How Brands Are Marketing On Snapchat For Coachella

Brands Marketing On Snapchat Advertising Coachella 2016

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See How Top Brands Are Marketing On Snapchat For Coachella 2016

In 2015, Coachella’s Snapchat Story was viewed by more than 40 million people worldwide, signaling a shift in how modern audiences now communicate, engage with others, and share experiences, information, and recommendations on social media platforms. As the popularity of networks and apps like Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat continues to grow—Snapchat now claims over 100 million users who publish more than 8 billion pieces of content every day—innovative brands are developing Snapchat marketing strategies and partnering with Snapchat influencers to reach millions of young, engaged consumers at big festivals like Coachella.

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Coachella + Snapchat: A Perfect Brand Advertising Opportunity

Coachella’s unbelievable sights, celebrities attendees (both traditional and social media stars), and exclusive pool parties make the annual music and arts festival the ideal place for “Snapchatting” and “Instagramming,” and for two weekends each Spring, audiences from all over the world tune in to experience the festival vicariously through the eyes of social media stars and brands’ owned social media channels. As AEG Live’s Senior Vice President recently told Adweek, “There aren’t many places to reach 100,000 people in a day in a captive environment. We tell brands to come big or don’t come at all.”

Because Coachella is increasingly becoming known as a place where the most beautiful, fashionable, and trendy people go to “see and be seen,” developing a Snapchat marketing strategy at Coachella is also one of the fastest ways for brands to cultivate a reputation as a trendsetter in their respective space, be it fashion or food or technology.

How Brands Market On Snapchat With Social Media Stars

Collaborating with social media stars at Coachella, either by asking a digital influencer to do a Snapchat Takeover or by showcasing a brand’s products or services on a Snapchatter’s channel, is a phenomenal way for companies to gain exposure to millions of engaged consumers who are likely to watch every single one of the Snapchatter’s Snaps or daily Stories. Often, businesses will partner with Instagrammers, YouTubers, or Viners to create cross-promotional campaigns over multiple social media channels.

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Best Examples Of How Brands Are Marketing On Snapchat For Coachella

Coachella’s popularity and the festival’s large audiences present endless opportunities for brands to engage in Snapchat marketing and develop Snapchat marketing campaigns with social media stars.

Snapchat Marketing at Coachella 2016 - Mediakix

Revolve Clothing Partners With Instagrammer Negin

To get festival-goers excited for Coachella and increase awareness about their “festival-chic” clothing, Revolve enlisted popular Instagrammer Negin Mirsalehi to model some of the brand’s trendy looks on their Snapchat channel. (See how Negin promoted Revolve on her own Instagram channel during the first Coachella weekend here.) Creating Coachella “Lookbooks” with fashion and beauty digital influencers (like this BCBG-sponsored video from YouTuber Maddie Bragg) is one of the most effective ways that retailers can drive sales ahead of massive festivals like Coachella.

Oh Snap! Follow us as we Un-leash #MusicFreedom at #Coachella ? : TMOBILE

A photo posted by tmobile (@tmobile) on

T-Mobile Collaborates With Viner Piques, Zedd & Other Celebrities

To promote their new service called Music Freedom (which allows customers to stream as much music as they want from Spotify, Apple Music, Sound Cloud, and other streaming sites without worrying about data caps), T-Mobile collaborated with social media influencers like popular Viner Piques to promote the brand’s Snpachat channel and bring attention to T-Mobile’s hashtag campaign (#musicfreedom).

Made it to Coachella ??@tmobile #coachella2016 #musicfreedom #ad

A photo posted by Piques (@piques) on

The preceding post by Piques garnered over 26K likes in less than one week .

Coachella 2016 Snapchat Marketing - BooHoo 01


Fashion retailer BooHoo leveraged their large Instagram following to drive consumers to their Snapchat channel. In addition to including a Call-To-Action (“Find us on Snapchat”) in their Instagram channel’s bio and changing their feature image to their customized Snapchat favicon, Boohoo also collaborated with top YouTubers, Viners, and Instagrammers within influencer marketing campaigns for effective cross promotions across multiple social media channels.

Coachella 2016 Snapchat Marketing - BooHoo 02

BooHoo partnered with YouTuber Amanda Steele to reach the social media star’s large audience—Amanda’s YouTube channel, MakeupbyMandy24, has almost 3 million subscribers and 2.7M people follow her on Instagram—and showcase the brand’s Coachella styles.

H&M Promotes Snapchat Brand Channel On Their Instagram Feed

Official Coachella sponsor H&M uses a creative post filled with Coachella-style clothing to encourage their 13.6M Instagram followers to check out the brand’s Snapchat channel for live updates about the festival. Like many brands marketing on Snapchat at Coachella, H&M cross promoted across all of the social media brand channels using the hashtag #HMLovesCoachella

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