The 10 Best Science YouTube Channels To Watch

best science youtube channels

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The Best Science YouTube Channels Are Bringing Amazing Science To The Masses

While many turn to YouTube for entertaining content from their favorite YouTubers, it’s also a great place to learn. Top science YouTubers are bringing science to the masses every day, making complicated concepts in physics, chemistry, astronomy, biology, and more accessible to anyone on YouTube.

From exploring the possibilities of self-healing materials to explaining the finer points of gamma-ray bursts, science YouTubers are making learning fun again. Though each science channel approaches scientific explanation and experimentation differently, all of the best science YouTube channels have one thing in common: They’re teaching the people of the internet how cool the world is, one science video at a time.

The 10 Best Science YouTube Channels Teaching Us About The World

The top science YouTubers appeal to many and demystify concepts ranging from time to levitation. Some perform experiments while others use animation as a teaching tool, but all bring personality and enthusiasm to audiences. Here we’ve gathered the top 10 science channels inspiring audiences on YouTube.

1. Vsauce – 12 Million Subscribers

With over 12 million subscribers, Vsauce is the top science YouTuber. His conversational tone and clear examples make complex scientific concepts easy to understand. Vsauce poses (and answers) questions about our planet, how our brains work, and human existence.

Most of Vsauce’s videos are theoretical and deal with big concepts and ideas. He walks audiences through what would happen if everyone on Earth jumped at once, what would happen if the sun disappeared, how fast dark travels, and more.


Top Science YouTubers VSauce

2. AsapSCIENCE – 6.9 Million Subscribers

Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown are bringing science to the masses weekly with videos that answer everyday questions like, “Is Binge Watching Bad For You?” and “What If All The Ice Melted On Earth?” AsapSCIENCE breaks down scientific concepts into digestible explanations for audiences using drawn animations.

Top Science YouTubers ASAPScience

3. SmarterEveryDay – 5.1 Million Subscribers

Engineer Destin Sandlin makes science look awesome. With videos on explosions, archery, space, and more, Sandlin is trying to teach viewers something amazing with science in every video. On the SmarterEveryDay channel, science isn’t just theoretical — it’s all around us, and Sandlin specializes in pointing it out and explaining it in simple terms.


Top Science YouTubers SmarterEveryDay

4. Kurzgesagt – In A Nutshell – 4.9 Million Subscribers

Kurzgesagt is the German word for, “in a nutshell,” and it’s the guiding principle of one of YouTube’s most popular science channels. The team behind Kurzgesagt strives to distill confusing concepts that would take most years’ worth of education to understand into simple animated videos that leave audiences with the feeling that they’ve learned something important.


Top Science YouTubers Kurzgesaft

5. SciShow – 4.4 Million Subscribers

Hank Green is one-half of the YouTube famous Vlogbrothers duo but puts his scientific knowledge and talent for communicating with audiences to SciShow. On SciShow, Green is joined by fellow hosts Michael Aranda and Olivia Gordon as they investigate slime mold, superpower genes, and the science of booze. With videos almost every day, there’s always something new to learn on SciShow.

Top Science YouTubers SciShow

6. Veritasium – 4.3 Million Subscribers

YouTuber Derek Muller’s Veritasium channel lives under the tagline, “An element of truth.” While Veritasium is a fictitious element (derived from “veritas,” Latin for “truth”), Muller’s channel is full of truthful analyses of astonishing scientific topics like hydrodynamic levitation and quantum entanglement. Veritasium is the perfect place to challenge one’s mind to better understand the most astounding corners of science.

Top Science YouTubers Veritasium

7. Minute Physics – 4 Million Subscribers

On Minute Physics, entropy, time, astronomy, quantum teleportation, and the mathematical impossibility of raindrops are all fair game. Channel creator Henry Reich breaks down physics and more, and some of his most popular videos are animations explaining parallel universes and string theory, along with Schrödinger’s Cat and the Grandfather Paradox.


Top Science YouTubers MinutePhysics

8. It’s Okay To Be Smart – 1.6 Million Subscribers

It’s Okay To Be Smart is all about embracing the curious nature within all of us to discover more about our world. Joe Hanson, Ph.D. creates videos weekly through PBS Digital Studios and brings audiences closer to science with everything from The Physics of Space Battles to The Science of Game of Thrones with a host of more practical topics in between.


Top Science YouTubers Its Okay to Be Smart

9. Periodic Videos – 973 Thousand Subscribers

Chemistry-focused Periodic Videos began with the intention of creating a video for each element in the periodic table, but now extends to a whole wide range of scientific and chemistry-related content. With over 17 million views, the channel’s most popular video is a practical experiment in which a McDonald’s cheeseburger was left in hydrochloric acid for three and a half hours to decidedly stomach-turning results.


Periodic Videos Example

10. Home Science – 687,000 Subscribers

Exploring the practical side of science, Home Science focuses on stunning and simple science experiments that deal with fire, salt crystals, sulfuric acid, and more. While some experiments shouldn’t be attempted at home, Home Science also includes some experiments that viewers can do on their own, including a do-it-yourself smartphone 3D hologram.


Top Science YouTubers Home Science