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Blog Advertising The Biggest Brands Advertising With Lifestyle Bloggers

Who Are The Biggest Brands Advertising With Bloggers In 2015?

As brands search for marketing platforms and social networks to effectively target consumers, many of today’s top advertisers are marketing and driving purchases with influential lifestyle bloggers in order to reach and engage massive online audiences. Blog sponsorships and influencer marketing are becoming an increasingly larger part of each brand’s digital advertising strategy and an integral facet of how they market to millennial consumers through social media.

We analyzed all sponsored content from January – June of 2015 from the top 100 lifestyle blogs. Collectively, the blogs selected here represent an audience of over 10 million readers. Over 409 million people view blogs each month on WordPress alone. In addition to identifying the top brands who advertised, the study also assessed primary/secondary advertiser categories and the most common types of blog sponsored content.

Top blog sponsors include several retail giants (Nordstrom, Target, Old Navy) in addition to new food subscription services, Blue Apron and NatureBox. Top primary advertiser categories feature Fashion (28.4%), Food (9.3%), and Home (8.9%). Secondary advertiser categories include E-commerce (30.5%), Retailer (29.8%), and Subscription (15.6%).

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