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Influencer Marketing Trends & News Weekly Roundup: Snapchat’s Advertising Insights, Vine’s Slow Decline, & More

This week in influencer marketing news, we examine why the majority of online retailers want to collaborate with top social media influencers, the types of brands that have invested in Snapchat advertising, why Vine may be dying a slow death, and more.

For more in-depth analyses on influencer marketing trends we find interesting and/or important, visit the Mediakix blog. Recent posts include an examination of the impact Snapchat’s growth has had on Vine, a case study look at Daniel Wellington’s Instagram marketing strategy, and an article on how the top fitness Instagram influencers are leading a health revolution. We also created an infographic for the top pop stars and musicians to follow on Snapchat and explored how professional sports leagues like the NBA and MLB are using Snapchat to engage young fans.

Two-Thirds Of Online Retailers Want To Work With Influencers

According to Affilinet, an affiliate marketing agency, two-thirds of online retailers want to work with social media influencers in the future, though less than a quarter of the 500 e-commerce companies surveyed said they had experience working with digital stars (Econsultancy). Our insight: look for influencer marketing to grow in 2016 as more brands adopt this effective marketing strategy.

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Snapchat Advertising Reveals The Types Of Brands On App

The latest L2 report found that apparel brands (specifically activewear), consumer packaged goods, and electronics-makers accounted for well over half (57%) of all Snapchat Discover ads, with Nike buying 20% of all advertisements. Pepsico, Little Debbie, GE Appliances, and TRESemme were some of the other big brands that invested heavily in Snapchat’s nascent advertising platform (Adweek).

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Over 50% Of Top Viners Have Left The Platform

Vine, once a favorite video platform for teenage and millennial social media users, is losing its top content creators to YouTube, Snapchat, and Facebook. A recent Markerly analysis of nearly 10,000 top Viners found that 52% of influencers (those with more than 15K followers) have left the platform in the last six months (Digiday). The Wall Street Journal reported similar findings, citing a Tubular Labs study that shows the average “loops” on Vine’s top 10 accounts have decreased by 29% from May 2015 to March 2016.

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Snapchat Announces Impending Algorithm

Knowledgeable sources say that Snapchat has been discussing an algorithm, similar to Facebook’s, that would reorder Snapchat content. According to Digiday’s analysis, Snapchat’s algorithm could provide a better user experience while making it harder for brands to reach audiences without paying to boost their content to the fore. Though no one knows when the algorithm will be released, once it lands, collaborating with Snapchat influencers may provide the most cost-effective way of engaging with the app’s massive young audiences.

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