The 10 Best Sports Stars & Pro Athletes To Add On Snapchat [Infographic]

Best Snapchat Accounts To Add Sports Stars Pro Athletes Channels Usernames
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The Best Snapchat Accounts To Add: Sports Stars & Pro Athlete Usernames [Infographic]

Today, 60% of smartphone users ages 13-34 are Snapchat users, a reflection of the app’s distinct ability to capture Millennials everywhere through uncut and unfiltered content. Snapchat’s ephemeral nature distinguishes the app from competition as transitory publishing is conducive to engagement throughout the millennial demographic. Sports, for example, has become increasingly prevalent on Snapchat as sports stars begin to leverage Snapchat’s unique capabilities to interact with fans in authentic and innovative new ways.

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How Audiences Are Connecting With Sports Stars On Their Snapchat Usernames

Social media offers athletes a valuable opportunity to build their personal brand by providing fans with an inside look into their lives on and off the field. This is vital for athletes because their superhuman abilities often defy their perception as people.

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Snapchat humanizes professional athletes by its ability to provide an honest and unfiltered glimpse into their entertaining lives. Much like popular social media influencers, audiences are compelled to follow sports stars on Snapchat because their Stories are often spontaneous and subjective unlike the methodical content athletes tend to provide on other news and media platforms.

Below is our list of the top 10 sport Snapchat accounts to follow so you can come off the bench and enter the world of athlete stardom.

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The Best Snapchat Accounts To Add For Pro Sports Athletes [Infographic]

Best Snapchat Accounts To Add Sports Stars Pro Athletes Celebrities Channels Usernames

1. Alana Blanchard @alanablanchard: American professional surfer, model

2. Lolo Jones @lolojones: Olympic track & field star, USA

3. Chandler Jones @chan95jones: Football linebacker, Super Bowl 50 winner

4. Giovani Dos Santos @oficialgio: LA Galaxy professional soccer player

5. Von Miller @millerlite40: Denver Broncos 2016 NFL Super Bowl MVP

6. Antonio Brown @antoniobrown84: Pittsburgh Steelers All-Pro NFL wide receiver

7. Serena Williams @serenawilliams: #1 ranked women’s singles tennis player

8. Cesc Fàbregas @cescky44: Spanish pro soccer player for English club Chelsea

9. Russell Westbrook @russwest44: NBA point guard, 5X All-Star for the Oklahoma City Thunder

10. Sierra Blair-Coyle @sierrabc: Professional rock climber, USA rock climbing team

See all the best Snapchat accounts & usernames to add in our infographic series for Food, Music Stars, Models, & Fashion.

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