Top Snapchat Accounts: Foodies, Chefs, & Culinary Inspiration Edition

Best Snapchat Accounts For Food Influencers Cooking Culinary
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The Best Snapchat Accounts To Follow For Food Influencers, Cooking & Culinary Inspiration

With close to 150 million daily active users, Snapchat has now eclipsed Twitter to become the 3rd most popular social media platform behind Facebook and Instagram today (Bloomberg). The fast-growing application is favorable to intimate, uncut content, and users the world over are now hopping on Snapchat daily to share unedited, behind-the-scenes looks into their hobbies, lifestyles, and passions.

Similar to other social media platforms, a popular theme that has emerged throughout Snapchat content—both in branded content and Snaps created by Snapchat users—is food. Today more than ever, users enjoy sharing Snapchat photos and videos of what they’re eating just as much, if not more, as they crave the food itself.

Why Food-Related Content Pairs Well With Top Snapchat Accounts

As Snapchat becomes the world’s go-to social media platform for sharing bite-sized photos and videos, foodies, chefs, and culinary experts everywhere are discovering the app’s conduciveness for capturing the most delectable aspects of food and food preparation.

Traditionally, social media users and influencers have used food-related content to connect with followers, and Snapchat’s popularity has only magnified this trend. The temporary nature of Snapchat Stories and Snaps (for the uninitiated, Snapchat content disappears after a certain period of time) is perfect for showcasing food because it allows for an accurate depiction of the way we interact with food in our daily lives. Similar to the life of a Snapchat, the life of food is short lived; this ephemeral nature compels users to share Snapchat tidbits of the food they are about to eat before the food is gone.

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Food content on Snapchat is heightened by the app’s geofilters function, as users enjoy the ability to share not only what they’re eating but where they’re eating it. Because Snapchat Stories disappear within 24 hours, by the time the next meal comes around, Snapchat users are ready to share another delicious Snap.

Marketing With Top Snapchat Accounts For Food Influencers

Snapchat’s engaging functions and complete visibility (Snapchat content fills a user’s entire smartphone screen, thus minimizing distractions) makes the platform an ideal channel for marketing food and food-related products. By purchasing branded Snapchat lenses, developing custom geofilters, or working with top Snapchatters to create influencer marketing campaigns like Snapchat Takeovers, restaurants and consumer packaged goods companies (CPGs) can increase brand awareness by building Snapchat marketing campaigns.

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The Top Snapchat Accounts: Food Influencers & Culinary Edition Infographic

Best Snapchat Accounts Food

1. @infatuation: A Great resource for restaurant reviews

2. @minimalistbaker: Features simple recipes with 10 ingredients

3. @whatsgabbycookin: California-based chef creating delicious meals

4. @sortedfood: Behind-the-scenes look at SORTEDfood events

5. @howsweeteats: Food enthusiast sharing culinary adventures

6. @edeneats: Foodie travels of engaging Cooking Channel host

7. @brandimilloy: PopSugar Food’s host shares cooking tips

8. @bakerita: Creator of unique, easy-to-prepare desserts

9. @atasteofkoko: Cooking blogger trying unique foods and recipes

10. @bakesinslippers: Features simple food with a special touch

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