YouTube Branded Content Spotlight: Dermablend Professional

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An Inside Look At Dermablend’s YouTube Branded Content

With over 1 billion unique users on YouTube each month, brands are looking to tap into their potential YouTube audience. But creating branded content for YouTube is an art and takes more than just shooting a traditional 30-second TV commercial and publishing thereafter to your company’s YouTube channel. Some brands choose to work directly with notable YouTube channels and content creators (aka vloggers or YouTubers) to produce branded content (see our post on Things To Do When Creating Branded YouTube Content). Other companies build branded content directly through their YouTube channels (great examples include BlendTec and Old Spice). Dermablend is an example of a brand that has done a fantastic job of creating branded content for their fans (see our post on 5 Best YouTube Branded Content Videos) by utilizing native advertising to create a campaign that’s engaging and full of emotional appeal.

Dermablend, a professional makeup company that sells high-performance products to cover skin abnormalities, recently launched a their Camo Confessions campaign where they show videos of spokesperson, Cheri Lindsay and model/YouTube fashion vlogger, Cassandra Bankson. Both appear to have flawless skin, however taking off their makeup reveals their several imperfections including acne and vitiligo (a skin pigment disorder).

After taking off their makeup, both Cheri and Cassandra invite anyone with a similar Camo Confession to upload a video through Dermablend’s YouTube channel and share it with the world. Each time a confession is submitted, Dermablend donates $1 to Look Good Feel Better, an organization dedicated to building the self-esteem of cancer patients by teaching them beauty techniques to help them manage the appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment.

Why Dermablend’s YouTube Branded Content Wins With Social Engagement

Throughout Dermablend’s branded content campaign, numerous fans have submitted videos sharing their own personal Camo Confessions. Each of these videos has received thousands of views on YouTube. The original two videos have received millions of views, and generated a huge amount of earned and owned media impressions with authentic engagement.

Dermablend did four important things to make their branded content engaging.

  1. They created an emotional experience for the viewers by showing real people who currently suffer from skin issues.
  2. They gave viewers a call-to-action by asking them to share their own experiences.
  3. They collaborated with YouTube influencers with a large following in the YouTube community (see our blog post on Five Ways to Collaborate with YouTube Content Creators) to maximize reach and gain immediate exposure.
  4. Dermablend decided to give back by donating to Look Good Feel Better. As a result, Dermablend provides their viewers a greater motivation to share their stories as they will also be giving back to the community.

Here are some of our favorite Camo Confessions that have been posted on Dermablend’s YouTube channel.