The 10 Best Influencer Marketing Examples With Top Instagrammers & YouTubers

best influencer marketing examples
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From Tinder To ExxonMobil, Here Are The Best Influencer Marketing Examples To Check Out

With over 800 million and one billion users respectively, Instagram and YouTube are two of the biggest influencer marketing platforms in existence today. Brands of all types are using both to create authentic sponsored content with the help of influencers.

To demonstrate how major brands are partnering with influencers across social, here we’ve analyzed ten exemplary influencer marketing examples on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Snapchat. The influencers involved range from a comedian to a stuntman, but common among all is the use of personal flair and inventiveness to showcase brands.

1. Subaru’s #MeetAnOwner Campaign Features Three Superstar Influencers

For its #MeetAnOwner campaign Subaru solicited the help of three influencers specifically for their video expertise. Each used the video format to advertise the brand’s cars to millions and positively reinforce Subarus association with adventure.

Within the campaign, stuntman Devin Graham (devinsupertramp) stands out for creating a YouTube video of himself and friends skydiving off a cliff via a giant slip in slide. The influencer explicitly thanks Subaru for making the video possible and in doing so positions Subaru as a forward-looking company that funds adventurous projects.

2. Walmart’s #FightHunger Social Good Campaign With Top Influencers & Celebs

Instagram influencer Logan Paul

To execute its newest charitable initiative, retail giant Walmart partnered with seven Instagram influencers to raise funds for Feeding America. The brand pledged to donate $0.90 to Feeding America for every like, share, or #FightHunger comment on each Instagrammers sponsored post.

Daily vlogger Logan Paul’s Instagram post was particularly effective at raising money because he set an explicit engagement goal for followers by stating, “I WANT 1 MILLION LIKES!” after introducing the initiative. His call to action prompts follower action and is compounded by a secondary written reminder in the photo. By partnering with Paul, Walmart boosted positive brand sentiment among his audience of more than 16.2 million.

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3. Target’s 30-Day Instagram Influencers Blitz for @TargetStyle

Within a 30-day window, Target partnered with Instagram influencers ranging from a dog to a plus-sized model to market its diverse product offerings. The brand worked with two influencers in particular to advertise its easter candy and decorations.

Digital magician Zach King created one sponsored video for Target alongside lifestyle blogger Naomi Davis (@taza). King expertly integrated Target’s branded messaging into his Instagram feed by sticking to the digital magic trick format he is known for. Though the word “Target” is never uttered in the video, the presence of a Target shopping cart and bags discreetly encourage followers to head to the store and make a purchase.

4. Tinder’s #Menprovement Campaign With Top Meme Influencers

Instagram Influencer Tinder

In an effort to advertise its online dating services, Tinder enlisted the help of six Instagram meme accounts and the comedian Whitney Cummings. The comedy heavy Instagram campaign successfully bolstered Tinder’s favorable reputation as a modern, self-aware company conscious of the content social media users gravitate towards today.

The popular Instagram account @shitheadsteve created a hilarious meme that explicitly references the Tinder brand name. In addition to raising brand awareness, the post accentuates Tinder’s ability to laugh at itself and appeals to the influencer’s comedic-centric audience.

5. How Top Tech Brand Samsung Partnered With CyreneQ On Snapchat

Snapchat-Influencer marketing example case studyTo promote the release of its Note 7 smartphone Samsung collaborated with a group of Snapchat power users that included CyreneQ for both event marketing and sponsored Snapchat content. Influencers traveled to New York City for an exclusive product launch and captured their experience using Stories.

Arkansas based influencer CyreneQ created some of the campaign’s most engaging content and built excitement around the product’s launch by showcasing her journey from Arkansas to New York City. Furthermore, at the event she shared Stories footage of the product launch with fans, effectively assisting Samsung in sharing the launch with a wider consumer base than those physically present.

6. ExxonMobil Advertises With Father-Son YouTube Influencer Channel, “What’s Inside?”

Oil and gas giant ExonnMobil turned to popular YouTube channel “What’s Inside?” to advertise the release of a new motor oil. The resulting YouTube video has proven incredibly successful with nearly one million views to date.

Father and son duo Daniel and Lincoln Markham stuck to their feature video format of cutting items in half and produced a product integration that promotes ExonnMobil without alienating their viewership. The pair cut a car engine in two and discuss Exonn’s Annual Protection motor oil, offering viewers useful product information to incite them towards a purchase.

7. The Walking Dead Mobile App Drives Downloads With The World’s Most Popular YouTubers

To advertise the release of its new The Walking Dead mobile game, Next Games partnered with an all-star cast of YouTubers including Anwar Jibawi, Hannah StockingInanna Sarkis, Lele Pons, and Rudy Mancuso. Collectively, the group maintains an astonishingly following of over 18 million subscribers.

Pons was one of the campaign’s standouts and created a four-minute comedic skit in which zombies from the game attack in real life.

Next Games’ willingness to give Pons sufficient creative freedom culminated in a one-of-kind video that charms fans of The Walking Dead and viewers who have never seen the show. As a macro-influencer Pons also brings shareability, a factor which has played into the immense audience reach Next Games has achieved through the sponsored video.

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8. BMW’s #RoadToCoachella Festival Campaign With Top Instagrammers

instagram influencer marketing example Coachella BMW

For its #RoadToCoachella campaign BMW recruited several top Instagram influencers to showcase its presence at Coachella 2017. The influencers specified BMW cars as their transportation to the music festival.

Model and entrepreneur Andres Hamann captured his road trip to Coachella through several sponsored Instagram photos. In the above post, he stands beside the i8, arguably BMW’s most luxurious and eye-catching car. The striking photo immediately draws viewers in and indirectly emphasizes BMW’s connection to luxury and exclusive events.

9. #AmexAmbassadors Are The New Face Of American Express

influencer marketing example iamgalla-amex-platinum-card-influencer-centurion-lounge

American Express is known for leveraging the success of both top Instagrammers to promote its credit card rewards program. For its latest #AmexAmbassador campaign, the brand collaborated with menswear blogger Adam Gallagher (@iamgalla) to highlight the perks associated with a rewards membership.

The resulting photo depicts Gallagher in a stylish outfit and he informs users that he is headed to an “AmexPlatinum Event” within the caption. Gallagher embodies the access and status individuals can gain by joining the rewards program and serves to position the brand’s rewards program as one offering indulgent experiences.

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10. Stella Artois’ Teams Up With Influencers For Cause Marketing At The Oscars

instagram influencer Chic-Erica-Hoida-Stella-Artois-Case-Study

To raise money for and promote its own brand name Stella Artois’ capitalized on the Oscars as a unique event and cause marketing opportunity. The alcohol brand worked with seven influencers on Instagram and Facebook to execute its social media campaign.

Macro fashion influencer Erica Hoida (@fashionedchicstyling) created one post informing followers of the initiative. Hoida’s explicit call to action, “Help end the global water crisis by purchasing a chalice at,” prompts user engagement and gives users the tools to connect with Stella Artois immediately.

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