Best Instagram Campaigns - Brand Sponsored Posts

Best Instagram Campaigns Brand Sponsored Posts Logan Paul Dunkin Donuts

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The Best Instagram Campaigns – Brand Sponsored Posts From Top Viners, Bloggers & YouTubers

Although Instagram recently opened their Sponsored Ad platform for all businesses “big and small,” many of Instagram’s prime demographics and market have already voiced their disdain for the platform’s native ad increase. In a recent market research study, VentureBeat found that more than 50% of Instagram users hate seeing more Sponsored ads.

For the first installment of our Best Instagram Campaigns Series, we take a look at some of the most recognizable brands opting to sponsor Instagram posts with top digital creators, YouTubers, bloggers, or Viners on Instagram in place or in addition to Instagram’s Sponsored Ads. While there are many brands marketing with creators on Instagram, the following curated examples represent the best Instagram campaigns for standout, creative brand integrations with adjoining social engagement (see our post here for why social media engagement matters for sponsored content).

See which brands and creators collaborated for this week’s best Instagram campaigns – brand sponsored posts:

Chevrolet’s #FindNewRoads

Best Instagram Campaigns Brand Sponsored Posts Chevrolet

Understandably so, photographers and digital creatives are well sought after on the photo-sharing app, Instagram. Similar to Mercedes-Benz’s earlier campaign for their GLA, Chevrolet is sponsoring a similar campaign #FindNewRoads with graphic designer Kyle Huber (pictured above) and photographer Sam Graves (below).

Best Instagram Campaigns Brand Sponsored Posts Chevrolet Sam Graves

Dunkin’ Donuts + Viner Logan Paul

Vine star Logan Paul’s sponsored Instagram post for QSR Dunkin’ Donuts promotes the download of their mobile app in exchange for a free beverage. Truly a digital phenomenon across several social platforms, Paul’s colloquial photo caption exchange in conjunction with his signature over-the-top styled photo creates a win for both the brand and his 2.5 million Instagram audience (lead post photo).

Nespresso’s #ACupAbove

Best Instagram Campaigns Brand Sponsored Posts Brooklyn Blonde Nespresso

Nespresso deftly partnered with several top lifestyle and fashion bloggers to capture the premium essence of their coffee in #ACupAbove for a well-targeted audience. Top blogger collaborations include Brooklyn Blonde (pictured here), Camille Styles, and SFGirlByBay.

Nike + YouTubers Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect’s collaboration with Nike features a brand sponsored Instagram post in anticipation of the full YouTube video (to debut on Monday).

ZICO + #CrackLifeOpen

Best Instagram Campaigns Brand Sponsored Posts ZICO

Stemming from the original #CrakLifeOpen campaign with Jessica Alba, ZICO presents a multi-faceted audience engagement approach partnering with a variety of different Instagrammers and channels (including a top dedicated snack channel, publisher Refinery29) to promote their premium coconut water. See additional brand campaign examples here (1, 2).

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