Case Study: Bose Teams Up With Athletes, Music Artists, And Millennial Influencers

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Instagram Influencer Marketing Case Study: Bose Teams Up With Athletes, Music Artists, And Millennial Influencers

Many are familiar with Bose’s sleek and intelligently engineered audio equipment, which enhances listening experiences in homes, cars, studios, concerts, classrooms, and even work offices. Far fewer are familiar with how Bose designs such excellent product and then markets it. That’s because Bose tends to err on the side of secrecy and superiority, and perhaps even stubbornness when it comes to marketing. But Bose recently turned its attention to millennial influencers to stay in touch with this demographic.


The ever-evolving consumer electronic market has forced Bose to confront critical questions regarding its plan to resonate with consumers, namely Millennials. Currently, trendy features like those you’ll find with their competitor, Beats By Dre, are in high demand amongst Millennials, and this generation frequently consults social media in pursuit of product information. Bose has struggled to satisfy the swath of younger consumers who rely on social media and millennial influencers to guide their buying decisions, and faces an onslaught of pressure to succumb to the new marketing landscape and become more relevant on social media.

In line with their mission to create an innovative culture to provide customized audio experiences, Bose has engaged with top-tier celebrities and athletes, along with large, well-regarded partners. In more recent marketing campaigns, Bose has a rich history in following the principles of teamwork and collaboration, which has led to partnerships with elite performers and the production of specialized audio solutions for the collaborative creators of the world.

Bose Partners With Instagram Influencers: #TeamBose

While there are several different ways brands market with influencers, Bose reaped the rewards of more traditional high-profile partnerships. But as influencers have begun to make noise and grow more pervasive on social media platforms, Bose has perked up its ears and taken an interest in branded influencer marketing, a market predicted to achieve nearly $2.4 billion in spend by 2019. Bose has since secured exposure on Instagram by partnering up with organizations and select performers, music artists, as well as fitness and lifestyle influencers to create sponsored content.


Establish brand awareness and boost brand affinity amongst a digitally/social media savvy audience.

  • #TeamBose – Connect to athletes and fans alike to boast Bose’s commitment to enriching the fan’s experience of watching, as well as demonstrate how athletes /performers gain an edge over competition by having best-in-class audio to fuel their training.
  • #SoundLink – Connect to avid music listeners, especially those who are on the go, embarking on adventures, and looking for first-class sound performance via speakers.
  • #SoundWear – Connect to users searching for a deep and rich sound experience without becoming too distracted from the task at hand.
  • #SoundSport – Connect to those with active lifestyles who are looking for comfortable, secure, and durable in-ear headphones and exceptional listening capabilities.


Bose partnered with top-notch influencers and used various hashtags to demonstrate the team mentality behind their product, as well as the functionality and versatility of their products:



  • Social Reach – Video content from the sponsored posts gained over 1.5 million views on Instagram. The total following of the Instagram influencers combined exceeded 37.8 million followers.
  • Social Engagement – The sponsored content generated the following engagement numbers on Instagram:
    • 3.1 million likes
    • 34.9k Bose-sponsored hashtags used

Athlete Superstars: Russel Wilson, Lewis Hamilton, & Mikaela Shiffrin


Bose partnered with a variety of US elite athletes, including Russel Wilson, Lewis Hamilton, and Mikaela Shiffrin.

Russel Wilson posted a professionally produced video that he worked on with Bose, highlighting the role of Bose headphones in his training and personal life. Lewis Hamilton shared two separate image posts, each featuring a different product. Lewis provided captions that demonstrate the functional use of both in different settings. Lastly, Mikaela Shiffrin posted an image of her using one of the sport-related audio products and included a caption proving its value in preparing her for Olympic competition.

Nobody’s more devoted than me. Or @Bose. #QC35 II #TeamBose #BoseAmbassador

A post shared by Russell Wilson (@dangerusswilson) on

All three posts tie in the “team” element and appeal to their distinct audiences of sports fanatics and/or high performers. For audiences demanding social relevance, Bose makes an impact by working with renowned athletes and showcasing their superior products within the daily lives of top performers.


Millennial Influencers: Niall Horan, Elianne Alexander, and Kristen Taekman

Bose partnered with popular music artist, Niall Horan, fitness guru, Elianne Alexander, and lifestyle influencer ,Kristen Taekman, all of which fall within the category of millennial influencers.


Niall Horan crafted two individual Instagram posts, one showing Bose product in the foreground while he tunes into the Masters golf tournament, the other encouraging followers to like and comment for a chance to win a pair of Bose headphones. Niall’s posts present two different methods for boosting brand awareness, and his contest post taps into the human emotion of discovering your favorite summer song. Due to Niall’s appeal with the millennial crowd, he introduces Bose in a relatable and positive light.


Elianne plays into the “living my best life” movement by expressing how important listening to music is while working out. She centers on Bose as the most convenient option and emphasizes the power of the noise canceling abilities while she gets in the zone during intense training. Kristen shared a lifestyle video post focusing on the intersection between her morning routine and listening to music hands-free.

In each influencer’s post, audiences are exposed to the many options available for enhancing their audio experiences while going about their normal daily routines. This message resonates with followers on the quest for enhancing the aspects of life they already love, and this tactic further supports the high relevancy brands look to achieve with their audience.

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  • Social engagement generated on an ongoing basis (not just one campaign) enables Bose to reach millions of engaged followers on a global level, especially Millennials.
  • Bose’s recent pursuit of Instagram as a main marketing channel allows the brand to resonate better with its target audience, as well as promote many of its products with versatility and a deep connection to high performance whether the user is an athlete training in the off-season, a Formula One driver mid-race, a music artist creating tunes in the studio, or an everyday person looking to enrich his/her listening experience.

Bose used to default to the more traditional route of marketing by partnering up with big-time celebrities, athletes, and large organizations, and promoting those partnerships via TV commercials, sporting events, etc. As their target audience has begun to shift their activities to social media, brands like Bose must respond by building a strong social presence in order to carry as much weight as their competitors.

While Bose prides itself on being a superior and non-conventional brand, it’s reshaping its branded marketing to permeate the vast network of Instagram’s platform through millennial influencers, while continuing to work with athletes and prominent team organizations.