10 Of The Biggest Social Media Influencers Of All Time

Biggest Social Media Influencers

The Top 10 Social Media Influencers Across YouTube, Facebook, & Instagram

When we think about social media influencers, we typically think of people with massive followings on one platform, be it Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or Snapchat. But the biggest social media influencers are often those who manage to tap into and engage large audiences across all of the major top platforms, networks, and apps — YouTubers who have millions of Twitter followers, Instagrammers who have millions of page likes on Facebook, Snapchat stars who find their way to big audiences on Instagram.

In 2017, to be present on social media is to have more than one presence. We all have iterations of our online personas that differ from platform to platform. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube are all tailored to slightly different content consuming and sharing experiences, and thus attract different audiences. By today’s standards, the biggest social media influencers aren’t just the ones who have found success in one place, but those who have found success on one platform and have managed to replicate that success on other platforms. 

10 Of The Biggest Social Media Stars On The Internet

Though most of these influencers are still strongest on one particular platform, they’ve all managed to carry some of their popularity into new arenas, which opens up new opportunities for content creation, audience engagement, and partnerships with brands and advertisers. Here are the 10 biggest social media influencers in the United States who have built huge followings across platforms.

Biggest Social Media Influencers Infographic

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The Top Social Media Influencers To Follow

While there are thousands of influencers who rely on a single platform for the bulk of their success, there are a few standout creators who have amassed impressive followings on several platforms to become something more than Instagram or Twitter famous. There’s something of a mysterious alchemy that goes into adapting one’s personal brand and message to a handful of individual platforms, but those who manage to crack it often find themselves transcending single platform notability and tapping into a world of potential once reserved for celebrities.

1. Mark Edward Fischbach

Markiplier is known for gaming videos and sketches. Though most notable on YouTube, he has over 30 million followers across platforms.

2. Logan Paul

Originally a Vine star, Logan Paul now has primary followings on Facebook (14M) and Instagram (9M), and has over 27 million total followers.

3. Jenna Marbles

First gaining notability on YouTube, Jenna Marbles creates comedic vlogs and content and shares it with over 27 million followers across platforms.

4. King Bach

King Bach (Andrew B. Bachelor) was the most followed Vine star, and though Vine is no more, he has over 24 million followers on existing platforms.

5. Tyler Oakley

Tyler Oakley started on YouTube, but as he’s branched out into podcasts, books, and television, his total follower count has grown to over 23 million.

6. Lele Pons

Another influencer who started on Vine, Lele Pons’s largest following is now Instagram, and across platforms, she reaches over 22 million followers.

7. Amanda Cerny

With the largest followings on Facebook and Instagram, Amanda Cerny is best known for the funny posts she shares with her over 21 million followers.

8. Roman Atwood

Primarily known for his YouTube presence, Roman Atwood is a comedian who shares vlogs and content with over 19 million total followers.

9. Miranda Sings

Leveraging her fame into a Netflix series and live performances, Miranda Sings started on YouTube and now has over 17 million followers across platforms.

10. Michelle Phan

Known for her make-up tutorials and demonstrations, Michelle Phan’s biggest following is on YouTube. In total, she has over 14 million followers.

The Biggest, Runner-Up Social Media Influencers

Though they didn’t quite make the cut for top 10, these social media influencers are also great examples of creators who have leveraged their followings across platforms.

Casey Neistat

Neistat started on YouTube, but has since expanded into filmmaking, commercials, and even founding his own company. He has over 11 million total followers.

DeStorm Power

DeStorm Power is known for his music, comedy, and vlogs. Instagram is his biggest platform, but he reaches over 8 million followers in total.

Ingrid Nilsen

Known for beauty and fashion tips, Ingrid Nilsen is a lifestyle vlogger. Her biggest following is on YouTube (3M), but her total follower count is over 7.5 million.

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