The Best Branded Instagram Videos of 2016

Best Instagram Videos Branded Content 2016

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The Best Instagram Videos From Ben & Jerry’s, Lego, GoPro, & More

As the demand for video content continues to rise (a recent eMarketer survey found that adults spent an average of 39 minutes watching videos on mobile devices in 2015), brands are creating short, attention-grabbing Instagram videos to engage the platform’s 400 million users. According to Pixability, a tech advertising firm, companies are now posting twice as many videos to the social media platform as they were a year ago, and videos on Instagram received an average of 2.4 times more comments than photos.

While many brands have not yet begun to develop and publish short-form videos for Instagram, others have nearly perfected the art of the 15-second clip. Read on to see some of the best Instagram videos from the first few months of 2016.

How Companies Are Marketing With Branded Instagram Videos

Unlike YouTube videos, which give marketers several minutes to convey a brand’s message and often employ top YouTubers to create entire episodes around a company’s products or services (a trend best illustrated in unboxing videos), Instagram’s condensed video format forces brands to publish engaging content that will hook audiences in 15 seconds or less. The best Instagram videos, therefore, are often simple, and many marketers capitalize on social trends to generate buzz or use tools like the hyperlapse function (which allows content creators to pare a lengthy video or experience down to just a few seconds) to make an immediate impact on the platform’s fast-scrolling users.

Partnering with top Instagrammers, Viners, YouTubers, and other social media influencers is another way that brands can gain access to new audiences, and today’s most popular digital stars are adept at integrating a company’s products, services, or message into their Instagram videos in a way that will appeal to the influencer’s followers and result in high campaign ROIs.

The Best Instagram Videos From Today’s Biggest Brands

The following brands are well-known for creating some of the best Instagram videos on the platform today. Because their content is both creative and engaging, brands like GoPro, Lego, and McDonalds have all amassed millions of followers on their Instagram brand channels. The growth and popularity of Instagram amongst many demographics has caused brands to build a substantial presence on the photo- and video-sharing platform. To see how the world’s best brands built their Instagram channels, read our article here.


A perennial trendsetter when it comes to online video content, not just on Instagram but on YouTube as well, GoPro increases engagement by hosting user-generated video contests and publishing content from both brand ambassadors and everyday consumers. This video captures the attention of followers immediately by blending unique drone footage with extreme winter sports.

Ben and Jerry’s

Ben and Jerry’s was one of the first brands to capitalize on Instagram’s video format, and the ice cream maker’s visually-appealing clips perfectly juxtapose their brand channel’s colorful photos. In one of their best Instagram videos to date, Ben and Jerry’s uses visual storytelling to show their 617,000 followers how to make hot chocolate using a variety of B&J flavors.

It’s officially hot chocolate season. Recipes at link in profile. A video posted by Ben & Jerry’s (@benandjerrys) on

Dunkin’ Donuts

Stop-motion clips like this one from Dunkin Donuts are a popular way for brands to condense longer videos down to a short, hypnotic loop. D&D is one of the most active brands on Instagram, and partnerships with social media stars like Viner Logan Paul have led to a brand channel audience that now exceeds 750,000 users.

Because a day that only happens every 4 years deserves a ? cake. ? #LeapDay #LeapYear

A video posted by dunkindonuts (@dunkindonuts) on


Lego’s popular stop-motion videos and short animations are the perfect way to bring everyone’s favorite bricks to life while showcasing the toymaker’s latest offerings. In this engaging Instagram video, LEGO teams up with Porsche Racing to promote the world’s oldest active sports car race, Le Mans, to the channel’s 1 million followers.


Though not a brand per se, NASA astronauts have been producing some of the internet’s best Instagram videos and social media content for years. This gorgeous hyperlapse video was taken from the International Space Station by astronaut Tim Peake and gives NASA’s 10 million followers a look at our world from space.


McDonalds is no stranger to social media marketing, and the restaurant chain’s engaging campaigns (like this Snapchat takeover with LeBron James) seamlessly blend influencer marketing strategies with original branded content to generate hunger and increase sales. For this brilliant stop-motion clip, McDonalds demonstrates how the iconic Big Mac sandwich is built for the brand’s 1.2 million followers.

Straight crushin’. ? #MCM #BigMac A video posted by McDonald’s (@mcdonalds) on

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