This strategic design gives influencers and their consumer fans an opportunity to showcase their creativity, ingenuity, and in turn, make it easy for them to interact closely with their social media star.

Dr. Pepper created their version of a step-and-repeat where social media stars and their fans could easily Instagram, Vine, or Snapchat their experience. Their campaign strategy yielded a multitude of both influencer and user-generated content that’s conveniently branded and instantly shareable.

Start Small, Then Scale Using The Right Social Platforms

Like traditional marketing campaigns, influencer marketing campaigns can run the gamut in detail, scope, involvement, and execution. While Dr. Pepper’s final strategy included an integrated, multi-platform marketing push, their campaign started small (a simple Twitter contest) then leveled up. Whether a campaign consists of a one-off YouTube integrated video sponsorship or involves sponsoring year long dedicated posts with social amplification from 20 top bloggers, the best growth may occur from selecting the correct social media platforms, influencers, and engagement format, then replicating the successful campaign as opposed to scaling by launching an all encompassing, multi-platform endeavor.

Have Time On Your Side

Bringing the right social media stars on board (and all on the same creative vision in perfect harmony with your brand) is not an easy or overnight task. Having the right data and metrics is one thing — personal relations, scheduling, and coordinating multiple work flows for seamless, productive execution is an entirely different beast. If the best marketing results are at stake, then “proper planning prevents poor (or sub-par) performance.” Always buffer extra time when bringing influencers on board and setting the right tracking links, software, and systems in place to best measure and maximize your campaign.

Lean On Experience

With influencer marketing campaigns, brands like Dr. Pepper are not only at the forefront trend of powerful advertising on emerging social platforms, but also on the leading edge of direct response marketing and experiential branding with socially-savvy influencers. While it’s okay to pioneer and test influencer marketing strategies, aligning with longstanding industry veterans who can not only navigate the space, but also provide best practice experience and previous campaign case studies, ensures the best rate of success for influencer marketing campaigns.

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