Best YouTube Channels For Learning

Best YouTube Channels For Learning With YouTubers

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The Best YouTube Channels For Learning With Leading YouTubers

Millennials, fashionistas, gamers, and lifelong learners who stream DIY or educational content from YouTube may be at the precipice of a much larger trend. In a Boston Globe article published earlier this week, Harvard Medical School announces its new revamped curriculum geared towards “the smartphone generation of students, who take for granted the ability to find information quickly and are less apt to read dense textbooks.” The top medical school’s digitally revamped curriculum features brand new YouTube videos from Harvard’s medical professors.

The Boston Globe reports that Professor Richard M. Schwartzstein, who aided in revamping Harvard’s new medical learning, “developed his own YouTube videos to describe biological processes students need to learn, which they are expected to watch outside the classroom. The videos are between five and eight minutes, he said, because students’ attention spans don’t last much longer.”

YouTube is arguably one of the world’s largest search engines, second only to its owner, Google. With over a billion users, there are hundreds of millions of hours being watched, and videos that are generating billions of views collectively. Just a few months earlier, the Associated Press made headlines when the news organization uploaded 550,000 video clips (over 17,000 hours) on their YouTube channel “AP Archive” with content dating back to 1895. YouTube reaches more Millennials than any cable network in the United States today.

Though YouTube is known for its plethora of fashion, beauty, and gaming tutorials, these 7 top YouTubers (YouTube video bloggers) are paving the way for a digital education of tomorrow with these best YouTube channels for learning:

7 Best YouTube Channels For Learning With Top YouTubers

Veritasium, 2.8 million subscribers

Veritasium is a channel founded by Derek Muller, where he dissects complex issues into easily consumable content, geared towards people who are interested in learning. He has partnered with brands that compliment his channel’s educational content, such as Amazon’s audiobook company, Audible.

SmarterEveryDay, 3.1 million subscribers

Simply known as Destin, the creator behind Smarter Every Day is an engineer by day that tests missiles. His goal is to educate people by exploring the world using science, demonstrating various projects and then explaining the process on his YouTube channel SmarterEveryDay. He has done sponsorships with brands such as Casper, a mattress brand.

AsapSCIENCE, 4.2 million subscribers

Developed by Gregory Brown and Mitchell Moffit, AsapSCIENCE developed their YouTube channel to discuss various scientific topics. The videos are done in a straightforward narrative that often explore fun and interesting topics such as, Can You Trust Your Eyes or why Why Do We Cry?

AsapSCIENCE has partnered with brands such as General Electric, while maintaining a strict policy of only working with brands they stand behind and being very explicit about sponsorships. In an interview Brown states, ”just the idea for us that we had been paid made us worry that people were going to think we had changed the information to suit the person who was paying us. And just because we work in science and education, there’s that fine balance of, people really need to trust what we’re saying — we had the full chance to do our research, use our creative process and do what we usually do.”

The Game Theorists, 5.1 million subscribers

Also known as the ‘smartest show in gaming,’ The Game Theorists explores video games and separating fact from fiction.

In a successful partnership with Warner Brothers to promote their Mad Max game, The Game Theorists feature the science behind cars and how they are portrayed in the video game.Their video has received 2.1M viewers since July 2015.

Grant Thompson, 4.5 million subscribers

Self-professed “king of random” Grant Thompson creates videos dedicated to exploring life through projects, experiments, and real-life hacks on his self-titled channel.

He has created a sponsored video for Pro Opinion which has reached 929K views to date.

Vsauce, 9.3 million subscribers

Vsauce is a YouTube brand that consists of 3 different channels (Vsauce1, Vsauce2, and Vsauce3). The channels cover topics that include science, education, weird facts, technology, and gaming. Each of the channels have their own host, with Michael Stevens as the main creator and founder of Vsauce whose mission is “to teach so that people don’t even know that they’re learning.”

Crazy Russian Hacker, 5.5 million subscribers

Tara Kulakov produces humorous and interesting life-hack videos, often showing how ordinary household items can be used in clever ways. His video You’ve Been Eating Watermelon Wrong has over 5.5M views to date.

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