See The Brands & Influencers Creating The Best Sponsored YouTube Videos

June 8, 2016
Best Brand Sponsored YouTube Videos

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The Best Brand Sponsored YouTube Videos, Part I

There are now more than 1 billion YouTube users worldwide, and the size of the video-sharing platform has been doubling, year-on-year, for the past three years (YouTube). YouTube’s status as a publishing giant and one of the world’s largest social media networks (second only to Facebook) has attracted significant attention from brands eager to engage with and market to millions of YouTube users.

Though there is more than one way to advertise a brand’s product or service on YouTube, an increasing number of brands are focusing on developing product placement YouTube campaigns with top YouTubers and high-reach YouTube channels. A recent study by Defy Media showed that 87% of respondents between the age of 13 and 24 think it acceptable to include product placements in videos (vs. 53% who think for pre-roll ads are acceptable); the same study found that 60% of YouTube users also said they would try a product/brand recommended by a YouTube influencer.

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5 Best Examples Of Brand-Sponsored YouTube Influencer Videos

By producing a creative, integrated branded product placements in collaboration with YouTube influencers, brands are able to “cut through the clutter” in a time when consumers encounter hundreds of advertisements every day.

JacksGap For Marriott

Created by identical twins Jack and Finn Harries, JacksGap is one of the top YouTube channels with over 180 million views of travel-inspired storytelling content. For this brand-sponsored video, JacksGap collaborated with Marriott to share travel stories with the viewers. Featuring beautiful scenery of New Orleans and its unique jazz culture, the video ends with JacksGap wrapping the night at Marriott.

JacksGap successfully integrated their video project with the Marriott brand in an organic manner that both reinforces Marriott’s brand image and also fits naturally with the YouTubers’ content on the JacksGap’s channel.

SmarterEveryDay For Harry’s

Destin Sandlin is the man behind the popular science YouTube channel SmarterEveryDay, which shares informal education videos with audiences. In Harry’s sponsored YouTube video, Destin ties the theme of “manliness” together in the two activities that he discusses: archery and shaving. Destin initially presents Byron Ferguson’s (aka the world’s most amazing archer) archery skills along with some archery tips, then smoothly transitions into another manly activity: shaving. Destin is transparent with his audience that Harry’s is his sponsor for the video, but adds, quite frankly, that he uses the product even before approached about the sponsorship.

Ingrid Nilsen For Dove

Ingrid Nilsen is one of the top beauty and lifestyle YouTuber with over 4 million YouTube subscribers. In this sponsored video, Nilsen uses a “Favorite/Best Of”-style video (one of the most popular types of YouTube videos) to introduce a dry shampoo product by Dove to her audience. By tackling her viewers’ common gripe (i.e. how to deal with your hair on a busy da), Ingrid provides her audience with a few of her favorite hair tips & style.


SHAYTARDS is a family blogging channel developed by Shay Carl with over 2 billion video views. SHAYTARDS teamed up with Disney Parks at the All-Star Creator’s Conference and, in addition to having their vlog on the official Disney channel, SHAYTARDS posted their own recap video on their channel. SHAYTARDS shares personal memories & footages taken a couple months back in Disney World and invites the viewers to “hang out with them” while they “stay here and chill in the hot tub.” By sharing this fun, creative, semi-interactive content, SHAYTARDS were able to garner over 1 million views on this video and earn an amazing “likes-to-dislikes ratio” (over 24,000 likes and less than 700 dislikes).

Lauren Curtis For Colgate

Lauren Curtis is a beauty YouTuber who posts weekly videos of her make-up tutorials. In this sponsored video, however, Curtis switches things up a bit and shares her daily morning routine, including practicing good dental hygiene with Colgate products. Although this video isn’t about makeup or beauty tips (which constitutes the majority of her content), Colgate’s sponsored YouTube video has been viewed more than 2 million times to date.

Fans idolize their YouTube stars, and they are very curious to find out about every little detail of a YouTuber’ life. For this collaboration, Curtis successfully leverages this enthusiasm to create sponsored content that viewers want to see.

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