Best Instagram Marketing Brand Sponsorships

Best Instagram Marketing Brand Sponsored Posts

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3 Best Instagram Marketing Brand Sponsorships Featuring Top Instagrammers

As part of our weekly series featuring the best sponsored Instagram posts (see last week’s holiday edition here), see how Totino’s, Amazon, and Crate & Barrel are advertising to their target audiences on Instagram by collaborating with top Instagram influencers. While Instagram rolled out a number of native advertising changes to their photo-sharing social media platform in 2015 (see our posts on Instagram Sponsored Ads and Instagram’s New Ad Formats), many brands experienced measurable campaign success by sponsoring Instagram posts with top Instagram influencers.

In the later half of 2015, interest in influencer marketing has nearly doubled (Google Trends). This growth is fueled by several factors including the quick growth of social media influencer channels (e.g. Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat) and the rapid decline of TV viewership. As more and more key demographics migrate from traditional media to digital media, mobile time spend will continue to increase followed by the search for marketing methods to successfully reach these untapped audiences online. As such, brands are increasingly marketing with top social media influencers (e.g. Instagrammers, YouTubers, Snapchatters, Viners, et. al.) to achieve campaign KPIs on these social channels, platforms, and networks. In a recent WSJ article, Cosmopolitan and Seventeen magazine’s CRO notes “that nearly every discussion with advertisers these days includes a request for some kind of content produced by a social influencer.”

See how these brands below are executing Instagram marketing campaigns by collaborating with top Instagrammers in 2016:

Totino’s Instagram Marketing Campaign #Couchhard

Best Instagram Marketing Brand Sponsorships Totinos

No stranger to influencer marketing (see their YouTube advertising campaign with popular YouTubers here), Totino’s #Couchhard Instagram marketing campaign features a variety of top Instagrammers incorporating Totino’s pizza rolls into their channel feed of aspirational lifestyle imagery. By sponsoring Instagram posts with top influencers, Totino’s Instagram marketing campaign leverages the reach and engagement of each Instagrammer to message millions of engaged followers. Totino’s hashtag theme, “couch hard,” succinctly taps into relevant millennial themes further elevating engagement with its relevancy.

Amazon’s Instagram Marketing Sponsorships With Top Influencers

E-commerce giant Amazon continues to innovate and advertise its brand, products, and services by collaborating with many top Instagrammers and social media influencers. For the launch of their voice-powered home tech “Echo,” Amazon created a series of sponsored Instagram posts with popular Instagrammers featuring the product in action with an Instagram video (shown above) in addition to a second sponsored post. For Instagrammers, Amazon partnered with notable social media stars across many different niches and target audiences.

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Crate & Barrel’s Instagram Marketing Strategy With Social Media Influencers

Best Instagram Marketing Sponsorships Brand Posts

In our 2015 market data study “The Biggest Brands Advertising With Lifestyle Bloggers,” Crate & Barrel emerged as one of the top blog advertisers. For Instagram, Crate & Barrel has built one of the largest brand channels by crafting strategic Instagram marketing campaigns with several top Instagrammers. By partnering with select Instagrammers, Crate & Barrel not only leverages each influencer’s reach and engagement, but is also able to build their channel effectively with the best creator-generated content.

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