Best Snapchat Marketing Tips

25 Best Snapchat Marketing Tips

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25 Best Snapchat Marketing Tips

This week, Snapchat announced that they receive upwards of 6 billion daily video views. With that type of engagement, the company is poised to surpass Facebook and YouTube in terms of popularity. It’s no secret that Snapchat is the next big, mainstream social media platform. Millennials, advertisers, publishers, and brands of all industries (from AT&T to Dominos to Condé Nast) have already jumped on board.

To see exactly which brands have executed Snapchat marketing campaigns, check out our post “50+ Brands Using Snapchat Marketing.” Out of these brands, many have achieved Snapchat marketing campaign success by partnering with prominent social media influencers and top Snapchatters.

We’ve culled the best Snapchat marketing tips we could find and compiled them. In developing your brand’s Snapchat presence, be sure to take a look at the advice offered in the articles listed below.

Business News Daily has three general objectives for your Snapchat strategy. These tips can and should be applied across all marketing channels – but they’re especially important on a platform that relies heavily on engagement and spontaneity, like Snapchat.

  • Be fast and memorable – Each brand message is confined within a limited timeframe, so get your point across quickly.
  • Get personal – Snapchat is fun. Some creativity and personality in your company’s Snaps will go a long way in promoting customers’ sense of connection with your brand.
  • Know your audience – The vast majority of Snapchat users are between 18-24. Make sure your Snapchat content is appropriate and appealing for that age group.

Convert with Content’s article has some great insight on what to Snap out to your followers. If you are already familiar with how the app works, check out this piece for eight ways to leverage Snapchat marketing:

  • Flash sales
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Secret Menu Items
  • Snapchat Contest
  • Hello from Company
  • Fill in the blank
  • Speedy snap responses
  • Build your following

Inc’s article lists the core tenets of Snapchat marketing. These four concepts are excellent motivation and they are important to keep in mind as you familiarize yourself with the space.

  • For Snapchat, turn traditional marketing on its head.
  • The only way to get good is to start snapping.
  • Snapchat is not for pretty pictures–it’s for authentic moments.
  • Make Snapchat work with your other platforms.

Jeff Bullas, social media guru, lists five key points for integrating Snapchat into your social media strategy. Whether or not you have a pre-existing social media presence, these tips are well worth considering as your bring your marketing tactics up to speed:

  • Capture quick moments – Use Snapchat’s fast-paced, time-restricted aesthetic to your advantage by sharing quick, amusing images.
  • Offer rewards and coupons – Engage Snapchat followers and encourage them to purchase by offering exclusive rewards or coupons.
  • Preview new product – Reward your Snapchat followers by offering early previews of upcoming offerings.
  • Inform your customers about special sales and event – Snapchat boasts a fast-paced and engaged community of users. Give your devoted followers a heads-up on sales and events.
  • Promote behind the scene footage or photos – Letting your followers see the people behind the great work that your brand is doing does a lot to humanize your company.

Social Media Examiner nailed down 5 most crucial steps in cultivating an engaged followership on Snapchat:

  • Develop content – Snapchat users are young and savvy. Think deeply about the time of content that might be useful, interesting, or funny to your followers. Promoting your brand is important, but should never be at the center of your content.
  • Invite participation – Many of the aforementioned articles have touched on this. Use Snapchat–a platform with a fun, cool aesthetic–to engage your customer base.
  • Get creative – Creativity is always important, but it becomes vital when your message is limited to 10 seconds. Make your content memorable.
  • Add a call to action – What do you hope to accomplish through marketing? Your brand message should be clear and should encourage your followers to act.
  • Build a following – Unlike Twitter, Facebook, and blogs, Snapchat does not use hashtags and is less easily searchable. Keep your target demographic interested, and give them a reason to follow you.
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