Marketer's Guide: 11 Types Of Blogs That Can Help Businesses Reach New Customers

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11 Blog Types That Every Marketer Must Know

With over 440 million blogs in the world, keeping tabs on the globe’s top writers and most interesting stories is nearly impossible. Covering every niche and industry, editorial-focused influencers offer a wealth of information that has helped to shape the internet and our everyday lives.

For businesses, identifying and partnering with the right blogs can generate brand exposure and create meaningful interactions with potential customers. In the following list, we’ll take a look at 11 popular blog categories to learn how they can help brands expand their online reach and impact.

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1. Food Blog

Food bloggers dish out some of the most inspired meals on the internet. These “foodie” influencers offer DIY recipes, cooking tips, nutritional information, and product recommendations, as well as meals for any and every occasion.

Hallmarks of a successful food blog are a personable influencer, step-by-step guides, as well as high-quality images and videos. Businesses looking to reach a food blogger’s audience should consider how their messaging or product would best pair with this type of environment and content.


Food influencer Lindsay Ostrom inspires millions of home-cooked meals with her writing with Pinch of Yum. Another blog, The Pioneer Woman, hosts her own Food Network TV show, stemming from her massive readership.

2. Lifestyle Blog

A lifestyle blog is a digital window into its author’s everyday life, interests, and experiences. Top lifestyle bloggers document a wide range of activities like travel, work life, home life, family and parenting, as well as special occasions and events. These bloggers are often well-rounded individuals with large followings that brands can partner with around almost any category of product or service.


Personal struggles and experiences make for incredible stories that draw in and connect with core readers. Bleubird and Cupcakes and Cashmere are among the top blogs in this space.

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3. DIY Blog

Do it yourself (DIY) bloggers are knowledgeable and crafty online personalities that offer tutorials, recommendations, and clever hacks across a wide variety of topics. When turning to Google for advice on how to build something, researchers are often routed to DIY blogs for the answer. How-to’s, step by step guides, and lifehacks give direction to almost any home project imaginable.


The crafty and handy sisters behind the massively popular DIY blog, A Beautiful Mess, engage readers with their creative builds and projects. Vintage Revivals is another high traffic blog, specializing in home improvement. DIY content can help people save time and money, or just create something fun and unique. Brands looking to tap into do-it-yourself audiences can leverage product placement in an educational format.

4. Home Blog

Interior design, paint, landscapes, appliances, remodels and real estate are all examples of content you’d find in the home category. Brands looking to reach home and decor enthusiasts can partner with these lifestyle experts who maintain daily contact with these engaged audiences.


Stylists, designers and handymen and women provide trusted guidance and tutorials for home improvement projects. Style by Emily Henderson and Miss Mustard Seed are two of the biggest home blogs. TV shows, books, and custom retail lines ass to the reach of several top influencers in this space.

5. Travel Blog

Travel bloggers document destinations all over the world with beautiful imagery and video. Top bloggers in this genre write about the incredible people they meet, places they stay, food they eat, or sights they see during their travels.


For people planning trips or getting travel ideas, popular travel writers provide valuable insights. OhDearDrea and Barefoot Blonde are two key opinion leaders in the space, maintaining massive followings on both their blogs and social media channels.

6. Fashion Blog

A fashion blog covers clothing and accessories, trends, seasonal styles and more. Followers of fashion blogs usually look to their favorite bloggers for the latest tips and fashion tricks. Since recommendations by fashion influencers can drive significant purchase interest, it’s no wonder top brands are seeking partnerships with them.


Gal Meets Glam and Song of Style are popular fashion blogs. Although most fashion blogs are tailored to women, men’s blogs also attract large audiences.

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7. Beauty Blog

Known for detailed makeup videos, appealing hairstyles, and expert product recommendations, beauty bloggers understand glamour. Influencers in this niche set trends for what’s popular in nails, skincare, and hairstyle.


To accompany their popular blog, the sisters behind Cute Girl Hairstyles have over five million YouTube subscribers. The Small Things Blog is another top website, specializing in makeup and skin care.

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8. Mommy Blog

Mommy bloggers are role model mothers who write about their lifestyle as parents. These bloggers provide strong examples of motherhood and thus deliver first-hand experience to mothers going through the journey of raising children.  


Mommy bloggers post about fun outings, adorable times with their children and the milestones that come with raising a family. Love Taza and Baby Sideburns are leading blogs in the genre. Love Taza has worked with brands like Target and the Starwood Hotels.

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9. Health & Fitness Blog

Health and fitness bloggers motivate millions of people looking to lead more active lifestyles. Seen as experts in the gym and kitchen, they have respected opinions about the latest supplements, diets and workout regimens.


As consistency is critical in this space, influencers frequently post on their newest workouts, activewear and life updates. Often in peak physical shape, these bloggers compete in marathons and bodybuilding competitions, inspiring people to tackle their own goals. Hungry Runner Girl and Simply Taralynn are front-runners in women’s fitness and healthy eating blogs.

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10. Business/Entrepreneurship/Productivity Blog

Business blogs include everything from finance to personal development to B2B advice. Tips on making money, increasing productivity, leading teams, or learning something new are highly trafficked subjects.


Top business blogs like Ask a Manager and Evergreen Small Business answer the biggest questions from the workforce. Content here reaches employees and executives from every industry, advising on topics like productivity hacks, stock trading, and career advancement.

11. Niche Blog

With the notion that you can learn anything online, welcome the niche blogger. Known for having mastery over specific topics, these bloggers hold authoritative opinions on their areas of expertise. Heavily sought out niche content includes tech reviews, product testing, gaming strategy, pets, science, cars and endless other categories.


PetaPixel and Autoblog are two niche giants that can drive highly targeted traffic for relevant brands within the photography and auto industries.

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